Return Of The Movellans

by Cotterill91 [Reviews - 0]

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The Doctor kept on running, dodging several laser blasts from the Movellans' guns, leaving burn marks in the walls. The situation was not going as he had hoped. He was starting to run out of breath and the Movellans were catching up fast, their speed greatly increased by their well-oiled robotic limbs. If he didn't shake them off soon, then he would have to cancel dinner with Winston Churchill on the basis that he would be dead!

All of a sudden, he realised where he was and a broad grin spread across his face. He came to a grinding halt and turned to face the pursuing Movellans who had themselves come to a stop. 'You can not outrun us,' stated the first Movellan, 'You shall die now.'

'Who said anything about running?' said the Doctor, 'I'm taking the lift.' And with a buzz from his Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor and the gravity platform he was standing on dropped out of sight. The Movellans fired their weapons down the gravity shaft, but it was too late. The Doctor was too far down, although his cheerful laugh still seemed to hang in the air.


K9 worked quickly through his databanks for a solution. If he and Donna were going to get out of the ventilation shaft, he needed to restore his laser power to cut through the grill. The electronic answer flashed across his computer brain and he immediately extended his laser, which started working again, and quickly cut through the grill. Within seconds, the way was clear into the cell.

The next problem was moving Donna, before she expired from the heat. With no time to find a gentler solution, K9 backed straight into Donna, abruptly shocking her back to consciousness. "Oi,' she bellowed, 'Watch where you're going, tin dog!'

'Mistress,' K9 said in a rather croaky and quiet tone, 'Imperative that we leave shaft at once. He then trundled through the shaft with Donna desperately following him out. The coolness of the prison cell was a welcome relief to Donna, who collapsed on the floor, trying to get her breath and strength back.

'How did you do that then?' she finally gasped to K9.

'I redirected the power for my speech circuits to my laser, enough to cut through the shaft,' said K9, whose voice was slowly returning to normal.

'Oh, brilliant,' Donna gasped again. After a couple of minutes she got up, crossed over to the table where Einstein lay, and began shaking him vigorously. 'Come on genius, wake up,' she bellowed, desperately trying to bring the man out of his slumber.

Two things happened then. Firstly, Einstein did indeed start to come round, muttering 'the concept of molecular motion is quite simple, gentlemen'. Secondly, the door opened and Sev and the trooper marched into the room, guns pointed straight at her.

'Me and my big mouth,' groaned Donna, before ducking to avoid a laser blast from the trooper's gun that narrowly missed her head.

'Caution,' warned Sev, 'the human subjects must not be harmed. Set weaponry to stun.' As the trooper altered the settings of his weapon, Sev kept her gun trained on Donna. Neither Movellan had noticed K9, who was moving quietly behind them. As the trooper turned to train his weapon back on Donna, K9's laser blasted him down. Sev whirled to face the attacker and, as she did so, Donna jumped on her and caught the robot off balance. With one desperate twist, she wrenched the weapon from Sev's hand, sending it flying in an arc of sparks across the room. Sev grabbed Donna and threw her across the other side of the room. She hit the wall, the wind knocked right out of her.

'K9, do something!' she gasped.

'Weapon power supply hasn't fully recharged,' K9 replied, 'This unit is unable to assist!'

'You have become too dangerous and unpredictable to be of use,' stated Sev as she advanced menacingly towards Donna, 'You must be destroyed.'

She grabbed Donna by the throat, thrust her against the wall and began choking her. Donna thrashed desperately, hitting and kicking the Movellan to no avail. Sev just tightened her grip.

Then all of a sudden, Sev let go of Donna and staggered around, disorientated. She turned and saw Albert Einstein with her power pack in his hand and a triumphant look on his face. Sev weakly groped for the battery and then fell flat on her face, with a particularly loud thump.

'Ouch,' winced Donna, before collapsing to the floor again. It took her a couple of minutes for her to get her breath back, and a couple of minutes on top of that to wake up all the other scientists, who were all looking utterly dazed.

