Soul's Shadow

by TardisGhost [Reviews - 79]

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Author's Notes:
This chapter contains... no plot, seriously.
You can perfectly skip it if you don't like sexual content ;D

"Are you disgusted now?" the Master asked, a bitter smile playing on his lips, hands shoved into his pockets.

I shook my head and trod closer again, glancing up. "No. I think this one thing you did there is the most… person." I shrugged, uncertain how to explain myself. "It tells a lot that you brag about everything you did to earth and humanity during that year. But this one thing… this one person is bothering you."

He snorted. "What nonsense. Stop analysing me."

"Sorry. I didn't…" I dropped my head against his chest. "I'm just trying to understand you." He didn't budge, didn't say anything either, so I quietly continued, spilling out thoughts in the hopes they might make sense. "I'm not disgusted. I just wanted to know what happened. How. Because…" Timidly I peeked up at his stony face. "I'm not leaving. And I don't intend to break. You're right… She and I… We're nothing alike. I am much stronger than her and…" I swallowed. "Part of it is because you made me."

His eyes blinked, surprised, widened a little. This probably had never been his intention. "Seems like it," he mumbled, shaking his head. "Can't imagine why else you would stay otherwise."

I shrugged, smirking. "We're locked in, just in case you forgot. Nowhere to run."

That made him finally laugh and the tense mood lightened a little. "How unfortunate for you," he mocked. "I haven't seen anything useful so far, so we have to wait for a while."

I sighed, nodding and wrinkling my nose. "I hate this. Being locked up gets so boring so fast."

"Boring huh?"

Something in his voice made me search his face, finding a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He reached down to gently tilt my chin upwards and my heart did a sudden jump, out of nowhere. He chuckled.

"Only you can get bored when faced with danger."

"Och, we're not in danger. Not really. And no, don't start. You don't scare me." I poked my tongue out, ignoring my heartbeat. "And just so you know. I understand what happened with Lucy. Can't say I like it. But I understand."

"Good." His voice was barely a breath. "You won't get rid of me so easily."

It was a promise, a threat. He leaned down and pushed against my chin more firmly until our lips met. A part of me hesitated, but another part practically melted into his soft coaxing movements. I responded, slow at first, but then bolder and with more eagerness. I wanted to drown everything out that hindered me from enjoying the moment, tried to shove my worries and thoughts away, not realising how much of them poured out to the surface. It only became apparent when the Master abruptly retreated.

"Do you want me to stop?" His question was so honest that my heart did another weird jump. The last few days he had been so careful with me, even now. Was what had happened to his former wife the reason for that? Or was it the fear it might repeat? The fear that I might lose myself and start to hate him for everything he was.

I shook my head and smiled apologetically. He couldn't know what was in my mind and that it had something to do with an entirely different subject. "No. No, please don't." I had to laugh quietly. "I just… I don't know… I thought… now that you and the Doctor…"

His eyebrows shot up. "Oh don't start the same nonsense as Donna." His nose developed a bunch of wrinkles and his brows knitted together tightly. "And even if there would be anything, you're still mine and I'll keep you no matter what."

"So…" I hesitated to actually speak it out, but what choice did I have? "Not monogamous then."

The Master chuckled and sacked together a little, tension visibly leaving his shoulders. Playfully flicking my forehead he asked, "With our lifespan? How would that work? Besides…" He stepped a little closer, practically forcing me to back away until my back hit against the wall. "Stop assuming any amatory nonsense. All of you. It's getting really annoying."

"B… but you…. Well… you kissed him. More than once. And…"

"And?" A rather wolfish grin spread on his lips. "I just kissed you."

I gulped, not knowing what to respond to that. There still were a lot of unanswered questions about the kind of relationship we had. There was no label to this. There probably didn't even exist one. So maybe it was the same for them. They could be seeking a kind of connection neither I nor they had even a name for.

"Tz, you thought I'd found a new toy" He tutted at me, still smiling too widely. "You thought I had lost interest in you, didn't you?"

Sheepishly I looked away, feeling rather stupid at that moment. "That… sorry," I mumbled. "That's horribly egoistic of me."

