Time and Again

by Sarah Jane Smith [Reviews - 1]

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  • Action/Adventure

Author's Notes:
A continuation of the current time period. We finally find out who is in the TARDIS. Just a short chapter this week, but a longer one is coming.

Disclaimer: Not mine. All characters you recognise can be attributed to their original creators. This also uses the cast from Big Finish's UNIT: The New Series, although you don't need to have listened to any to follow it. No profit is made from this fanwork.

Warnings: Some TV appropriate violence, non graphically described.

27th March, 2016, 12:13pm

Benton and Jo watch as the familiar TARDIS materialises in the corner, both move forward, joyful exclamations on their lips as the door opens. A tall thin man in an immaculate suit and a goatee steps out of the TARDIS.

“You!!” Jo gasps, stepping back and almost into Benton, who immediately flings out an arm to push her behind him.

The Master sighs, irritation stealing across his features. “Almost 40 years forward, and you are still here; the Doctor’s beloved pets.”

“Hey,” Benton starts.

The Master sighs again. “I really don’t have time for this. Apologies, Miss Grant, Sergeant Benton, but I have a prior engagement.”

He steps forward and Benton moves to meet him, hand curling into a fist at his side as he longs for his own service revolver. The Master pulls a too-familiar silver object out of his pocket and aims it right at Jo. “Please don’t do anything rash, Sergeant. I have no use for either of you.”

Benton scowls mutinously, but forces his body to relax.

“Thank you. Now, I am the Master, and you will obey me,” the Master’s voice goes low and deep.

“John, no! Don’t look at him.”

The Master gives his thin smile, “Now, now, Miss Grant, behave yourself.”

“It’s Mrs Jones now, you-” she argues hotly.

It doesn’t help, he just uses her defiance against her, snaring her eyes with his own as she glares at him. It flits across her mind - not for the first time - that the Master would be rather attractive if he weren't such a psychopath, then he’s speaking again, in that slow hypnotic register, and she knows she has to look away, blink, do anything to resist, but it’s like a wave of lassitude washing over her and she knows she should, but she can’t force her body to obey.

Beside her, she hears Benton repeating the Master’s words in a stilted rhythm, and she fights against it as hard as she can.

I am the Master,” the Master says again, voice resonating so she can feel it inside her bones. It’s as though he’s speaking from inside her mind.

“You- you-” Jo stutters, fighting with everything that she has. She won’t be controlled by him, not again, not here, not inside UNIT, and Kate and Osgood-

-and you will obey me.” His voice drops another octave.

And Jo’s mind buckles under the psychic pressure.

“You are the Master, and I will obey you,” she hears herself repeat, and then she doesn’t remember anything else.