1. Hindsight is... [Reviews - 0] (106 words)
Seven, Ace and Hex. Originally posted to AO3. Warning for mention of COVID-19.

"Why d'you do that?" said Ace curiously. "Sort of... call your coughs and sneezes."

2. Found in Translation [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
One and Barbara. Originally posted to AO3.

"Barbara" is a Latin word....

3. Crowning Glory [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Commander Maxil/Ermintrude the hat. Very cracky. Originally posted to AO3.

Commander Maxil meets the love of his lives.

4. Brainstorming [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Peri, splinter Clara, mentioned Six. Originally posted to AO3.

She's only just met the Doctor, but Clare Oswin is certain she knows what he needs.

5. Excuses, Excuses [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Sarah Jane. Warning for sexism and unwelcome flirting by random creeper. Originally posted to AO3. Podficced by the wonderful KDheart: Excuses, Excuses

Some women turn down dates by saying they have to wash their hair. Sarah Jane is more original.

6. True Love and Time (go on forever) [Reviews - 0] (108 words)
Four/Romana. Originally posted to AO3. Title from the song of the same name.

Never promise what you can't be sure of.

7. Blazon [Reviews - 0] (529 words)
Seven/Romana. Drabble sequence. Originally posted to AO3.

It’s hard to say, strangely, which of them has changed more.

Blazon: French for "coat-of-arms" or "shield." A literary blazon (or blason) catalogues the physical attributes of a subject, usually female. (Poetry Foundation, Glossary of Poetic Terms)

8. Powers [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Thirteen and Dhawan!Master. Not shippy but not not shippy. First person. Quite unlike my usual style probably because I wrote it mostly in a dream. So, you know, warning for that.

He wants to defeat her, but it's got to feel right.

9. Dernier [Reviews - 0] (107 words)
Ninth Doctor, mentioned Romana. Warning for offscreen major character death. Originally posted to AO3.

The Doctor sees an old enemy differently now.

10. Death, the Lady [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Seven/Death, Eight/Grace, some bizarre combination of those. I don't even know. Warning for canonical death and regeneration.

How could Death ever just let the Doctor go?

11. Nitro-Nine [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Thirteen and Ace. Inspired by That Line from The Halloween Apocalypse and probably soon to be jossed via THAT LINE! from the Centenary Special trailer.

Originally posted to AO3.

12. Happy Medium [Reviews - 0] (110 words)
Eeyore!Eight/Charley, during Caerdroia. Internal monologue. Originally posted to AO3.

There's a lot he doesn't tell her.

13. Vicarious [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Six and Martha. Originally posted to AO3. Inspired by astrivikia's manips. Podficced by KDheart: Vicarious.

Martha vents to a stranger... she thinks.

14. Narcissus [Reviews - 0] (106 words)
Six and Peri, heavy angst. Inspired by a plot point in Village of the Angels (but alternate continuity from that), by way of dyonisia96's art. Originally posted to AO3.

15. 'Heiress Elopes with Disgraced Nobleman' [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
Four/Romana, pure fluff. Originally posted to AO3.

It's important to define the relationship.

16. Sixes and Sevens [Reviews - 0] (108 words)
Six and Peri. Warning for suicide mention. Originally posted to AO3.

Peri's concerned about the Doctor. He's not as reassuring as he thinks he is.

17. Spanner for Broken Hearts [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Doctor/TARDIS and Ray Defwydd. Originally posted to AO3.

The Doctor and Ray might be a little too similar, in some ways.

18. Lost in Spacetime [Reviews - 0] (204 words)
This one takes a bit of explaining. I watched the 2020 movie Lost at Christmas, in which Sylvester McCoy and Frazer Hines appear as a pair of side characters who are old friends, while Caitlin Blackwood (best known to Who fans as little Amelia) briefly appears as a young woman called Clara. (Clara! Honest!) McCoy's character gives some much-needed advice on the leads' rather baffling romance, but let's be honest, I wasn't there for the leads, I was there for Seven and Jamie. So here they are.

Double drabble, originally posted to AO3.

Jamie isn’t sure why this new Doctor is so keen on interfering in the love lives of a couple of strangers.

19. Reverberations [Reviews - 0] (101 words)
Earl Sigma (The Happiness Patrol). Originally posted to AO3.

Earl's a wise man and a musician, and he knows it sometimes takes a while for a chord to resolve.

20. Ephemera [Reviews - 0] (206 words)
Written for the Ersatz Genremixer prompt "Doctor/Romana - pictures & damsel in distress & amnesia." Originally posted to AO3. Double drabble.

He found traces of them sometimes.

21. In the Dock [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Six, mention of Peri. Warning for ambiguous character death.

"You—killed Peri?"

22. Antanaclasis [Reviews - 0] (110 words)
Seven/Romana. Originally posted on AO3.

Being a famous renegade isn’t all big speeches and blowing up Daleks, you know.

Antanaclasis: the repetition of a word ... in which the second occurrence utilizes a different and sometimes contrary meaning from the first (Merriam-Webster).

23. Anything Once [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Sabalom Glitz/Inquisitor Darkel. (Yes, really. Blame it on animate-mush, who told me this was the new crack ship when it came up during a conversation about Gilbert and Sullivan AUs.) Originally posted on AO3.

Sabalom Glitz is an unashamed opportunist. But is this an opportunity?

24. Overlooked [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
Jo Grant. Written for dw100's challenge 886: overlook. Originally posted on AO3.

An alien invader fails to reckon with Jo.

25. Nociception [Reviews - 0] (201 words)
Seven and Ace. Written for badficbilly as a treat in Space Swap 2022. Originally posted on AO3. Double drabble.

Ace has learned something about the Doctor—something she's not quite comfortable with.

26. Making History [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Ian/Barbara. Written for sixbeforelunch as a treat in Space Swap 2022. Originally posted on AO3.

The travellers leave their mark.

27. Never [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
One and Susan. Written for QuailFence as a treat in Space Swap 2022. Originally posted to AO3.

The Doctor makes Susan a promise.

28. Listener [Reviews - 0] (101 words)
Twelve, Missy and Nardole. Written for dw100's challenge 887: lurk. Originally posted on AO3.

Nardole keeps his ears open.

29. Emo Phase [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Four/Romana, mentioned Two. Written for the prompt "A finds photos of B's old emo phase. B is absolutely mortified about it, but A thinks it's pretty cute," from otpcompendium on Tumblr.

Romana finds some old pictures.

30. Dog Park [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Four/Romana and K9. From the prompt "cocker spaniel" left by luvbarryfefe at the "Merry Month of Drabbles" meme. Originally posted to AO3.

"You do know K9 is a robot, right?"

31. Kinetics [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Doctor/TARDIS. From a prompt at the "Merry Month of Drabbles" meme.

Kinetics: in physics, the study of motion and its causes; alternatively, in chemistry, the study of the rate at which a reaction proceeds.

32. In Cambridge [Reviews - 0] (110 words)
Liz Shaw and Clare Keightley. Written for lomelinde's prompt "Unexpected visitor" at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme.

Clare meets with her advisor.

33. Getaway [Reviews - 0] (104 words)
Seven & Ace. Written for human_nature/romanajo123's prompt "Absconding" at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

A truly formidable foe.

34. Tea Break [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Seven and splinter!Clara. Written for human_nature/romanajo123's prompt "Tea break" at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

Clara's just a cocktail waitress. And the mysterious little man is just here for a drink. Yeah, right....

35. Subconscious [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Eight & Fitz. Written for the prompt "Bad horror movies" left by dragonofeternal at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

Think positive!