1. Introduction to Michael Anderson [Reviews - 0] (228 words)
Michael's bio:
Y.O.B: 1961
Occupation: racecar driver.
Relatives: James (father), Brenda (mother), Michelle (older sister), Mavis (younger sister), Marie (younger sister), Mark (younger brother).

2. Character guide [Reviews - 0] (92 words)
A list of each character that appears in this story with a brief description.

3. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 0] (1053 words)
Nyssa, Michael and Tegan attempt to investigate what they believe to be an intruder within the Tardis.

4. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 0] (834 words)
The Tardis team confront the Master during the night, and then Nyssa discovers a surprise the following morning.

5. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 0] (871 words)
The Doctor, Michael, Nyssa and Tegan take the baby into their care.

6. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 0] (974 words)
The Tardis crew with Amanda land in Michael's home village of Remington in Yorkshire and go to see his family.

7. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 0] (923 words)
The Tardis crew continue their care for Amanda whilst in Remington. But someone is attempting to hinder that.

8. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 0] (1297 words)
Back in the Tardis, the Master appears on the scanner screen and reveals that the drug Michael took will have an unearthly effect on him. *Translated from German.

9. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 0] (1489 words)
The Doctor and his companions return to Michael's home to try and reverse the effects of his condition. *Translated from German.

10. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 0] (929 words)

11. A breakdown of Michael Anderson’s racing career [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
A follow on from the introduction to him at the start of this story.