Banana Lippy and New Beginnings

by janai1 [Reviews - 0]

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  • Alternate Universe, Fluff, Humor, Romance

Author's Notes:
Fangirlia Doctor Who Fictober 2021 - October 3: Kiss of Death/Life. Kinktober extension impromptu makeout session.
Not exactly a kiss of life/death and not a full makeout session. I hope y'all enjoy.

"Oh it is!" the Doctor's nose twitched with appreciation.

"What?" Rose was heartbroken.

The TARDIS had just left left her and the Meta-crisis Doctor in the alternate universe; her Doctor was gone forever and now she looked over at the Doctor who had stayed with her. Because she had snogged him after he had whispered the three little words in her ear. The half-Human Doctor who was still him yet slightly different. Hair a tad darker and spikier, voice a bit more bass in tone, burgundy t-shirt in place of an Oxford and tie. Hand which was warmer than the full Time Lord and currently clutching her own.

"Your lippy!"

"What about it?!" she was vexed.

Vexed at being left behind, vexed at this new, new, doppelganger who obviously couldn't talk in full sentences at the mo'.

"It's banana scented and flavored!"

The Doctor's expression lightened as a full grin broke across his lean face. He was giddy with excitement and she felt her vexed expression soften.

It was him, the Doctor who left her and the Doctor who had offered her his forever. They could grow their own TARDIS, travel the new altverse, maybe have a family, grow old and one day.....

Her thoughts were interrupted as he pulled her into his arms and covered his mouth with his. His tongue swiped across her lips and she opened her mouth and they soon were caught up in a wet, messy snog. Arms wrapped around each other as they tightened their embrace; a piece of paper could not have slid between their eager bodies. Pent-up emotions surged through their bodies and new sensations flared to life as they kissed almost desperately.

Heaven, Heaven, Heaven...her mouth is Heaven, the Doctor thought, hands sliding down to clutch at her bum. Her bum is Heaven, too!

Oh my Gawd, he's huge, Rose felt at the growing bulge which pressed into her stomach.

Never, ever, ever letting go, they both thought as their hands started to roam.

"OI!!" a voice thundered way too close for comfort.

The Doctor let out a high-pitched shriek of surprise as he and Rose pushed away from each other, hearts pounding in fear.

Jackie Tyler was standing very close, hands on hips and glaring at the pair with an expression of disgust.

"What tha 'ell, you two! This is a bloody beach in Norway not a bloody 'otel room!"

The Doctor, experiencing his first half-human version of blue balls, was red-faced and panting with shock and discomfort. He glanced at Rose who was equally red-faced and trying very hard not to pant. Jackie had been a good hundred yards away from them, how had she moved so fast?

"Mum!" Rose cried out, "Stop, just stop! Ya' didn't 'ave to come running over 'ere like a banshee! "

"Oh, I didn't? 'Is hands were ready on your bum, little missy. Not ta' mention where yours were headin'!"

"Jackie, I...."

His jaw snapped shut with a click as she turned to glare at him; he automatically stepped back out of slapping range.

"Now! I 'ave two rooms booked at the little inn we stayed last time we were 'ere. Ya both want to rip yer clothes off ya can do it then. Cab'll be 'ere shortly to take us there."

With a sharp nod, the elder Tyler spun away and began walking up to the road, sliding now an then on the loose sand.

Rose and the Doctor turned to look each other, still stunned. Abruptly, they broke out laughing at the top of their lungs and they knew there would be time enough for making out.

The Doctor reached his hand out towards Rose and she grabbed it with a tongue touched grin. It was time to begin their new life.