of chocolate, tea and shower gel bottles

by DearDiary [Reviews - 0]

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  • Alternate Universe, Fluff, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Hello, wonderful people!
This Thursday night I present you this fluffy piece of writing.
It is sweet, and all too romantic because I have a lot of love and romance stored in me, and there's nowhere to put it but in writing.
I sincerely hope that all of you are loved and appreciated by people who surround you.
Have a wonderful day!
P.S. this one is for the very talented KelKat9, whose works I adore and re-read many times

They got separated about fifteen minutes ago upon a mutual agreement. John wanted to browse through the meagre assortment of the books in the supermarket, and Rose wanted to choose a new shower gel scent without John uncapping each and every bottle to find the smell that he would like. When Rose asked him why he was supposed to be the one to choose the scent of her shower gel, he looked at her, disbelief written all over his features, and exclaimed:

“But Rose! I will sense the smell, too! When we sleep, when we hug, when we kiss, when we make…”

Rose put her fingers on John’s lips, shushing him before a woman with a child at the fruit and vegetable aisle got an earful about their sexual life.

“I want it to be a surprise, John, that alright?” asked Rose, caressing John’s lips with her thumb. His shoulders dropped as he sighed, giving up. He snatched her hand and placed a quick kiss on her open palm.

“Just…no pears, Rose. You know I can’t stand them,” he warns her seriously.

Rose schooled her face into a disappointed expression. She hoped that her acting skills were believable.

“Oh,” she replied in a quiet voice. “You don’t…okay, then, I quite like pears but if you don’t…” Rose pouted a little for good measure and dropped her gaze to the floor.

She could feel John’s breath quaking with worry. Oh, Rose smiled slyly, he’s so easy to trick, sometimes he was as gullible as a five year old was.

John took her hand. He exhaled, a loud, anxious sound, and confessed seriously:

“Rose, but I hate pears. I hate them. Hate hate hate the pears! The pears are as deadly as the spears, Rose! You can’t! You can’t possibly want to walk around smelling like pears!”

John was getting all worked up, breath coming in worried puffs, and Rose was barely holding herself from laughing out loud.

What a stupid lump!

Rose handled another minute of squashing her laughter within her, barely stopping her shoulders from shaking, while avoiding John’s nervous hands and stare entirely. Then, when his fingers cupped her chin gently, urging her to look at him, Rose lost it altogether.

She started laughing loudly. She couldn’t hide her mirth, she couldn’t stop the mighty waves of happiness and fondness that crashed over her soul. She couldn’t fight her emotions when it came to John.

Rose dared to look at his face after long moments of giggling. John’s cheeks were crimson just as the tips of his ears were, she was sure, hidden underneath the floppy hairstyle.

His lips formed a surprised, indignant ‘o’, and his facial expression spoke of a great betrayal.

“You! Rose, you!” he sputtered, and Rose hurried to hug him close to her body.

“Oh, John, it’s so easy to trick you, it is, I couldn’t resist. I’d say that I’m sorry but seeing your reaction is not something I regret,” John pouted, but Rose could see the corners of his lips moving up in a smile, and his eyes were glinting boyishly. Rose knew that she was forgiven.

They just stood there, in the aisle between the fruit stalls, smiling at each other, when John sighed, all fight going out of him, and turned Rose’s body towards the other side of the shop.

“Well then, Rose Tyler, keep your secrets while you may, but make no mistake: I will find out the smell you’ve chosen even before the cashier scans it,” allowed John.

“You’re on,” Rose challenged in a low voice, tucking the tip of her tongue to her teeth, intentionally seducing him.

They parted ways after a quick peck on the lips. John gentlemanly offered to take the cart away with him so as not to distract her while choosing the perfect scent, and Rose agreed immediately to his antics, feeling slightly guilty for laughing at him. But her trick was forgiven and forgotten, Rose didn’t doubt it, when John sauntered away, whistling some generic melody under his breath. 


Rose couldn’t decide between the ‘Lavender Fields’, ‘Mint Fantasy’ and ‘Chocolate Cherry'. There was also ‘Caramel Peach’ and ‘Hawaiian Breeze’, but Rose puckered up in distaste at the smell of the cleaning supplies in public restrooms, which is far from what she imagined the breeze tasted in Hawaii; and peaches didn’t go all that well with caramel in her opinion. Mint might be an interesting choice, however, because of the Doctor’s oral fixation. Yet again, mint tended to burn and cool the skin noticeably, and Rose didn’t enjoy the particular effect all that much. Then again, lavender reminded her of the moth balls in her gran’s closet, and chocolate was more compatible with strawberries than with cherries, and why wasn’t there anything with vanilla on the shelves? Did the world lose its sweet cliches, its simplicity for the days when choices were too hard? Rose had never thought she'd live to see the day that she couldn’t buy a suit…



There, on the shelf filled to the brim with hand creams, stood a lonely but oh-so-lovely bottle of shower gel with a very promising title.

