Author's Notes:
Now, we all know how a certain vanquished villain loves to make some sort of diabolical comeback when we least expect it. How many times have we watched the Master get his just desserts only to pop up again the following series to confound the Doctor once more?

Personally, I've lost track, but there was one occasion where the answer was kept tantalisingly out of reach. I speak, of course, of the series 9 opener where Missy claims to have a "really clever idea" as she is surrounded by Daleks just before the scene ends...and we never find out what her escape plan was. Of course she has one as her story is continued in Series 10, but it seems we will never find a satisfactory ending to this particular storyline which is why I have written this short story to try and bring some sense of completion to the situation.

So, without any further ado, I present my latest work and hope you all enjoy..."Missy's Really Clever Idea."

Missy's Really Clever Idea.

Once again, the Doctor had literally brought the house down around her, but it was to Missy's delight this time. After all, it was not everyday she got to watch a fellow evil genius's carefully sculpted plan go up in flames around them.

Despite Davros controlling the situation with his army of Daleks in the city above, her oldest friend had managed to turn the tables on the demented scientist and be that vital step ahead of the one eyed fool at the end. What made today even better was how she had been there to watch things unfold first hand, for once knowing that her skin was not going to be threatened, and boy, did the Doctor not disappoint. She now knew what it must feel like to watch The Oncoming Storm work and why his human pets loved it when he arrived in the nick of time. It had been quite a treat to watch the creator of all Daleks panic at his work being undone before him, only to then have no other choice but to beg his prisoner for help.

Of course the Doctor had made a break for it instead, and Missy could hardly blame him. Even by his usual bleeding heart standards, Davros had played him too far and pushed the Doctor over the edge, but she got the chance to repay that insult in kind by poking his so called arch-enemy in the eye, just like she promised.

There was only one person who was allowed to drive the Doctor crazy, and that was her.

Unfortunately, nothing good ever lasted and her little scheme to have the Doctor exterminate the oh so wet Clara from inside their borrowed Dalek casing had left them enemies once again. He had stayed to help his companion from the casing and the pair were soon escaping through the city to the Tardis, which would doubt turn up when he needed her, while the Time Lady would have to find her own way out. Easily done of course. There was rarely an occasion when she did not have to come up with some cunning plan to escape her pursuers, and today was no exception. The Doctor was unlikely to help with a convenient ride back to civilisation, but her own ideas were working well enough.

Or so Missy thought until she stumbled into a room with an advancing Dalek.

It had somehow escaped the fate that the rest of its city was succumbing too and, as usual, commanded her to stay still as a second of the nightmarish creatures appeared from the corridor behind the first. At least they weren't firing on sight, for once, thought Missy as she made a break for her original exit, only to find it blocked.

From round the corner came another couple of Daleks and they too were commanding her to halt as she looked to the only remaining door which was filled by yet another one-eyed tin can. They had her surrounded and Missy managed a final twirl to make sure that she was not overlooking the obvious, but there was no apparent way out. This was it. There was maybe three of four seconds before the monsters blasted her at point blank range. Still enough time for a final last minute escape, if she was quick of course, and examined her options along with the exterior of each Dalek's casing, when one of them sparked an idea.

It was an older model. One of the blue and silver relics from long before The Time War when she was hounding the Doctor during his exile on Earth. It had come from the corridor to her right, or was it her left, and had managed to get her so mixed up that she was not really sure which way was up, but the shade of the Dalek's orbs reminded the Time Lady of the ring on her finger.

“You know what. I've just had a really clever idea,” she announced with a smile as the nearest Dalek shivered in anger.

“Ideas are irrelevant.”

“Oh but I disagree,” replied Missy while placing both hands behind her back where she could slip the ring off. “They're very good indeed....or at least some of them are. Well, how else do you think your sorry excuse for a species came into existence?”

Asking the Dalek about its creation seemed to do the trick as the eyestalk span round to the others, buying Missy those few short seconds she needed to implement her plan. Now all she needed was a distraction which came when the city shuddered violently. It would not be long before the whole place was pulled into the ground and she needed to get out of here, unless she wanted another walk through the sewers.

“That was fun,” she announced while scrambling back onto her feet.

“You will be exterminated!”

“Oh yeah. Well go on then...but you might want to wait for that to pass...”

“For what?” screeched the Dalek who servos had soon whirled into action as the building lurched to the side ever so slightly.

