All Of Me

by Aphrodititi [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
Hi, I haven't used this website before, so I am crossposting one of my fics from A03 to test out how posting works. Hope you enjoy!

"A new body, at last!” The Master had chuckled, stepping into his TARDIS.

The lights went up, going from a deep, navy-blue glow from under the console to a bright, warm yellow. It mimicked candle-light. His TARDIS really did understand the aesthetic beauty he was looking for. In thanks, and partly to test out his new legs, he took long strides around the console, gently dragging his fingers over the polished metal as he took off.

His movements were easier than they had been in decades. His muscles no longer screamed and wept with every tiny change. His skin no longer peeled and crackled with the scars of the fire of his failed regeneration. Each breath was painless. Each step was strong and assured. The velvet swished around him – his new, strong body – delightfully.

Truly, victory felt marvellous!

The Master couldn’t contain himself. He sprung around the room, giddy in his success, not really paying attention to the machine as she carried them back out into the universe. Shutting his new eyes, he spread out arms just feeling the ease with which he could stretch without pain. He tilted his head back, rotating it around, just feeling the tension leave his form. He breathed in, filling his lungs completely, then released the breath slowly.

He was taller than he had been in his last form. That was what the Master had first noticed as his soul had slipped into Tremas’ body. He was, unfortunately, still not as tall as the Doctor, but that was nothing a small murder wouldn’t fix. A boisterous, maniacal laugh ripped itself from his throat at the thought, and the Master couldn’t think of a reason not to just let it come. He doubled over, letting the laugh wash over him, revelling in the freedom from pain.

Once the two of them were safely off of Traken and floating distantly in the void, his TARDIS chirped – congratulatorily. Politely, a cupboard hidden within one of the roundles on the wall popped open, revealing an ornate bottle within. Venusian fire water: it was a one of a kind and reserved for his ultimate victory over the universe.

“Thank you, my dear.” The Master purred. This was victory enough.