like piercing rays of light

by Romanajo123 [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
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  • Drabble, Introspection, Series

Author's Notes:
Written for the Indigo challenge at who_contest.

Also for the Fog prompt for Doctober.

( A bit canon divergent. Ace's memory loss /mind wipe occurs during the audio Soldier Obscura. Her running a charity was revealed in The Sarah Jane Adventures)


“Yeah, gonna be here a bit longer today. Thanks.”

Hanging up the phone, Dorothy McShane, who was once known as Ace, stared down at the pile of paperwork still awaiting her. Being the CEO of a successful charity had its good and bad days. But today would qualify as a mundane day. All afternoon there had been conference calls and paperwork. Scanning the first place, Dorothy’s mind began to wander. To something when she was sixteen. And then it was gone. This was happening a lot lately; like she was living in a fog. It was as if there was a whole section of her life clouded over like an early morning. There would be times she would be talking with Mel or Shou who’d mention something like Merlin or Daleks. More fog.

Deciding to take a tea break, Dorothy got up from her chair when a strange noise grabbed her attention. It was a sound like groaning or wheezing. She looked out the window and nearly collapsed from the sensation. In a Tesco’s parking lot a short distance away stood a deep blue police box. For years, Dorothy had lived in a fog; but that police box broke through. It was like light, deep indigo rays of light piercing through clouds. And it hurt.

She wanted to get up; to run towards it. The rays of light in her head were practically calling her, reminding her of everything. But she didn’t. The indigo lights were making her remember. And it hurt so much to remember.