Soul's Shadow

by TardisGhost [Reviews - 76]

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  • Action/Adventure, Character Study

Author's Notes:
It's almost Halloween again! Are you excited?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I am... I always love this time. It's so full of magic and creepiness.
And OH MY GOSH! The power of the Doctor... The dancing! I just loved every second of the Master. (Even though I think the whole episode was a mess regarding pacing and a lot of other stuff)
Also TW for sliiiiightly smutty stuff at the end. Hehehehehe

I hadn't planned to see the Master this evening. I really hadn't. But my fletchling was nowhere to be found and I was worried it might have gotten lost somewhere in the labyrinthine depths of the TARDIS. After all, I myself could barely navigate her corridors without help. The rooms changed locations too often and I hadn't been able to discern a pattern in where they went, yet. Most of the time I found my way through instinct or with the golden paths the shop sometimes created to aid me. Which was often necessary when I wandered too far.

To my surprise, I ended up in front of the Master's door, cocking my head to the side in contemplation. With a bit of confused hesitation I knocked, waiting for an answer.

"What is it this time?" came the muffled - and thoroughly annoyed - response, right before the door swung open angrily. The Master glared outside, his eyes glued to a spot above me, before they wandered down, his look turning into surprise and maybe also relief? "Oh, thought it was the Doctor again."

"Uh… yeah, just me." What had happened between the two? I hoped the scene from this morning hadn't caused the Doctor to make trouble. As well meant as it might be. "I… actually Was looking for someone else, but the TARDIS…"

"Brought you here… again." The Master rolled his eyes and nodded inside, kicking some indiscernible object under the table, before flopping down on his chair to tinker with whatever. "I'm a bit busy. You can help. Or at least don't bother me."

I followed, looking around with raised eyebrows. The whole room was cluttered with what seemed to be junk at first glance. Bits and pieces and parts of different machines, screws, wires, blinking things and whatnot. Only his voice guided my attention away from the pile.

"Who were you even looking for?"

Before I could answer, there was a loud thud that made me jump and turn around, finding a small plant pot on top of a book pile. It looked quite heavy and was shivering lightly with the next loud thud. An indignant little squeak confirmed my suspicion.

"Guess I was looking for him," I mumbled, striding over to the pot.

"Him?" The Master didn't budge, not trying to help or stop me. "Did you find out the gender?"

"Nooo… but saying 'it' all the time feels weird. And he doesn't behave very feminine."

The Master chuckled. "Neither do you."

I paused, my hands already grabbing the pot. "Well… you have a point. But still…" I lifted the pot and almost dropped it when the little one smacked right into me, clawing into my clothes. I blinked down and smiled. "If you ever have a problem with being called he, you'll let me know, right, Kira?"

The dragon stopped fidgeting and glared up at me for a moment, then he closed his eyes and rested his head against my chest.

"Huh… you like that name?"

"Kira? Isn't that a female name?" the Master asked, stepping behind me.

"Uhhhh… no idea." I giggled, stroking a finger over the soft scales. "It's the name of my favourite character from a Manga I read ages ago. In the end he turned out to be Lucifer himself. But he wasn't really evil…"

"Is that so?" The Master bent down and tried to poke the dragon, but Kira immediately snapped upwards and bit his tiny teeth into the Master's finger. "Oi! Let go, you infuriating useless piece of scales!"

"Hey, don't hurt him!" I called out as the Master tried to shake off the little one. "Hold still, moron."

"Please what?" The little insult seemed to have more effect on him than my pleading. At least he stood still, the finger with the dragon outstretched. "You should watch your tongue when you speak to you Master," he growled.

"And you should stop hurting my dragon. Now hold still and don't make it worse."

He glared burning daggers at me, but stayed still nonetheless. The bite didn't seem to actually hurt. With a sigh I reached out a hand and poked the little head.

"Let him go, Kira. I know you don't like him, but he's a friend. And we don't hurt friends, okay?"

The little purple eyes wandered back and forth in their sockets, watching first me, then the fuming face of the Master. Eventually he reached the claws on his wings upwards to grab the finger with those instead. Only when he had a good hold did Kira release his bite, glaring at the small bleeding holes he had left and then carefully licking the blood clean. There wasn't much of it and afterwards he bumped his snout against the finger as if to say sorry.

"He… listens to you," remarked the Master. It was clear how much this surprised him. His look wandered to me, darkening. "I'm not a friend," he grumbled.

I rolled my eyes, reaching a hand out to let Kira sit on it. He crawled up my arm and rested on my shoulder, rubbing his head against my cheek a few times.