'Listen everyone,' Donna called to get their attention, 'I've no time to explain properly, so here are the main pointers. One, you've been kidnapped. And two, we here to get you back home. All right?'

'Back home?' echoed Isaac Newton indignantly, 'But exploring this place is the chance of a lifetime! There may be new discoveries here!'

'I might find out how to perfect my aerial screw machine,' agreed Leonardo da Vinci enthusiastically.

'Now look here!' Donna bellowed, 'If you don't do as I say, you'll never get back to where you came from at all and then you won't be able to show the world any of your ingenious work at all. Is that what you want?!'

Such was the authority and logic in Donna's words that the scientists all jumped in the air, stopped arguing and meekly nodded their heads in agreement with what she said.

'Okay then,' Donna said, relieved that she didn't have to try explaining things any further to them. She turned to K9 and asked 'K9, can you get them to the teleport and send them home?'

'Affirmative, Mistress Donna. I shall be able to locate the teleport module and my laser is now at 100% efficiency.'

'Okay then. You get them home then and be careful, all right?'

Without waiting for a reply, Donna began dashing through the door, when Isaac Newton called out 'Hold on, where are you going?'

'To help a barmy spaceman, mate!' Donna called back as she disappeared down the passageway.


The Ship's Power room was circular in its design, like the control room, but its size was like the inside of a small cathedral. The huge cylinder-shaped generator in the centre reached to the ceiling and was covered with some kind of covering, like glass but much stronger. Through it, could be seen dozens of individual pipelines, all channelling energy to the different parts of the ship. The energy was constantly pulsing like a living creature and the bright colours it generated kept changing in consistency, bathing parts the room in different shades of red, green, and blue. A control board attached to the generator had lights constantly flickering on and off, and above the controls was what looked like an electronic thermometer attached to the generator. This device showed the level of energy being used and the needle set in the centre showed a steady and safe level. Surrounding the generator were various computers, giving constant whirring and clicking sounds as the machines checked all the circuits and energy output of the generator itself, as well as the safety parameters.

At one side of the room, a shaft opened in the ceiling and the gravity platform carrying the Doctor glided down and set itself into the floor. The Doctor aimed and activated his Sonic Screwdriver at the controls, which went up in sparks. Satisfied that the Movellans would not be able to call the platform back up, the Doctor strode towards the control board and made a quick examination of the machine. His grin widened and his eyes sparkled like those of a schoolboy up to mischief.

'Yes, that should do very nicely, I think,' he said to himself. He took a quick glance around the room and saw to his surprise a built in ladder on the side of the room opposite to where the platform was. It led through another shaft in the ceiling, leading to the next level.

'Now why on Earth would the Movellans put a ladder there when they can just as easily take the gravity platform?' the Doctor mused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

'For instances where the platform is immobilised,' answered a cold and flat voice behind him. The Doctor whirled around to see Tarn stepping out from behind one of the computer banks, gun raised.

'Ah, Commander Tarn, how pleasant to see you again,' said the Doctor with a cheerful wave.

'You were unwise to return here to rescue your comrades,' Tarn stated.

'Well yes I know, but I can't seem to help myself,' said the Doctor sheepishly, holding out his hands in a helpless manner, 'I wouldn't be able to have a good nights sleep, if I didn't try to save them, not I do sleep that often, but when I do, I prefer to have pleasant dreams instead of massive guilt. But enough of my problems, what are you doing down here?'

'Waiting for you,' Tarn replied, 'It was logical to assume that you would attempt to sabotage the ship via the Power Generator and that you would attempt access via the gravity platform. I therefore came via the service shaft and laid in wait for you to appear.'

'Very clever for a Movellan,' complimented the Doctor, 'now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to foil your master plan!'

'No Doctor, the time for your interference has come to an end,' Tarn stated again. He raised his weapon at the Doctor and without a moment's hesitation, he opened fire.