Despite letting out a short cry of surprise, Missy had managed to stay on her feet and now had the opening she needed. With the Daleks surrounding her off balance, Missy produced the ring and dropped it to the ground before crushing it under her heel. In microseconds, the shattered crystal had released a wave of energy which caused each of the Dalek's to short circuit. Every eye stalk had fallen limply towards the ground as Missy performed another twirl to make sure she was clear before smirking at her own genius.

“Simpletons. You should really know better than to use an energy weapon on a girl wearing a ring made of reabsorptive crystal. One little blast and it converts everything it makes contact with into physical energy...but use maximum extermination, plus the raw power from the time vortex she escaped through, and there's enough released to short circuit every cybernetic idiot in the room...twice.”

With a smirk, she stepped passed the Daleks only to catch sight of a lone gun arm twitch.

“For a few seconds at least...but that's enough to get a head start. Better luck next time boys!”

Skipping from the chamber, Missy made her way down the corridor towards what she hoped would be an exit. There were no other Daleks in the surrounding corridors, thankfully, and Missy had soon come to a junction where the other options were full of debris. The roof was coming down round their ears as she started back the way she had come, but got only a few feet before the Daleks she had short circuited loomed into view once more.

They were still looking for her thankfully, and none of their guns arms were powered up when the building trembled again, but with a loud crack that sounded from behind. Expecting the ceiling to crush her at any second, Missy slowly looked round and watched as a crack emerged just from the floor only to continue up through the wall where it met a horizontal one from the opposite side. A whole section of wall looked like it was going to come loose at any second and the Time Lady's eyes had lit up with an opportunity as she place a hand against the flat surface to calculate how thick it was. She had just worked out an answer when a vicious smile crossed her lips.

“That would do. Now how to get it loose...”

She had stepped back to give this new problem some thought when the wall cracked and fell back ever so slightly. Now it looked as if the whole thing would need no more than a gentle push to fall out of place.

“Well...that was convenient.”

“Halt,” shrieked the lead Dalek. “Halt, or you will be exterminated!”

“Not this time boys. See ya.”

With a casual lean against the wall, the section Missy had been examining slowly fell backwards, along with the Time Lady. She had landed on her side as it slid slowly down the side of the dome shaped building before picking up speed. Despite this, she had clung onto her improvised surfboard by a hook made of metal that had somehow been dislodged from the building itself. With it, she was able to shift her weight from side to side, thus providing some basic control of her trajectory, while her other hand was stretched out behind to provide an air of dignity until she would have to leap to safety.

Yet another near perfect escape had been managed and at times like this, there was only one thing to say, she thought while opening her mouth to take in a great lungful of air.

“Wwwweee,” she shrieked at the top of her voice as the Daleks assembled at the hole in their wall to watch what had been one of the few ways they had not anticipated a victim escaping from their city. They did not get long to analysis this data however, as they were still in their tower when it collided with another seconds later.


There were few things that could be heard over the sound of a dissolving city of Daleks, and one of them was Missy's chunk of wall crashing into the foundations. Its inevitable collision with the ground had sounded like something from orbit had impacted the planet, and produced a dust cloud to match. The Time Lady's improvised surfboard had shattered beyond recognition, having achieved speeds of almost sixty miles an hour on the way down, and no part of the material survived, which would have included the passenger...had she not leapt off seconds before impact.

Once again, her timing was perfect.

With seconds to go, Missy had kicked herself off the flat surface and dived towards the ground only to roll across the sand before leaping back onto her feet. She seemed barely affected by the almost impossible feat she had just demonstrated. Any lesser specie, like humans to name but one, would have been crushed from the ordeal which was little more than a touch of high gravity skydiving to the highly talented Time Lady.

It was a skill which she had learnt long ago in a different body and Missy had sustained less than a bruise to her arm from the event. The same could not be said for her dress however which was now covered in scuff marks and, along with the disrespectful state of her boots, were causing more distress than anything else. She had drawn her compact to assess the condition of her make up and was conducting some basic repairs as the Dalek city continued to be sucked into its own sewers behind her. The scene was still clear in her mirror as she puckered up her freshly restored lipstick before blowing the reflection a kiss.

“Well now...we won't be hearing from that lot for a while,” she announced and was considering her next move when a faint voice screeched from the ruins.

Spinning round, Missy had traced the source to where a lone bronze plated Dalek was stuck on its side and half emerged in a mess of black ooze which was carrying it towards a hole in the ground. The doomed Dalek was screeching for mercy from the Time Lady who just raised an eyebrow in anticipation of watching the metal monster perish in its own sewers.

