Author's Notes:
The Doctor, Michael, Nyssa and Tegan take the baby into their care.

Nyssa arrived back at the Tardis carrying the baby in the container. The Doctor, Michael and Tegan were sitting on the grass and taking in their surroundings one last time. When they saw Nyssa, they got up.

"You're back," said the Doctor.

"How was it?" asked Michael.

"It was lovely," replied Nyssa.

Tegan then noticed the container.

"What have you got in there?" she asked.

"I found something down at that flowerbed," said Nyssa. "You won't believe it until you see it."

Nyssa placed the container down on the ground. Her three friends gathered round and she opened the container up. Her three friends mouths dropped open when they saw the baby inside.

"A humanoid infant?!" exclaimed the Doctor.

The baby then opened it's eyes.

"What's it doing here?" asked Michael. "It can't be from this planet because it's remote."

"I found a note in the container which explains most of it," said Nyssa.

Nyssa reached into the container, picked up the note and handed it to the Doctor. The note read as follows:

'Dear whoever finds this, this note was written by the mother of this baby. Her name is Amanda. She has been forcibly taken from me for a reason that I cannot fathom. We are humanoid aliens from the planet Rycott. I managed to write this note and place it inside her clothes just before she got taken. Please take care of her and return her to me as soon as possible.’

“That’s just terrible,” Michael observed.

“I think we should take Amanda in,” said the Doctor.

“Good thinking Doctor,” Michael replied. “We can set the coordinates for wherever Rycott is and we can find her parents and give her back to them.”

“I don’t think it will be as simple as that Mike,” said Nyssa.

“What do you mean?” asked Michael.

“We can’t take her straight back to Rycott. We need to find out where it is and investigate as to who kidnapped her which could take a while,” said Nyssa.

Michael become a bit confused and then annoyed when he realised what this meant.

“You mean we have to feed her, let her sleep in the Tardis and keep her clean,” he asked as he gave a look of disbelief.

“Yes,” insisted the Doctor.

“This could take a while Mike, so we have to care for her somehow,” said Tegan as she kneeled down and took Amanda by the hand. “Aw, the poor thing.”

Michael pondered for a few seconds.

"Alright then," he said. "I'm not being asked to confront the Master in my pyjamas."

"That's the spirit Michael," said the Doctor.

Once they were inside the Tardis, the foursome began to plan how they were going to take care of Amanda.

"I think we should get her better transport than that container," said Nyssa. "A cradle would be best."

"I'll sort out her diet," said Tegan.

"I'll find her somewhere to sleep," said Michael.

"And I shall find out about Rycott and it's location," said the Doctor. "One of us should stay with Amanda in the console room whilst the rest of us do our respective tasks."

"I'll do it," said Nyssa.

"Thanks Nyssa," replied the Doctor.

The Doctor, Michael and Tegan went off to do their respective tasks whilst Nyssa stayed with Amanda. She picked up a book and began to read it from the point that she had gotten up to. After a few seconds, Amanda began to cry, so Nyssa put her book down and picked her up out of the container.

"What's wrong sweetie?" she asked.

Nyssa picked Amanda up and attempted in vain to calm her down.

"Having trouble already," asked Tegan who had come back and was now standing in the doorway.

"Yes Tegan," replied Nyssa.

"Let me try," said Tegan.

Nyssa handed Amanda over to Tegan and cradled her. This seemed to work as Amanda stopped crying.

"There we are," said Tegan.

"Aww, isn't she adorable," said Nyssa.

"Oh she is adorable," replied Tegan as she held Amanda in front of her. "Yes you are."

Unfortunately for Tegan, Amanda responded to this by vomiting on her. Tegan and Nyssa's smiles turned to looks of disgust. The former then handed Amanda back to the latter.

"You get yourself cleaned up Tegan, I'll clean her up," said Nyssa.

"Thanks Nyssa," said Tegan as she walked out of the console room to have a shower.

Tegan passed by one of the storage rooms. Michael was in there, looking for a bed for Amanda.

"How are you getting on?" asked Tegan.

"I've found a cot for her," replied Michael. "It looks like the Doctor is prepared for all situations and..."

Michael turned around and then stopped mid-sentence and let his jaw drop as he witnessed the sight of Tegan covered in sick.

"Did Amanda do that?" he asked.

"Of course it was," said Tegan. "You didn't think this was my vomit did you?"

"No," replied Michael.

Tegan then continued towards the bathroom. She passed the Doctor who looked at her in shock.

"Don't ask," she said as she walked past him.

The Doctor did as he was told and then went towards the console room to check on Nyssa.