Precious Things

by paynesgrey [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst, Character Study, Introspection, Romance

Author's Notes:
Written for the "greet" prompt for the Summer Mini Challenge 2021. Takes place after "Hell Bent" series 9.

If the Doctor was supposed to know her, he didn't. He regretted it though; not only was she a curious sight, but he also assumed she had the traits of a companion that he admired most.

She greeted him warmly like he was a regular customer when he entered the diner. Though, as he noticed her, he couldn’t help his attraction to her, the impulse to take her hand and draw her into his TARDIS to show her all of time and space. She was just a waitress with a beautiful smile, and he admitted being drawn to her.

He’d forgotten many companions over the centuries. He’d lived too long and had seen too much, and the companions of his past were like fossils tucked away in the sands of time. He could challenge the laws of time and space and travel back to see them, but he knew that he’d only create trouble. Even with all this power of time travel, some things needed to stay dead and buried.

Some things, his precious things, deserved to have their rest.

This brown-haired woman with big eyes and a cherub face could have been one of them. He could have forgotten her, or he could have met her out of order. Regardless, he felt the connection - the red string of fate that bound them to this moment.

She watched him like a mother watches a child, proud and content, with solemn regard knowing her child would someday leave her and grow up.

Yet, he would be the one that moved beyond her, and she would be dust and bones long after he started his next life.

Still, she was fascinating, and the Doctor was certain if they had traveled together and become close, he’d burn suns for her or die thousands of times only to rise on a mountain of his own skulls, just to see her again.

Her smile was bright as she leaned against the counter and watched him, and he strummed a sad note on his guitar.

He wished he’d known her. He longed to take her hand, but he felt an unspoken truth between them as he spun in the diner chair.

Soon, the Doctor would have to leave, and he would never see her again. Whoever she was.