“Mercy is for the weak...and those who don't have a hair appointment. Sorry.”

Blowing it a kiss, the Dalek continued to scream in terror as its systems were overrun by the remains of its predecessors before promptly exploding after it vanished into the hole. The dust had settled as Missy adjusted her once immaculate bun which was now coming apart at the seams. All the wind from her way down was to blame and she had soon started toying with a single long line of loose hair as she walked calmly away from the devastation without a second look.

It was only when she had reached a safe distance that the Time Lady chanced a quick glance back before smirking as she turned her attention to the cliff like edge that stretched up in front of her. The surface was nearly vertical and full of jagged rock which would have to be climbed before she could go in search of some way off this reconstructed hell.

That was the real question now of course. How would she get off Skaro alive?

There was unlikely to be any space service to an invisible planet full of Daleks, and the only civilised part of the planet was being sucked into the ground as she stood watching, so there was not going to be much to work with technology wise. There was always smoke signals of course, she mused when a sudden shriek from above caught her attention.

Missy looked skyward in time to recognise the unmistakeable sound of some outdated freighter engines bringing the ship they were attached to gently towards the ground. Even from where she was standing, the Time Lady knew the vehicle was in bad need of an overhaul and was no doubt owned by criminals of some kind, but it flew, which meant she could get off Skaro.

“It looks like I'm not the only visitor here,” she told herself while finding a way up the cliff face which would not result in a regeneration if she fell. “There's my ticket off this planet...and perhaps some new faces to play with on the way home.”


With the arrogance of a man in complete control of his surroundings, the owner of the space freighter strolled down the cargo ramp, confident that this was the big one.

Originally, he thought it had to be a mistake. Surely a computer malfunction, or something along those lines, he had thought upon being summoned to the flight deck by his pilot who had brought the ship out of hyperspace owing to an unidentified gravitational field that their navigation charts claimed should not be there. Better to stop and look at this impossibility rather than risk passing through it at unbelievable velocities, was the man's excuse for his actions and the Captain was forced to admit that the idea may just have saved their necks given how it was a planet they had stumbled across. Nobody could land a ship on the surface of a planet from hyperspace, let alone an visible one, but then an idea surfaced in the Captain's mind. One he could not get rid of as he asked himself again and again until he arrived on the sandy surface of this impossible place.

“Why would anyone want to hide a planet?”

The question had been purely rhetorical, but had soon been answered by the next man down the ramp.

“That would rather depend on the planet sir.”

The voice belonged to the Captain's loyal second in command. A thin man by the name of Skrill who was well known back home for his lethal talon coated gloves. The razor like claws that were attached to the end of his fingers had been what finally persuaded the good Captain to hire the man as his trusted lieutenant, and it was only when he heard ridiculous remarks like this that the ship owner regretted his decision.

“Go on then Skrill. Elaborate.”

“Well. Perhaps this is not the big one we've been waiting for...but someone hiding, with ability to shield their entire home world from the rest of creation.”

“Creation? I never took you as the religious kind.”

“You know what I mean sir.”

“And what, prey tell, would they be hiding?” asked the Captain who licked his lips in anticipation of an answer. “How about something of such extreme value that the whole galaxy would be after them for it.”

A greedy light filled Skrill's eyes at that conclusion. “You could have a point...”

“It was worth landing just for a look, wouldn't you say?” But the Captain's smile quickly vanished when he saw his reluctant crew were watching events unfold from the safety of the ship. “Well come on you lot! There's money to be made!”

“From there,” gasped one of his newer recruits. “It looks like the planet's falling to pieces.”

The boy was not wrong. The Captain took another look at the city before them which was dissolving back into the ground from where it sprung. Whatever had happened had clearly taken the owners by surprise, which in turn made the Captain nervous. So nervous in fact that he had already decided to wait here while his expendable crew members did the dangerous job of looking round on his behalf. There had to be something worth all this effort given how elaborate their defences were, but perhaps that odd couple further down the cliff side would have an answer.

There were two of them. One was a grey haired man and the other an attractive looking younger woman, in a hideous sort of way. Both seemed equally fascinated by the collapsing city, but they had soon vanished into the blue box beside them. They weren't going to get far by hiding in there, he thought and had ordered Skrill across to have a look at the odd couple when the object faded in and out of reality until it was gone.

“I don't believe it...”

“What did you say boss?” Skrill had appeared behind him as expected, but his employer was no longer keen to share what he had just seen as it brought up some unpleasant memories.

“Never mind...”


