Author's Notes:
Nyssa, Michael and Tegan attempt to investigate what they believe to be an intruder within the Tardis.

One night in the Tardis whilst it had materialised on a nice relaxing planet, Michael was fast asleep in his bed. A crashing sound occured which woke him up.

"I had better investigate," he said to himself.

He climbed out of bed and placed his feet inside a pair of blue slippers. He then crossed to the other side of the room and fetched his dressing gown which was also blue although it had a flannel pattern. He proceeded to pull it on and secure it around his waist. Finally, he picked up a torch so that he could see in the dark and one of the Doctor's spare cricket bats that he kept in his room. He would need to protect himself in case the perpetrator(s) tried to attack him.

It was dark in the Tardis corridors, but Michael still found his way around them. Suddenly he saw two figures through the blackness.

"Please don't attack me," he said. "I am armed."

"Why would we attack you?" came a familiar sounding feminine Australian accent.

The two figures then came into a lighter spot to reveal themselves.

"Oh it's you two," said Michael, relieved.

The two figures were none other than Nyssa and Tegan. They had also been woken up by the noise and gotten up to investigate. They were dressed exactly as Michael was except Nyssa's dressing gown was plain white whereas Tegan's was grey and had stars on. Nyssa wore matching slippers whilst Tegan's slippers were pink.

"Did that crash wake you up as well?" asked Nyssa.

"Yes Nyssa," replied Michael. "Who or what do you think it was?"

"Burglars I expect," replied Nyssa.

"Perhaps Nyssa," said Tegan "but then again, they couldn't have gotten in without a key."

"You're right there Tegan," Nyssa said. "Although, supposing the Doctor had left the doors open."

"No, the Doctor wouldn't do that," said Michael.

"I guess that rules out stray animals then," said Tegan.

"Whoever it was could have beamed aboard," said Michael.

"Or used a Tardis to materialise inside," added Tegan. "like when the Master materialised his Tardis within this one when I first met the Doctor and you.

"Yes, I remember," said Michael.

"Well, the only way to find out is to actually go and look for ourselves," said Nyssa.

"Yes, but we need a plan first," said Tegan. "I see your carrying one of the Doctors spare cricket bats Mike."

"It's for self-defence in case the intruder/intruders try to attack us," said Michael. "Do you two have anything on you?"

"I've got some rope so that we can tie them up if and when we have to restrain them," said Nyssa.

"I've brought a can of spray to repel on them in case they attack us. It can assist the cricket bat," said Tegan.

"Ok, here's the plan," began Michael. "Once we have restrained the intruder/intruders, you two keep a hold of them so that they don't escape and I will go and inform the Doctor of what's happened. He is usually asleep at this point."

"Sounds good to me," said Nyssa.

"Agreed," added Tegan.

And with that, the trio quietly continued on their way towards the console room. As they got closer, the noises became louder. When they got there, the lights were off and the trio couldn't see anything but they could just make out the shape of a figure.

"Tegan, when I say now, switch the lights on and then we'll go from there," Nyssa whispered.

"Ok," Tegan whispered back.

Tegan walked towards the entrance of the console room and she then reached her hand around and over the light switch. Nyssa and Michael then tip-toed next to her ready for action.

"Now," said Nyssa.

Tegan flicked the light switch on and Nyssa and Michael ran into the console room only to stop after about 3 feet when they saw who the figure was. The companions mouths dropped at seeing that the figure was none other than the Doctor. He was holding a wire from the console in his hand. Unlike his three companions, the Doctor was properly dressed, wearing his regular outfit consisting of the cricket jumper covered by his jacket and even his celery lapel was attached.

"It's you Doctor!" exclaimed Tegan.

"Of course it's me," said the Doctor. "What are you three doing up?"

"That crash woke us up," said Nyssa.

"We thought somebody had broken in," added Michael.

The Doctor then noticed that Michael was holding his cricket bat.

"So that's where I left my spare cricket bat," said the Doctor.

"We thought you would have gone to bed by now," said Nyssa.

"Well I probably should have told you when I started doing it, but I have been going to bed slightly later because I felt that console maintenance would be done quicker if I had later nights," replied the Doctor.

"I guess you didn't start causing things to crash until tonight then," said Tegan. "What was it anyway?"

"I dropped part of the console's casing which as you said I hadn't managed to do until now," the Doctor answered.

"That's all very well Doctor," said Michael.

Just as Michael finished speaking, the foursome heard a whooshing noise outside.

"That's another Tardis," said the Doctor.

He went to the scanner switch and flicked it. The scanner came on and revealed that a Tardis had indeed landed. It's door opened and a figure walked out and then went into the distance.

"I bet that's the Master," said the Doctor.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Michael.

"We'll have to go outside straightaway and confront him," said the Doctor.

"Go outside?!" exclaimed Nyssa.

"Dressed like this?!" asked Tegan.

"He might have gone by the time you three get dressed," said the Doctor. "Besides I doubt anyone will see you.”

“Apart from the Master of course," said an annoyed Tegan.

“Oh yeah,” realised the Doctor.

Michael, Nyssa and Tegan were pretty annoyed at having to go outside wearing pyjamas and their dressing gowns and slippers, but they knew they had no choice.

"Alright we’ll do it," said Michael reluctantly.

"Fair enough," added Nyssa.

"Let's just get this over with," said Tegan.

"That's good," said the Doctor as he opened the Tardis doors.

And with that, the foursome made their way out of the Tardis.