Words of Love

by DearDiary [Reviews - 0]

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  • Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance

Author's Notes:
John's reply to Rose's letter.

(My precious Rose)

Dear Rose,

(I’m writing this letter and I still can’t believe that our engagement is not a fever dream. That you are engaged to me of all people. You! Such a sweet girl betrothed to a harsh, soulless soldier like me! Unbelievable.) It was such a pleasure to receive a letter from you. I’m sorry your mother is feeling unwell (that’ll teach her to not cause a scene! such a loud woman!), and I sincerely hope that she recovers soon. 

(My silly love!) Oh, Rose, it wouldn’t matter in the least to me if you were disowned by your (harridan of a) mother and London’s best of the best, now would it? I’d take you far away on a ship under the dark blue sails, and we won’t ever look back at the backwater society that we have to live in. 

(The scandal would only help your father’s publicity, don’t you worry, that’s the nature of people: to be attracted by all things loud and scandalous. But I’d never do that to you, I’d never cause you distress willingly.)

However, I promise you that you have nothing to worry about. I swear that your secret is safe with me (that you are safe with me, dearest Rose), and that I will protect your and your family’s reputation from society’s vicious minds.

(I’m so relieved that your father isn’t against our engagement. 16 years is not the biggest age gap ever seen in London’s marriage history, but it’s still noticeable, and I’m only 5 years younger than your father. Honestly, Rose, what do you see in me? Why do you want me?) I’m glad that your father supports our intentions to marry. I only hope that he can persuade your (uncooperative, stagnated) mother to kindly reconsider her opinion on our marriage.

(Jack is here, and he’s laughing like a madman about me writing a love letter. What a pig. He is sending you a kiss on the lips, and he's calling me a jealous fool after that. I wonder why we're friends at all, I do, he's such an idiot sometimes.) Jack is sending you his kindest wishes, and he hopes to see you when you visit his sister Donna’s luncheon party on Thursday. 

(I will be there, too, Rose, and I’ll see you! And I will hold your hand!)

Of course I will be present at Lady Lynda’s ball. Thank you for allowing me to be your dance partner. (Thank you for being with me.) I cannot wait to see (radiant, brilliant, glowing you) you there.

(My heart is yours, Rose Tyler)

Yours truly,