“Never mind! There's work to be done, so let's get on with it.” His mood having turned foul, the Captain rounded on his reluctant crew with a hate filled growl. “I want some volunteers...but I guess you lot will have to do.”

The young man who had spoken earlier stepped forward. “For what?”

“For a trip into the city of course. Now what's the problem?”

“Going in's suicide.” The young man seemed determined to stay put, which was when the Captain produced a remote that his crew knew all too well. “Oh no...”

“Yes. I thought you would recognise it...and what would happen if I pushed this little control here.”

The young man responded by nodding as he tugged at the collar round his neck. “Yes sir.”

“What was that?” the Captain asked jokily as their newest recruit swallowed the bile in his throat and repeated himself loudly.

“Yes sir.”

“There we go, now get going!”

The Captain had pointed at the path which would take his crew down to the plains where the city was situated when he noticed that they were now looking towards a figure staggering towards them from said route. Even the hardened Captain seemed a little taken back by her purple dress as the approaching woman staggered forward before clinging onto a large boulder for support. She was panting for breath when her drained eyes looked upon the assembled humanoids glaring back at her in amazement.

“Oh thank goodness. People at last.” The woman paused to squint with a raised eyebrow. “And mostly guys too. Good looking ones at that. Oh what a lucky end to an otherwise distressing day.”

She gave the pair of hardened criminals a quick flicker of her eyebrows as the Captain and his Second in Command exchanged looks of knowing before turning back towards the strange individual, who would soon be joining their ranks. The woman really did not have much of a choice once the collar was round her neck and Skrill, having stepped back to let his Captain's charm do the work, eyed those others behind them for signs of trouble. He did not want any of the crew to do something stupid like try and warn this woman who was suddenly looking scared as she staggered from the rock.

“Now calm down dear,” the Captain responded. “I have a little something for you...”

“Oh how nice. How very kind of you. Oh you're being so kind to little old me.”

There was something cold about her smile which would have sent alarm bells ringing throughout the mind of the Captain, had he not been more interested in the woman's figure.

“Don't worry. We'll take care of you.”

“Oh thank you. Thank you.”

Before the Captain could move away, the woman leapt forward and hugged her rescuer with surprising strength. She held him close to her chest which took the Pirate by surprise. He eventually managed to edge round and look to Skrill's equally surprised expression before stepping back when she eventually let go. The Captain was about to say how kind that was of her when a sudden pain in his back caught the man off guard. It was nothing serious, but proved enough of a distraction for the woman to snatch away the collar he had produced from his belt.

“Oh what a pretty necklace,” she had announced while admiring it in the sunlight. “Would you like me to put it on?”

“That was the general idea,” the Captain added as he started towards his ship while rubbing his back. “Please wear it in”

“Well I won't live long if I do. This has a remote controlled explosive charge built in which could blow the heads off anyone stupid enough to wear it.” She turned round to look the man in the eye with a new coldness. “That therefore makes you some sort of untrustworthy space pirate and that...heap of junk you call a space vehicle, your pirate ship. I suppose you could make it quite homey after a major overhaul...and some decoration.”

“Perhaps I'll get you to paint it for me.” The Captain had gone for his gun, but found the strength in his arms had faded, not that it mattered considering how Skrill was reaching for his. “Is there anything else you want to add before we clap you in irons, as the old saying goes.”

“Only that expecting me to wear this was your second mistake...”

“Second? What was the first?” he asked as the pain in his back grew stronger.

But Missy just pouted playfully as she watched the old human produce a now trembling hand with fingers coated in his own blood.

“ did you...Oh of course.”

He glanced round at the woman who just smiled sweetly.

“Say something nice,” she muttered as the pirate captain fell face down in the dirt.


While the crew of the freighter gathered round the corpse of their former leader, Missy straightened up and retied her hair into its traditional bun. Her tired expression had gone within seconds as the Time Lady finished tiding herself up while Skrill, still shaken by what he had witnessed, rushed to his fallen leader's side. He had quickly turned him over only to recognise the deathly pale look in the captain's eyes.

“He's dead.” He looked up at his murderer in surprise. “He's dead!”

“You sound disappointed?”

“You killed him!”

“Well duh. At last you've caught up with what everyone else here has already guessed,” added Missy with a cool grin and a murderous glint in her eye. “Congratulations.”

“But how did you do it?” gasped the young pirate from the crowd. “How'd you kill him...with a hug?”

