Double Jealousy, The Trilogy

by janai1 [Reviews - 5]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Fluff, Humor, Romance

1. Double Jealousy 1.0 [Reviews - 2] (1003 words)
The Doctor is jealous of a certain actors ability to procreate....and the actor looks just like him! As always, any errors with grammar or punctuation are mine

2. Double Jealousy 2.0 [Reviews - 2] (997 words)
Actor David MacDonald is tired of being told he looked like Dr. John Smith, husband of Rose Tyler, Vitex heiress. Especially by his wife....

Part 2 in the Double Jealousy Saga.

3. Double Jealousy 3.0 [Reviews - 1] (3879 words)
This is the last chapter, thank you for reading!