1. Prologue [Reviews - 0] (1061 words)
Broadly speaking, a happy ending, but there are dark parts too and not everything is an easy fix. I like Ruth!Doctor, however this is a very different interpretation from Chris as the majority of this was written pre The Flux series. Ruth!Doctor is also referred to throughout this at "the Other" or "the other Doctor" as that seemed more natural for how the Doctor would refer to her.
This is set post series 12, but before Revolution of the Daleks and The Flux. Although I have made some references where they fitted, I didn’t change my plot to accommodate new information, and this is not compatible with anything after the series 12 finale.

Summary: Jack answers a distress signal.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, Doctor Who and associated properties belong to their original creators. I have also made gratuitous use of The Trickster from the Sarah Jane Adventures.

2. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 0] (4074 words)
Some reference to previous torture and abuse in this chapter, but all the violence has already happened, and I promise I'm going to fix it at the end.

3. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 0] (2895 words)
I will say again, I like Jo Martin's portrayal of the Doctor, but there seemed to me to be a few characterisation inconsistencies, and this was written before The Flux. At the risk of spoiling my own work, of course she isn't a villain. She's the Doctor, but this was me patching together some issues that I couldn't get around.

Summary: The Doctor discovers who the true enemy is.