‘Bananas and Milk’.

Rose smiled at her luck and promptly snatched the bottle off the shelf. She unstoppered the bottle and inhaled the sweet, pleasant smell of bananas. Rose giggled, imagining John’s delight, and tucked the bottle under her arm, now searching for feminine products unhurriedly without John’s comments and questions (there were always plenty) because she knew that John would lose the track of time in the magazines section anyway.


Rose was strolling down the coffee and tea aisle when she noticed a familiar stack of boxes to her left. She recognised it as John’s favourite blend of tea that’s been out of stock for a couple of weeks now, and she carefully piled three packages into her already loaded arms. It wasn’t easy to keep things from toppling from the neat pile of purchases, but she was no quitter, and she wouldn’t cave into taking a basket. She was irritated by the huge red baskets that were clearly made to trick customers into filling the basket whole with unnecessary products, and Rose wouldn’t be the victim of the consumerism trap. Their cart with John was filled with the items straight from the list, thank you very much, because Rose wasn’t used to spontaneous shopping because of her tight budget. Sure, she allowed herself some treats these days now that she had got a better paying job, but these were small allowances: a bar of nice chocolate, a sweet-smelling candle, a pretty sweater, some small trinket to fill the void in her soul. 

But now as she met John, she didn’t need to fill the loneliness that used to live rent free in her heart. Now she saved diligently to buy nice presents for John. Oh, he often insisted that she did not buy him anything, that being with her was the best gift one could ever offer him, yet he still lit up like a Christmas tree when she presented him something unexpectedly. He was a very appreciative person, John was, and Rose adored finding and giving curious knicknacks to him.

Rose smiled at the thought of John’s glee at finally drinking his favourite tea for breakfast again, and she set out to their meeting point at the cash register with a spring in her step.


John was standing near the register, much to Rose’s surprise, and there were definitely items that hadn't been there in the cart before they parted. Rose thought that she noticed a couple of books and puzzles, which would surely be solved by John in record time, and there was something in John’s hands, too.

“I found your favourite chocolate, Rose! Look! It’s in stock again, and it’s even your favourite type, without any nuts or filling, pure chocolate straight to your veins! I took three bars, just in case the supplies stopped again,” John was rambling excitedly, happy and proud of his prize, when he noticed Rose’s tea-laden hands. His eyes widened in a way that made him look like a cartoon, and she wished that he was wearing his brainy specs.

Rose was mad about his brainy specs.

And then her brain registered his words, and her heart swelled with emotion. Look at this sweet, sweet man thinking about her while browsing for book, and Rose couldn’t fight the stupid, love-sick smile appearing on her face.

John grinned back in delight, and it seemed that the whole world was vibrating happily just for the two of them, mimicking their mutual bliss. 

Their bliss, however, paused shortly when a cashier coughed politely, urging them to finally scan the purchases and leave the shop to enjoy some quality time in privacy. 

Rose giggled at John’s pinkened cheeks, and the cashier winked at her, starting to check the tea boxes out with the soundtrack of cheery ‘pings!’ of the scanner.

John hummed excitedly at the tag of the shower gel bottle and gave Rose a lascivious smile.

Rose wiggled her eyebrows in return.

The cashier sighed, smirked and tried to summarize their buyings quickly.


They fell out of the supermarket’s gliding doors, snickering like a couple of teenagers, and kissed playfully while distributing the shopping bags between themselves. 

“Division of labour!” proclaimed John and snatched away two of the heaviest bags for himself.

Rose shook her head at his manly manners, as John himself called them. Her eyebrows rose in the surrendered expression that she usually associated with John. “Incorrigible”, her mind provided, but Rose didn’t mind: she wouldn’t want to change a thing about John.

They walked to their apartment building slowly, enjoying the gentle lull of the summer evening, listening to the quiet hum of London around them, basking in each other’s presence. John was singing a pop song quietly, off-key, and Rose pulled his jacket’s sleeve to ask him for a brief, tender kiss, suddenly overcome with immense love for her man. John’s eyes crinkled adorably, and he kissed her nose, too, before hurrying his steps to get them home sooner.

Life, mused Rose, just couldn’t get any better.