Return Of The Movellans

by Cotterill91 [Reviews - 0]

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'Oh now, I'm sure we can negotiate this little misunderstanding,' the Doctor tried to explain to the Movellan, 'you see I was just answering your distress call and…'

'No signal was sent,' stated the Movellan.

'Oh well, wasted journey then, so glad we got that all cleared up then, nice talking to you, goodbye,' the Doctor said quickly and started to leave, when the Movellan said 'Halt!' and so he halted.

'Oh come now, I said I can explain this misunderstanding. Here, I'll show you my I.D,' and with that, the Doctor removed a set of playing cards and added, 'Well, look.'

The Movellan started to look down at the cards and, as he did so, the Doctor sent them flying into his face. A cloud of cards hung in the air, obscuring the Movellan's vision. As the Movellan raised his arms to clear the cards out of the way, the Doctor seized his chance. He ducked down and snatched off the power pack attached to the Movellan's belt, before shoving the Movellan against the wall. The Movellan staggered around, rapidly losing energy in his robotic body. He tried raising his gun to shoot the Doctor, but the movement was slow and feeble and, before he knew what had happened, his mechanical brain switched off. His body stiffened and he fell flat on his back on the floor.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the Doctor then knelt down and opened the Movellan's tunic to reveal its databank system. Taking his Sonic Screwdriver out of his pocket, the Doctor pressed it against the circular screen in the centre of the electronic-built man's chest and activated the silver wand-like device. The computer suddenly flickered to life and streams of words and numbers randomly streamed in criss-crosses beneath the glass-covering. Adjusting the hardware with his Screwdriver, the Doctor opened the file on the current Movellan mission and quickly skim-read the report. Within seconds, he knew exactly what the Movellans were up to.

The Movellans, as the databank revealed, were still stuck in a deadlock in their war against the Daleks. The Movellans had resolved to find a number of scientific minds, specifically from the planet Earth, as the humans seemed to be masters in the field of warfare, and connect them to the Movellan battle computers. Using stolen Dalek time-technology, the Movellans had been scanning the minds of the humans on Earth from the 18th to 22nd Centuries and selecting the most intelligent ones, which would then be connected to the Movellan battle computers, enslaving them and using them as military strategists.

The Doctor frowned. Everything seemed to make sense, except for one thing. If the Movellans didn't send that signal and the humans they had captured were locked up somewhere, then who did send the message to the TARDIS? Could it be that one of the prisoners was more than he or she seemed to be? And if so, what was their agenda? And why did the Doctor's head suddenly throb?

The explanation for the last question was that another Movellan had just appeared and was holding her gun to his head.

'Stand,' she ordered. The Doctor complied and raised his hands in the process.

'Hello,' said the Doctor cheerily, 'I was just trying to explain to your colleague…'

'Silence. You will accompany me to the command deck.'

'Splendid,' said the Doctor, 'That's exactly what I wanted.' After all, he thought to himself, what better way to get answers than to speak to the Captain of the ship?


For the second time that day, Donna found herself lying on a table. This time it was on the aliens' control bridge, a large, circular room painted the same dark cream colour like the rest of the ship. Between incomprehensible control panels, computer screens blinked malevolently, surrounding her like watchful eyes, with one doorway breaking the circle of computers around the room. In the middle was the table which Donna occupied and a larger machine with a headset attached. There were no visible restraints, yet Donna found herself unable to move off the table. 'Must be some kind of force field holding me' she thought to herself, again surprised at how used she seemed to be to everything here. Fortunately, in her opinion, the force field did not stop her talking.

'Oi!' she bellowed, 'What's the game then?'

One of the aliens, taller than the rest, approached her. Instead of the usual white outfit that all the other aliens were wearing, his uniform was coloured black. There was also a hint of emotion in the man's face, a hint of malice and a sneer.

'I am Commander Tarn, leader of this expedition. Our scans have shown that your mind is vastly superior compared to the other subjects we have recruited.'

'Kidnapped more like! And why do you think I'm smarter than that lot? I can't even fix a light fuse!'

'You are mistaken. Your brain houses the greatest intellect we have ever encountered.'

'Oh yeah! So how come I don't know about it?'

'Our scans also show that there is some kind of block in your mind, preventing you from remembering and recognising your own intelligence.'

This statement stopped Donna short. 'What do you mean 'a block in my mind'?' she asked in a quieter tone, suddenly feeling unnerved. She had noticed that her head seemed to be warming up in an unnatural and frightening way. Was it possible that there was something that she had forgotten, something that these numpties were able to detect? Something that might account for her sleeping through the entire Dalek invasion?

'The cause of the block,' continued Tarn, 'is neither known nor relevant. All that matters is that we shall extract your mind and transfer it to our computer. We shall then use your intellect to break the stalemate in the war and destroy the Dalek forces.'

Donna's head was getting really hot now. Images seemed to be flashing before her eyes of creatures she had never seen before in her life and every image made her head feel worse than before. She thought she'd pass out from the pain, but she fought to concentrate on the here and now. She wasn't going to let those outer-space jerks get the last word, not if she had anything to say about it.

'I'll give you war, mate,' she bellowed, 'when I get my hands on you!'

