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Author's Notes:
Written for my own prompt 'Doctor Who, Any Doctor, Growing bananas in the TARDIS,' at fic_promptly.

For once the three of them were just walking leisurely along the street on a planet Jack had already forgotten the name of, it they’d even been told. It made a pleasant change from running for their lives. Most places they’d visited so far, they didn’t really get the chance to take in the sights, which was fine with Jack, being the man of action he was, but a bit of downtime now and then was nice too. Gave them a chance to recharge their batteries.

The Doctor, presumably getting a bit peckish, pulled a banana from the pocket of his leather jacket, half peeled it, and took a bite.

Jack glanced his way, curious. “Do you always carry a banana around with you?”

“Oh yes! Bananas are brilliant,” the Doctor grinned. “Never underestimate a good banana. I love bananas, me. They’re good for you, excellent source of potassium. People should eat more bananas, I always say. Want one?” He pulled another banana from his pocket and offered it to Jack, who shook his head. Bananas were fine, but he wasn’t in the mood.

“I’ll pass.”

The Doctor turned to his other companion, holding out the banana. “Rose?”

“Don’t mind if I do. Ta.” Rose took it and started to eat as they continued along the street, two of them munching their bananas and the third looking a bit bemused. He’d only been travelling with them for a couple of weeks.

“Sure you don’t want one?” the Doctor asked. “Bound to be a few more in here somewhere.” He stuck his hand in his pocket again, rummaging around. “Ah, here we go!” He pulled out a whole bunch.

Jack stared in amazement. “How…?”

“Time Lord technology, like the TARDIS; pockets are bigger on the inside. Very useful; never know what I might need so this way I can bring everything.”

“Huh.” Jack supposed it made a sort of sense, and it would certainly be handy. “So where do you get all your bananas? D’you buy them in bulk or something?”

“Nah,” the Doctor pulled a face. “A lot of planets don’t have them for one reason or another; wrong climate, wrong soil conditions, stuff like that, so I grow them myself. I set up a hothouse in the TARDIS.”

“You have a hothouse full of banana trees in the TARDIS?” Even for Jack, who thought he’d seen just about everything while with the Time Agency, that was a bit mind-boggling.

“Not just banana trees; even I wouldn’t be able to eat that many bananas. I’ve got lots of other things growing in there too. Bananas are my favourites, but I like a bit of variety.” The Doctor stuffed the bunch of bananas back in his pocket, dug about a bit more, and pulled out something else. “Orange?” he asked, offering the fruit to Jack.

With a half shrug, Jack accepted it. “Why not?” He was starting to wonder if he’d ever get used to travelling with the crazy Time Lord.

He hoped not.

The End