"It is. I should be flattered." Again he laughed and then turned away from me, sauntering back to the sofa to drop down into it, right in the middle. "So… How about we go over the basics of being imprisoned and finding the proper means to escape."

I blinked. Once. Twice. Only then did I get it. He was serious. "You… want to teach me how to escape? Now?" Now, when my pulse still raced from the kiss and my heart still pounded madly from my admission.

"Sure." The Master shrugged. "Thought you were bored."

"Uhm…" I pushed myself away from the wall and stood in front of him. "Not yet. But we don't know how long we'll be in here."

"Then let's start already." He leaned forward, glaring up at me with a slightly tilted head. "Or did you have something else in mind?"

The bugger knew exactly what he was doing! I took a slow breath in, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. How in the universe would I ever be able to fight my stupid attraction to him when he made it so difficult? But then again had he just told me there was no need to hide it.

He didn't smile yet, not really. There was, however, a spark in his eyes that made me tingle. "You do need to tell me what you want," he coaxed. "Although… I know what your body wants." He chuckled. "Your pheromones smell strong enough, so I assume that part of your mind is properly unblocked again."

"Hey! That's not my fault!" I laughed and dared to lightly tap his head. "Don't tease me for it."

"That's not what I'm teasing you for, though."

"And how the hell can you smell pheromones?"

"Superior, remember?" He grabbed my hands, tugging me towards him. "They are a little annoying, though. So either we do something really boring, or…" With a small yelp I flew forwards as he tugged at me some more. His hands landed on my lower back, tempting me to straddle him. At least his knees - I still had that much self control. "Or you tell me what you want."

It was hard to fight the urge to squirm. He was so bold and I had no idea how to react to that.

"And what… if I want you to stop?"

The already light pressure against my back receded fully. "Then I will."

Alright, this probably should not have turned me on the way it did, but I couldn't stop my breath from shuddering. I traced a finger over his shirt, simply to do something. It was curious, just the day before, I had panicked without even knowing the exact trigger. Now, when I listened inside myself, there was no trace of it.

The Master slid his hand under my own that was idly playing with his buttons, stroked his fingers along my palm and closed them around my hand, pressing a light kiss to it. "I like having you so close to me," he breathed and looked me straight in the eyes. "I don't need more, if you don't want it."

"What if I just… really want to kiss you?" I mumbled, blushing a little. I wasn't used to voicing my thoughts like that. No one had ever been interested in hearing them.

He didn't let go of my hand and leaned forward, lingering right in front of me, our noses touching, inviting. So it was on me to close the remaining distance and brush my lips against his, feeling how soft and warm they were. I moved further, kissed him more firmly and let him take the lead after only a moment. Giving up control wasn't his domain, but right now I preferred it like that. My breath quickened as he deepened the kiss, hitched when his tongue asked for entrance. I gave it willingly, explored, tasted and squirmed on his knees.

His hands were on my back again and he pushed just enough to leave the choice to me. Once more I let him guide me, slid forward until our chests touched. The cold room instantly felt warmer just from the heat of his body and also from the rush of adrenaline that dropped into my stomach. The Master slid his hands lower to grab my bum, to push me closer against him. Was he… Oh! He definitely was hard already.

"That what you meant with annoying?" I teased, breathy, only allowing enough space between our lips to speak. It was almost impossible for me to break the intoxicating kiss.

The Master growled, the sound rumbling through his chest. Heat pooled between my legs. Could I really have that much of an effect on him?

"We've got nothing better to do, do we?" He grinned cheekily, pulling me in for another kiss, hissing when I rocked against his erection. I just couldn't resist.

"Too bad this isn't a dream again." My own breath was shuddering just from the memory, from the implication.

Instead of agreeing, however, his grin only got wider. "Oh, I have my mind under control."

I huffed, dropping my forehead against his. "But I don't."

"Mhm…" He gently stroked over my arms, tilting his head. "Connect with me," came the sudden request.

I blinked, surprised. "Is that a good idea?"

