Return Of The Movellans

by Cotterill91 [Reviews - 0]

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As Tarn fired his weapon, the Doctor ducked and darted behind one of the nearest computers, narrowly missing the laser from Tarn's gun, which instead blasted the wall, sending part of a built-in pipe clanging to the floor. Tarn moved quickly and got behind the computer, preparing to fire again. But the Doctor was not there. He had quickly taken cover behind another computer, while Tarn was not looking, and now he was desperately trying to work out what his next move was going to be. Tarn would not fire his weapon so randomly, not without risking damage to the generator. But it would not be long before he would discover where the Doctor was hiding.

'Surrender Doctor,' Tarn called out, 'You cannot impede the victory of the Movellan Empire!'

'Can't you take an interest in anything other than conquest, like tea for instance?' the Doctor called back.


'I thought not. Can't we talk this over like civilised men instead?'


'I thought not. I hate concise answers sometimes.'

'Unfortunate,' Tarn replied, moving cautiously around the computer banks, seeking out the Doctor's hiding place.


Donna dashed down the corridor, desperately trying to find the Doctor. She knew she should have helped K9 escort the scientists to the teleport, but she somehow had the feeling that the Doctor was in danger, and considering how the Doctor's luck has been in the past (or future in this instance), there was a strong chance that she was right! Unfortunately, she had no idea where the Power Room was or how to get to it. It was probably several levels below where she was and there was no elevator to take her down. And even if there was, it was highly likely that it would only operate for the Movellans. 'Why the hell can't some spaceships have simple stairwells?' Donna thought to herself, 'Or at the very least, a simple ladder would be nice!'

Donna turned the corner and saw, to her relief, that her wish had come true. There was a hatchway next to the wall, with a built-in ladder leading down. Donna looked down the shaft and saw that it ran straight through the other levels of the ship. Although there was a chance she could run into some Movellans below, Donna began climbing down, searching for the Power Room and, hopefully, the Doctor. She just hoped that she was ready for whatever was waiting for her at the bottom of the shaft.


K9, meanwhile, was having better luck than Donna. He was leading the scientists down the corridor towards the teleport and so far they had run into no more Movellans. Perhaps they were being kept active somewhere else? Whatever the reason, they managed to reach the teleport room with no trouble. The door was locked, but K9 just raised his antenna to the control panel and bypassed the code sealing the door. Within seconds, the door slid open.

'Please enter,' K9 asked the scientists. They all ushered into the room and K9 began to follow them in, when a toneless voice called 'Halt!' K9 whirled around to see three Movellans marching towards them. Quickly K9 glided into the room and sealed the door, scrambling the door code as he did so, thereby preventing the Movellans from getting in.

K9 examined the teleport. It was a simple disc in the floor with a series of projectors aimed at it from the ceiling and a small control panel set before it. K9 moved towards the controls and began operating the machine, which immediately began humming with power. Beams of light in various colours were produced by the projectors and aimed at the disc. The various scientists looked at device with awe and started to share theories on how it worked.

'Time Period selected: 1265 AD,' K9 reported, 'Roger Bacon, please enter the teleport.' The Franciscan Friar did as K9 requested and entered the light beam, upon which he immediately vanished into thin air, beamed back to his original time and place. Any other groups of people would have been greatly alarmed by such a scene, but the learned scientists and philosophers were instead fascinated by the machine and were eager to go themselves in an attempt to find out how the teleport worked, not to mention the fact that they were quite keen to return home and complete their research back on Earth.

'1620 selected. Francis Bacon, please enter the beam,' K9 continued. He knew that it would not be long before the Movellans would find some way to break into the room, so he had to get the scientists back to their original space-time locations as quickly as possible.

Sure enough, outside the room, the Movellans were aiming their weapons at the teleport entrance and started firing concentrated beams at the silver door. It would take them just a few minutes to cut through the door, and after they secured the human prisoners, they would deal with the mechanical enemy…


Donna knew she had found the Doctor the moment she heard laser fire on the deck below. Climbing down the ladder as fast as she could, she found herself in the power room, and with one glance she saw that things were not going as the Doctor had planned. He was hiding behind a computer bank, while Commander Tarn was firing his weapon whenever he caught a glimpse of the Doctor. Fortunately, Tarn's back was turned to Donna, so she quickly ducked behind a small control console and scanned the room for anything that might remotely act as a weapon. She noticed the metal pipe that Tarn had blasted off earlier, and taking care not to be noticed, she grabbed the pipe and began making her way carefully towards Tarn.

Tarn, oblivious to his approaching attacker, had just calculated the most likely place where the Doctor would be hiding. He fired his weapon at the computer bank, which began to glow red-hot and spark. Realising that his hiding place was about to explode, the Doctor tried dashing behind another computer, but Tarn was faster. Upon seeing the Doctor, he fired at the floor, the blast causing the Doctor to lose his balance and fall flat on his back, legs waving in the air.

'Oof!' he said. He started getting to his feet, only to find Tarn's gun in his face. 'Ah, would you mind moving the gun out of the way, it's blocking my vision,' the Doctor added, smiling weakly.

'Silence!' Tarn snapped, 'The time has come for your overdue death, Doctor. Farewell.' Tarn was about to pull the trigger, when a loud voice bellowed, taking them both by surprise.

'Get away from him, you mechanical space hippy!' Donna roared as she charged at Tarn and whacked the unfortunate Movellan very hard over the head with the pipe she had found. Donna's intention was only to knock out the Movellan leader, but such was the force of the swinging pipe, his head snapped off and dangled from his neck, wires extruding and sparking from the gaping holes.

'Oh my God! I've decapitated him!' Donna wailed with horror. To make matters worse, Tarn was now lumbering towards her in a daze, arms outstretched in a murderous manner. His dangling head was still moving, an unusual look of rage forming on the Movellan's face.

'You – bzz – will – bzz – be – bzz – destroyed!' he snarled.

The Doctor, realising what was happening, jumped to his feet and dashed to the generator controls. He worked frantically at the controls, the electronic thermometer showing the energy level rising to danger level. He glanced behind his shoulder and saw that Tarn was almost upon Donna, who had tripped to the floor and was now scrambling desperately away from the Movellan. In desperation, the Doctor hurriedly checked the energy level and then pulled the switch on the control panel.

The generator gave an enormous flash of energy, which surged through the power room and beyond. The Doctor was knocked off his feet, hitting the floor with a hard thud, while Donna was thrown against the nearest computer. Tarn did not fair so well. As the energy wave hit him, his whole body exploded, bits of his mechanics flung across the whole room. The lights went dim and suddenly everything became very quiet.


K9 had just managed to send the last human back to Earth, when the door fell with a clang. Whirling around, he saw the three Movellans facing him, weapons poised. Realising that his destruction was inevitable, K9 extended his laser and prepared for the end. Then all of a sudden, the energy wave surged through the room and the machinery and lights flashed and went out, while the Movellans suddenly collapsed, like puppets that have just had their strings cut. K9's own electronic eyes suddenly dimmed and his head drooped to the floor.

Nothing moved throughout the whole ship.