'That's a bit drastic, isn't?' said a deep, cheery voice from the doorway. All heads turned towards the source of the voice. Donna couldn't believe her eyes. A tall man with brown, curly hair had entered, held at gunpoint by another alien hippie. The man was dressed in a white shirt, brown trousers, a loose waistcoat, and a brown frock coat. What was most distinguishable about the man was the floppy, wide-brimmed hat on his head and the impossibly long, multi-coloured scarf that was wound around his neck, with both ends draped at his feet. But what amazed Donna most about the bohemian-dressed man was that he was smiling a big toothy grin as though he was enjoying a great day at the beach. Donna sure wished she felt the same at this point, instead of experiencing fear and headaches.

'I have captured this intruder,' said the woman who was holding the man at gunpoint.

'I told you I'm just a tourist,' said the man indignantly, 'though I must say I won't be coming back a second time, the service here is dreadful. Ah, and I see I'm not the only one who's decided to lodge a complaint.'

Before anyone could stop him, the man strode across to Donna and began shaking her hand, which was not entirely affected by the force field. 'Hello, I'm the Doctor; I assume you're here to lodge a complaint about these appalling residential areas as well as I am.'

'I will if you get me off this table,' Donna agreed, glad to have an ally to back her up, 'I'm Donna Temple-Noble by the way.'

'A pleasure to meet you Donna,' said the Doctor, 'Don't worry; I'm sure I can persuade these gentlemen to shut this little operation down.'

'Incorrect,' snapped Tarn, who was not going to tolerate any organic life forms impeding the mission, 'the operation will proceed. The woman's brain will ensure our victory.'

The Doctor snorted and turned to face the Movellan leader. 'You Movellans are always the same. Always trying to get someone else to do your thinking for you. No original ideas, that's your problem.'

A look of surprise passed over the Movellan leaders' face. This human knew who they were, but that is impossible since humans and Movellans would not officially come in contact until hundreds of years in the Earth's future, and there were no witnesses to the various time jumps that the Movellans had used to capture the organic scientists from that same blue micro-spot in space. Clearly this Doctor was more than he appeared.

'You have encountered our race before?' Tarn asked, a note of uncertainty heard in his voice.

'Oh, only in passing,' claimed the Doctor, 'although they weren't in the mood for planet conquering the last I saw of them. I persuaded them to help some friends of mine get off a rather bleak planet.'

So intent were they on learning more from this strange intruder, none of the Movellans noticed that Donna really was in a lot of pain. Sweating feverishly, her head felt red hot. Somehow, the very presence and name of the Doctor had intensified the pain. And if the Movellans had paid even closer attention, they'd have noticed that a strange, glowing flow of energy was starting to emerge from her head, like glowing gold dust, hanging in the air.

'If you have encountered and defeated our kind before,' decided Tarn, 'then your mind will also be of use in reprogramming our battle-computers. You will give us the advantage we need to defeat the enemy.'

'Now look here,' the Doctor began to protest, raising a finger, 'I did not come all this way to end your pointless little war! I came here to…'

He suddenly noticed the streaming energy emerging from Donna.

'….GET DOWN!' he finished, before throwing himself to the floor. No sooner had he done so, then a blast of golden energy erupted from Donna and swept across the room, knocking the Movellans off their feet and causing the computers to spark and explode! Small fires began to break out, causing some kind of sprinkler system in the ceiling to activate and spray them with liquid foam, quickly extinguishing them. The Movellans, meanwhile, all twitched and turned on the floor, before becoming as still as statues.

It suddenly became very quiet. The Doctor poked his head up and surveyed the chaotic aftermath. Despite the sprinkler system, the whole room was still sparking and sizzling from the remains of the Movellan machines and the Movellans themselves seemed to have been deactivated.

'What a way to bring the house down', he said to himself. He certainly wasn't expecting anything like this to happen. Noticing the golden dust-like energy dissipating in the air, he sniffed it and his eyes widened in surprise.

'Metacrisis energy,' he said with amazement, 'She's a human Time Lord hybrid. But how…?'

He turned, hoping to find the woman awake and ready to explain. Instead, however, she was very unconscious. Scrambling to his feet, the Doctor dashed over to Donna and quickly checked her over.

'Self-induced coma,' the Doctor declared to himself, 'Now THAT is a bit drastic.'

Seeing that the force field had gone, the Doctor picked Donna up and began to carry her to the door. The Doctor examined the door controls. They were fused shut.

'I'd make a complaint to the mechanic if I were you,' the Doctor told the currently deactivated Commander Tarn. He knew that it would not be long before the Movellans would reboot their circuits and awaken, so he had to move fast. Pulling out his ever-useful whistle, the Doctor blew into it.


K9 was having no luck locating the source of the signal that had brought the TARDIS here. At first, it had seemed to come from a locked room in the ship, but a quick scan showed that the source of the signal had moved. K9 was about to try to pick up the trail of the moving source, when his sensors picked up the Doctor's whistle blowing.

'Master in danger. Alert,' said K9, and he turned around and began to head towards the Doctor's location. Coincidentally, his sensors showed that the source of the signal was coming from the Doctor's direction…