The answer was an even wider grin. So I assumed he had a reason to ask and took his hands into mine, focusing on our minds. I hadn't initiated contact often, so far and each of those times it had been almost more a question of chance than of skill. But I did my best, concentrated on the energy flow that was my mind and directed it towards the Master.

A sudden sharp sting shot through my mind, igniting my nerves unpleasantly. I barely contained a small yelp and tore away from him, confused and dizzy for a moment. The pain pounded through me like a headache for several seconds before it finally subsided.

The Master chuckled. "That's what I thought. Your mind is still overstimulated from yesterday. Everything more will hurt."

"That wasn't nice," I protested. "Why'd you… oh."

"Yep. I doubt you will initiate any kind of accidental connection right now. None of us will."

His eyes darkened as he spoke and my pulse doubled in its speed. My body clearly had its own opinion about the situation - not that I had anything against it. Except maybe… Well, we were still inside a cell.

"The guards could come in anytime." I sighed and dropped my head against his.

Even this small movement was enough to make me slightly slide over the bulge under me. Both of us inhaled, eyes locked. The Master snaked his hands to my back again, letting them fall lower, not yet drawing me closer. This was getting really unfair now.

"I overheard them talking." His fingers twitched ever so slightly, applying the softest pressure against my bum until I gave in. This time I deliberately moved backwards a little, only to slide closer again, firmly applying some delicious friction. The Master's breath shuddered and his eyes closed. "On our way here. They check on prisoners every two hours, and…" His fingers dug into my skin when I repeated my movement. "It's only been twelve minutes and thirty two seconds since they left."

I gnawed on my bottom lip. If that was true there was no need to worry. The mental issues also weren't in the way, right now. The Master put his hands between us and then on the hem of my hoodie. His thumbs slid under the cloth, drawing small circles on my skin.

"So… what do you want?" The cheeky twinkle was back in his eyes. "Or if you don't want to voice it…" There was a tug at my jeans and he swiftly popped open the button. "Tell me to stop." His fingers slipped inside and traced over my underwear, making my breath even heavier, even though he touched me nowhere even close to where I ached. "I trust you to stop me, if I do anything you don't want."

I nodded. Contemplated. Searched for the old trauma and could find it nowhere.



He dove forward, kissing me again and tugging at my waistband. His hand was warm against my skin, fingers gliding lower until he found my clit, first circling it gently, then firmer. I could barely stop a groan, chasing his tongue and enjoying his touch. This was so much better than a dream that swallowed too many of the details only the waking world could offer.

There wasn't much space, but I still managed to squeeze my hands between his to fumble with the button and the zipper of his pants. The Master broke the kiss and grabbed my wrist before I could succeed with the effort, however. He even pushed me down from his legs and I already thought he had changed his mind. But all he did was give me a glare that burned with desire.

"Take them off," he growled, hooking his thumbs into my jeans pockets and tugging at them.

Without hesitation I obliged, kicking my shoes off to be able to shove my pants down. But when it came to my underwear, the Master shook his head and dragged me back onto him.

Only then did he allow me to open his zip, never breaking eye contact. My hands found what I wanted without me looking. I groped my way into the open fly, gliding sensually over the hard bulge inside. The Master's irises got swallowed by black, his pupils widening with every soft stroke. And I realised how much I enjoyed seeing his reaction, knowing what effect I could have on him.

He slid his fingers back into my underwear, continuing where he had left off. I shuddered under his touch, decided not to let him distract me too much. I found a waistband and freed him from his confines, finally able to properly stroke him, to drink in every shuddering breath of his, every flicker of his eyelids.

Briefly, I wondered how long it might have been for the Master since anyone had touched him like that. Even if he had no biological need for sex, there was no denying how much he savoured the experience. The thought was almost enough to tip me over the edge, but he stopped just in time to make me whimper in protest.

"What? You want more?" The teasing edge of his words drowned in the raspy tone of his own arousal.

"Yes," I breathed, rocking forwards until I completely sat on his dick, with only thin cloth keeping us apart. I leaned forward, too heated to be ashamed of anything. "I want you, Master."

