Gelo Set

by DearDiary [Reviews - 1]

  • Teen
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  • Fluff, Het, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Hello, wonderful, wonderful people! Happy New Year and Happy New Happiness to you all, as the Russian traditional congratulation goes.
I woke up and was inspired by my younger brother and sister, who were unboxing their presents excitedly, and I decided to write this short story. Yup, people exchange gifts for New Year in Russia, and it is celebrated as Christmas is celebrated in other countries. Religious Russian people celebrate Christmas on January 7, but everyone celebrates New Year loudly across the country.
Also, it's parallel world, so it's Gelo and not Lego :D
That said, I hope it's to your liking.


It’s the first thing that she hears this morning. She doesn’t care. She’s tired, and she’s feeling slightly sore all over her body. There’s a headache sitting at the back of her skull, and Rose supposes that it’s due to the little amount of sleep she got last night.

Rose needs more sleep, then. And some tea, definitely. 

“Rose,” the person to her left drawls out her name persistently. 

“I don’t care,” she replies petulantly. “If the world isn’t about to end, I don’t care. And even if it is, I care very little.”

A warm, wide palm with long, slender fingers slides over her ribcage, up, up her chest, dipping and rising with each rib until those fingers hug her left breast, kneading it tenderly. Oh. Oh, he knows how to get her attention all right. Rose arches her back appreciatively and exhales loudly. She smiles, content at heart.

What a life. Oh, what a life she has now!

And as it happens in real life, all good things come with a price. Hers is to be awake at the ungodly hour this morning.

“Rose, Mia’s been going spare in the living room. She opened the gifts an hour ago, and she’s getting impatient because she wants to show us what Father Christmas brought to her. She’s finally got that set of Gelo she’s been dreaming of, and she can’t set all the details in the right way alone.”

“You go help her, I’m tired,” she moans, burrowing deeper into the pillows. The lacy fringe of the pillowcase tickles the tip of her nose, and she blows a breath to dislodge it.

“Aww, Rose, you don’t mean it!”

“I do!” she replies stubbornly. “And it’s totally your fault too, you know. You’ve been keeping me up until early morning!” 

“Oh, but I believe that it was a good kind of not sleeping, eh, Rose?” the Doctor is kissing the back of her neck now, his lips travelling to the spot behind her ear lazily, putting a strategic lick and blowing a breath there. Rose’s hips jerk and she giggles, and the Doctor’s palm explores the tender skin of her belly, down, down, down South…until he stops and whispers into her ear in a husky voice:

“Gelo set. An alien spaceship set, Rose! We’ve got to go see all the details! I need to know if the parts are true to the law of Physics!” the Doctor places a haste kiss on her shoulder and climbs out of the bed eagerly, taking half the covers with him. Rose smiles despite the shivers.

What a life.


Rose is sitting on the sofa, curled around her mug of hot chocolate. The Doctor sprinkled the surface with marshmallows generously and stuck a candy cane in the mug, too. Her firstborn child and her husband are sitting near the Christmas tree. The Doctor and Rose's presents are still under the tree, the delightful surprises, because the only focus of everyone's attention is Mia's present.  The Doctor and Mia are babbling excitedly at the colourful box with dozens of details. Well, Mia’s babbling, elated by the Doctor’s excitement, and the Doctor’s the one who does all the talking. He exclaims at the chunky Gelo parts, helping Mia put the bricks according to the instruction. Rose begged the Doctor to follow the pictured guide book to not strain their daughter’s flimsy attention span. As a child, Mia is not the most patient person in the world, and she hates long waiting. Rose wants this morning to be peaceful, with no tears of exhaustion.

She closes her eyes and puts one palm on her rounded belly, enjoying the sensation of her unborn child kicking her stomach, and she takes another sip of the beverage. The minty twist and the molten marshmallows melt pleasantly on her overly-sensitive taste receptors, and Rose blesses the Doctor for foreseeing her cravings and attending to them. 

Mia jumps up and runs to Rose, delighted to show a small alien spaceship in the shades of blue and purple. There’s even a small battery-powered light there. Mia is so excited to tell Rose that she built the spaceship herself, without “daddy’s help”, and Rose is half afraid that her daughter will float away through the roof in delight.

Rose chuckles into her hot chocolate. Mia is so much like the Doctor. Curious, eager to learn, happy to experience new things and visit new places, and she does have the affinity to make experiments with her father. Mia can talk like her father, too, fast, loudly, and making little sense to Rose sometimes.

She praises Mia’s Gelo building skills and watches her daughter scamper back to the Doctor. He’s engrossed in the process of the alien base building, and he welcomes their daughter onto his lap while he aligns the bricks carefully.

Rose slurps on hot chocolate loudly by accident, and the Doctor’s tender stare turns to her immediately. She blushes hot red under his sensual gaze that promises the continuation of the previous night. She feels rapid fluttering in her chest and puts a hand there in hopes of calming her wildly beating heart. The second trimester of her pregnancy brought a welcome edge to her and the Doctor’s sexual relationship, and after three months of feeling gross and nauseous, Rose is ecstatic to participate in loud, long sessions of love-making at all times. 

And in all places, if such places allow. There’s an exciting thrill of loving each other somewhere where they might be caught, giggling like teenagers.

Never in Jackie and Pete’s mansion, though. And never somewhere where Mia might see them. Rose cringes internally, remembering how traumatizing it is to see your mother doing the deed accidentally after coming home a little early after work.

But that’s not the point.

The Doctor never laments and accepts Rose’s over-the-brim emotions stoically, never commenting, rarely getting exasperated. And Rose adores him all the more for his patience and eagerness to build a family with her.

And for his half-Time Lord stamina.

The lights are twinkling pleasantly, hazing in and out of the focus, and Mia is muttering excitedly again in the Doctor’s lap, and the child in Rose’s womb ceases  their energetic movements, sensing Rose’s calm state of mind. The atmosphere in the Tyler’s house is filled with quiet family happiness, and Rose blesses each and every event in the past that eventually led them to this blissful morning.

What a life.