Cheery Chime

by DearDiary [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Alternate Universe, Fluff, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Hello, wonderful people!

Here's something short and fluffy for you this evening. Inspired by a sweet post on Instagram (blimey, social media can he quite inspiring sometimes).

I hope you like it!

Rose leans to look at her phone screen when it notifies her about a new message with a cheery chime.

A smile graces her lips as she tips her head left in delight.

“Rose, may I video call you? Are you free?”

Rose feels the space between her ribs fill with ‘bubbles’, tingling pleasantly at her heart, and she will never ever confess just how giddy a simple message from John makes her. 

And a message from John asking to video call her?

Rose feels like bouncing off the walls.

She rushes to unlock the screen, fingers sloppy because of excitement, and pushes a series of keys with delighted ‘tap-tap-tap’ to reply.

“Sure! Just let me find my headphones!” meaning that Rose will hurry straight to her bathroom mirror to apply a layer of mascara and lipstick to look more attractive as she was now. Having thought about that, Rose decides that a change of top is needed, also. Something bright...and she needs to put on her bra. Her bottoms will have to do, though.

Her musings are interrupted by another chime

Another message from John. Huh. Maybe it’s the one where he agrees to wait.

The arrangement of letters in the message box surprises Rose to no end.

“Rose, stop worrying. You look beautiful. I miss you too much to wait for you to primp up. I’m calling you ri…”

Rose doesn’t have the opportunity to read the rest of the sweet message because the words “John calling” appear on the light blue and golden-patterned wallpaper of her screen.

Rose rolls her eyes good-naturedly at John’s antics even if her heart clenches pleasantly at the thought of him knowing her so well.

He is so dear to her, John is. 

Rose swipes the ‘accept’ button and giggles at John’s greeting.

“Hello, beautiful.”