And that was enough. He pressed me closer against him, not allowing the tiniest space to remain between us. His hand snaked down, drawing my underwear out of the way. I shifted slightly on my knees, positioning myself high enough to allow him to press the tip of his shaft against my entrance and then, finally, he slipped inside.

Not for even a second had I dared to hope this would happen one day. There were just too many obstacles and… I quivered from the sensation, slowly sliding down on him until I was completely seated in his lap again, filled.

He only allowed me a second to adjust before he moved, holding me still with his hands. The slow pace he settled on was agonising. I shuddered each time the Master drew out and had to contain a groan each time he pushed back in, wishing he would allow me to move myself.

"W… wait a sec," I managed to half groan, half whisper, bracing myself with my hands on his chest. The Master stilled, burning his gaze into mine. "Don't we… I don't know… need protection?"

"Don't worry." He took the opportunity to continue, but now he also made an effort to nibble on my neck until he reached my ear. "Not fertile this time'round." Whatever that meant. His lips landed on a new spot and he sucked lightly while burying himself deeper inside of me. "'n I can control if I produce seamen or not."

Right. I vaguely remembered him mentioning something like that before. My mind just wasn't very willing to function right now. Especially not after he loosened his grip on me a little. Finally I was able to move on my own.

The Master shut his eyes, leaning his head backwards. He let me take the lead and I took the opportunity to quicken the pace, if only a little; his shoulders were perfect to hold onto and he used his hands on my bum to encourage everything I did.

Time stopped existing for a little while. The only thing left was the two of us. Friction and stimulation, soft groans from one or the other, fingers digging into my skin and then… another sharp sting of pain.

I winced and immediately stopped, withdrawing my wandering mind and forcing it to stay where it belonged. Good thing I had this little failsafe, albeit painful. Who knows what might have happened otherwise.

The Master waited patiently, then grabbed me around my middle and slipped out of me. Ignoring my small protest, he kept his hold firm and laid on his back. Now I was staring down, lying on top of him. His heartbeat was strong and fast, thudding against my own rib cage. I still felt him hard against me, now hindered by my underwear again.

"We really need to train your barriers," grunted the Master, but there was no maliciousness in his voice.

"Right when we're back," I mumbled, moving my pelvis ever so slightly to produce friction. No need to stop there.

The Master inhaled sharply, reaching down to quickly guide himself into me again. The position was a little awkward at first, but like this he hit all the right spots. One hand flew up, grabbing my glasses to toss them aside, hopefully somewhere safe. And then he drew my head down to kiss me, fiercely. I had barely room to move and it was obvious he wasn't willing to give it to me, so the only thing I could do was to snog him back, tongue chasing tongue. He pushed upwards, firm but, in contrast to his kiss, slow. Every thrust was drawn out to enjoy it to the fullest.

My heartbeat was almost exploding. How could he keep up this agonising pace without losing control over himself? I gasped for air, breaking the kiss and groaning his name, begging. The Master had the audacity to chuckle, although his voice was a little breathless. "Who knows…" Slowly he rocked his hips upwards. "...when we can do this again." And equally slowly he retreated almost completely, only to repeat the motion, shuddering pleasantly. As did I.

And then he picked up speed. Not much, but enough for me to moan softly and lower my head to bury it in the crook of his neck. It was just enough. Combined with all the previous stimulation I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. The familiar coil was already building. Again I breathed his name and felt him shiver. So I used it again, whispering the syllables against the skin of his throat.

If only I could move, but he still held me tight with both arms, just enough to keep the upper hand, yielding to my one and only attempt of struggle, just to tighten again when I relaxed. Ultimately, he left the control to me and like that his embrace was comforting, reassuring. Only my own arousal made me want to squirm.

He started to thrust with less control, gradually losing pace and rhythm. I used the distraction to capture his mouth again, kissing him roughly until I could no longer think. Pleasure rippled through my body with a sudden force I hadn't awaited. My world blacked out for seconds; I clenched around him and felt the pulsing of his shaft. He groaned into my mouth, breaking the kiss and thrust upwards a few more times. Both of us quivered… then stilled, eventually.

And for many minutes the only sounds disturbing the silence were those of our breaths and his rapid heartbeats below my ear.