Missy looked at the man with such a cool expression that the young human shuddered. She silently answered his question by raising her hands into the air where, with a twitch of her wrist, a knife appeared from up her sleeve. It was still coated in blood as the Time Lady detached it and threw the sharp edge towards the fresh corpse she had created.

“Of course, he shouldn't have noticed so quickly. That wound, when properly inflicted upon such a victim, could go unnoticed for almost ten minutes.” She shrugged. “By which time, it would be too late to save the victim. I guess I'll need to get some practise in...”

She looked hungrily at the crew who were all backing away, Skrill included. The lieutenant's life had just been turned upside down as this woman, who had come out of nowhere, destroyed everything. There had to be something he could do, and waited his chance as she approached the control unit which was then snatched from the Captain's dead hand.

“Of course, I never practise on those I find useful...such as someone who can fly a ship like yours and take me back to civilisation where I can make everyone rich.”

“We're not taking you anywhere,” insisted Skrill who looked to support from his former shipmates, but found many of them were eyeing up the remote in the woman's hand. She had control of the situation and the pirate was slowly stepping back while reaching for his handgun.

“Oh I think they might...especially if I release you guys from this simple gadget.” Her eyes were solely focused on the device in her hand. “These controls are simple enough to work...”

Missy had turned away from Skrill, who saw his chance.

He had drawn his handgun to shoot the woman in the back only for Missy to spin round and throw her collar at the Pirate. With one hand, he had grabbed the lethal jewellery, taking his eyes off Missy for those few short seconds she needed to shoot him with her tablet weapon. Skrill had a terrified look on his face as he was vaporised in a cloud of red mist, collar and all, while his former ship mates watched in amazement.

“That's two,” she announced while taking aim at the remaining pirates. “Anyone else want to try anything fatally stupid.”

She could see that they were too scared to move, which was good. Missy wanted to be the centre of attention when she freed them and held up the control for their collars which were then released a few seconds later. The young man standing at the front of the group could hardly believe it and was the first to announce the obvious.

“You've set us free?”

“I've always found life far more interesting when there's a degree of trust between ship mates.” Her smile quickly turned nasty. “Besides, I doubt any one here will try a coup of their own while I'm around, right?”

“Are you suggesting we work for you?” asked another.

“Unless you want to be left behind on this planet...which is full of angry Daleks by the way. Just thought I'd mention that one.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Dalek hunting. It's my equivalent of who wants to work for me and become filthy rich, instead of just being filthy.”

The crew around the Time Lady started nodding furiously as they removed their collars and threw them away. One of them even cheered as Missy looked to the ship she had just acquired only to remember where she had seen this type of vehicle before, and the somewhat unique group who owned something similar in this time zone.

“Hang on. That's a...which makes this...Oh my word. Glitz 10. The infamous group of space pirates that ravaged this sector of the galaxy...but there's only seven of you.” She stopped to count again, including the dust pile and their leader's corpse. “Well, five now your leaders are gone. Can't you count?”

“It was his idea,” the young space pirate explained. “Anyone who wanted to buy their way out of the operation had to produce at least ten million credits. Sabalon Glitz was never very good at saving from his own cut...”

“Ah I see.” Missy had nodded her understanding when a new figure came to stand beside her. “Doctor? What are you doing here? This is my grand escape!”

“This is all in your mind...and it's not very creative when it comes to names or people you've supposedly met.”

She tutted and looked at the other figments of her imagination before smiling.

“Oh well. You can't blame a girl for trying.”


Missy opened her eyes to find herself back in the present. Back in the gloom of the vault beneath St Lukes on Earth with nobody but the Doctor, who was doubling as her jailer, for company. It had been nice to dream about some of her great exploits in the past, and even better to use them to torment her host who had still not worked out the solution to this latest problem.

Just how did she get off Skaro alive?”

To while a way a rainy afternoon, the Time Lady had been sharing with her old frenemy how she made it out of some of the situations where he sailed off into the stars, believing that the Master was gone for good. There were plenty to choose from and the Doctor had guessed a few half way through the story, but their recent encounter to visit a dying Davros was in a league of its own. The Doctor had thought that was the end for Missy, until they bumped into each again, but she just seemed amused by the idea of leading him down the garden path, so to speak, with this grand escape that was nothing more than a great pack of lies.

“Oh well. You can't blame a girl for trying.”

“Oh I don't...but you picked the wrong guy to mess with.”

The Doctor had replied without looking up from the four dimensional chess board sitting between them as Missy suddenly became interested.

“Why Doctor? Is that a threat...”

