Author's Notes:
A list of each character that appears in this story with a brief description.

The Doctor (A time-traveller from the planet Gallifrey)
Michael Anderson (His English human companion from 1979, single-seater racecar driver)
Nyssa (His Trakenite companion)
Tegan Jovanka (His Australian human companion from 1981, former air stewardess)
The Master (The Doctor's former school friend now enemy)
Amanda (Humanoid infant from the planet Rycott)
James Anderson (Michael's father, world renowned sportscar champion)
Brenda Anderson (Michael's mother)
Michelle Anderson (Michael's older sister)
Mavis Anderson (Michael's younger sister, Marie's twin)
Marie Anderson (Michael's younger sister, Mavis' twin)
Mark Anderson (Michael's younger brother)
Norris (the Anderson’s pet Labrador)