Doctor Who and the Grocery Adventure

by Romanajo123 [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
Completion of Dreamwidth challenge. It's Curtain Fic (and only briefly Baby Fic)

In a perfectly ordinary town stood a perfectly ordinary grocery store. The lights in the sign were blinking and the lion logo had long since burned out, but other than that it was your average store. Save for , of course, the big blue box parked outside and the rather odd man and woman trekking through the aisles,

"Fruit!" the Doctor exclaimed, putting his fourth bunch of bananas into the cart "Love a bit of fruit! And bananas! Bananas are good."

Donna pulled on the Time Lord's arm to steer him away.

"Oi, spaceman! Bit more on the list we've still got to find. We are shopping for" she patted her middle, which then made a small squishing sound "three now, thanks to you."

The Doctor gave her an apologetic look. "Yeah, sorry. So sorry. Didn't think that Denobian juice would do that.Usually just turns you pink for a few weeks."

"Well you keep that in mind when it's time to change nappies or whatever it uses!" she exclaimed.

A few passing old grannies turned their direction at that.

"Right," Donna began, trying to speed through now "So just fruit, milk, bread, jam. What else?"

But the Doctor had already become distracted again.

"Donna, look! " he cried, pointing to a display of stalks. "Celery! Used to have a thing for it. Wore it for awhile." He pulled off a stalk and popped it experimentally into his mouth "Do I still like celery?"

At that moment, Donna's face felt as red as her hair. "Let's...go get some frozen vegetables" she suggested.

"What about ice cream?" he asked.

"Only if you're good, sunshine."

Several minutes later, Donna was pushing a cart filled with bananas, frozen carrots, milk, and bread. The Doctor, however, had mysteriously disappeared. Until a voice came from the store speakers that was all Donna needed to know.

"Clean up on aisle seven!"