The Time Lord finally tore his eyes from the game and looked up. “It's a statement of fact.”

“I don't understand.”

For the first time in weeks, the Doctor sat back in his chair with a weak grin on his face. It had been a long few decades for both of them, or was it only weeks since she was put in here. Either way, she could tell how he missed his former life of flying around in a hideously incompetent Tardis, defying and frustrating evil doers everywhere with his bad jokes and ability to turn up when he was least wanted. A pity, as she also missed her former criminal enterprises, along with keeping score on her daily body count.

“Do you think that I care so little for my friends that I would leave them in danger?” His grin had weakened slightly. “You remember Mel of course.”

“The red head at your trial...back when you wore that ghastly coat?”

“She trundled off into the stars with make sure he never returned to a life of crime, and I kept an eye on them for a bit. He ended up going most things.” His eyes darted to where Missy, now sitting forward on a stool, decided to move a bishop from her side of the board to his where it dematerialised. “If you wanted to impress me, you should've picked another master criminal to base your story on...especially if you expected me to believe it.”

Missy looked up as the Doctor made his move. “Oh really? You think I don't know that?”

“Which confirms how all this story telling is just another round in our endless game of one-upmanship.”

He seemed unimpressed as Missy selected her Queen and moved it across the board to corner the Doctor's King in a way which made her oldest friend sit up in alarm.

“Looks like I can still catch you off guard.”

The Time Lord grumbled as he looked up. “Every now and again...”

With a depressing number of options, the Doctor was solely focused on the board and had missed the doors to the vault opening behind him. In came his current assistant and co jailer Nardole who wasted no time walking briskly over to where the Time Lords sat, or hiding his contempt at what was happening. He had never approved of Missy playing games with the Doctor, which was a opinion she could understand when worded like that.

“Oh look. Here comes the hard boiled one himself.”

But the newcomer ignored the remark, like he usually did, and stood over the Doctor who was still pondering his next move on the board. He had just gone to counter Missy's move with his knight when Nardole cleared his throat.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you...”

“Joining in at last are we?” announced Missy as her eyes narrowed with a grin. “You can play winner if you like...”

“I don't want to play four dimension chess with you, thank you.”

Missy just smirked back cruelly. “Which means he's guessed my trap and knows when I'll spring no pressure Doctor.”

But the Time Lord refused to look up from the puzzle in front of him.

“Have you come down here with some purpose or are you just dropping by with advice on how to play four dimensional chess?” Pausing to give his concentration a rest, the Doctor sat back and looked up. “This is a game for Time Lords you know. A game for those with minds stronger than your average grade five civilisation, and further more...”

Nardole decided to settle this argument by silently countering Missy's move with the Doctor's knight which not only checkmated her King in such a way which made it look simple to both the superior beings, but forced the smile from the Time Lady's face.


“Good, isn't he,” added Missy who looked at Nardole with a pair of hungry eyes. “I'll have to remember that you're not as simple as you look...”

“Yes, that we have that settled, can we get back to work. You have a lecture in five minutes and the maintenance checks to finish.”

“I am well aware of it.” Annoyed at being out manoeuvred by his companion, the Doctor held up his still running Sonic Screwdriver. “What do you think I've been doing down here?”

“Apart from losing as usual,” added Missy who rose from her chair and returned to the sealed off area behind her glass prison. “Still, better luck next time Doctor.”

Her oldest friend nodded as he got to his feet while Nardole resealed the self proclaimed Queen of Evil back behind her glass prison. He was always getting unsettled by how distracted the Doctor was these days, but quickly shuffled after the Time Lord who had reached the doors of the vault when he turned round in frustration. His anger only grew to find her waiting for the question he wanted to ask.

“The Daleks surrounded you...and then what? What really happened on Skaro?”

“Can't you guess?” The Time Lady's eyes widened in excitement. “Oh you can't, can you?”

“Why else would I be asking?”

“Well I'm not going to tell you. There's no fun in that.”

“So what,” chimed in Nardole who had also grown frustrated with the mind games. “You're not going to tell us...him how you did it? He spent half the night working on the idea you trans-matted yourself out of there by pure will-power alone.”

“Well it's closer than his theory of me ducking at just the right moment and letting the Daleks exterminate each other...or was that yours, egg boy.”

Nardole just huffed as the Doctor's expression softened slightly.

“I guess I'll have to go back to my drawing board.”

But Missy pouted sadly. “Oh honey. Do try and open your mind a little...or this storyline will never have a descent ending.”

The End.