When I turned back to the Master he still wore a deep scowl and he mumbled something along the lines of, "Friends are trouble."

It made me shrug. "So are enemies. Listen, I don't care about your idiotic emo trip. For all I'm concerned, I'm your friend. If that's not to your liking… we'll, tough." I glared up at him and then turned on my heels, striding to the doors. I hadn't even planned to be here, anyway.

Kira shot up and started to flap away as soon as the door opened, but when I wanted to follow, it got smacked close before I could set a foot outside.  With an angry grunt I hurled around, shoving the Master with both hands. "Stop that bullshit!" I demanded. "I've had enough of your theatrics for a day."

My outburst surprised even myself and I stood frozen for a good few seconds before I realised that the Master didn't even react. There was anger behind his eyes, but he stayed calm and eventually let out a deep breath. Had he just restrained himself from lashing out? That would be new and at the same time…

I swallowed and looked away. "'m sorry. I… didn't want to lash out. Sometimes you just really piss me off. That scene from this morning, then you trap my dragon and then this." I vaguely gestured to the door. "It's not even a whole day since we're back from the last trip…"

"Well… I pushed you. And you're exhausted and easily irritated," concluded the Master, sounding more amused than annoyed.

I nodded and dared to look again, finding a smirk plastered all over his face. It turned into a warm smile, however, almost soft, and the sight made my heart do a weird little flip.

"It's actually good to see you lash out for once. You shouldn't just accept everything from everyone around you."

"Even from you?" I teased.

"Oh, you should absolutely accept everything I do to you." He poked his tongue out and winked, making it clear he wasn't completely serious. "And just so you know…" he drawled. "The little one was following me around. It always stayed in the distance, but it's a really curious creature." He chuckled. "And then it ended up in here and tried to make a nest in my papers." The Master rolled his eyes and shrugged. "And every time I wanted to throw it out… well, you can imagine how well that went."

"Oh…" I made, barely able not to laugh out loud. "Alright, alright… I guess he deserved the pot then."

The Master chuckled. "It's a child, after all. You'll have to educate it properly."

"Oof… I'm really not sure I'm ready to be a parent."

He huffed, a soft smile playing on his lips. "You'll never be. But you have to, anyway." He stabbed a finger at my chest. "Because if you don't, you will let someone suffer who is not capable of taking care of themselves yet."

Perplexed, I blinked up at him. "That coming from you? Would have expected the Doctor to tell me something like that, instead."

For a short moment the Master emanated a strange sense of sadness. He stepped a little closer in front of me and let his fingers trail down my arms until they reached my hands, tenderly sliding over my palms and intertwining with my own fingers.

"I do know how to take care," he muttered into my ear. "I simply chose not to bother with it anymore. A long, long time ago."

We stayed like this for nearly a minute, the almost embrace offering a weird kind of comfort. The Master propped his chin on top of my head and I simply leaned against him, just enjoying the simplicity of it all, although I wasn't sure how to actually interpret his words.

Eventually he moved away somewhat and tipped my chin upwards with his fingers. There was nothing malicious in his features at that moment; a rare sight. "Since you're here, we could practise a little," he offered.

I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face, and nodded. "Yeah, I'd love to."

"Then make yourself comfortable already. I need to finish something before it slips from my mind." He chuckled and went back to whatever he was tinkering with.

I sauntered to the bed, sitting on the edge and taking off my shoes, trying to find out what he was building there. But I couldn't make anything out that might tell me something, and shortly after he put everything into a drawer and got up to join me.

Or so I thought. Instead he stopped in front of me, giving me a thoughtful scowl. He then sank to his haunches, resting his arms on my knees and giving me a boyish smirk.

"I'm bad with all this honesty stuff, you know?" he started. "But I really don't want you to run off."

Well, that was a surprise, in a way. And I wasn't sure where exactly he wanted to go with this. And there was more, something that made me feel stupid for lashing out at him. "I… don't even know if I demand too much from you. I don't know how to be with people. At all. So maybe I'm just stupid."

The Master snickered quietly, a warm smile in his eyes that truly surprised me. "It's not stupid. You're only following what feels right to you. And I know for a fact that you're not guided by empty morals." The smile grew.

I looked him in the eyes, captured by the warmth I found in them. I swallowed, no words finding their way over my lips. How could he be so cruel, hurting me over and over again, but then be like this sometimes? How could he be so gentle and feel so safe, when he was capable of breaking me into blood red shards within seconds?

"I… I don't know what this means now," I confessed, eventually. "What does that all make us?"

Suddenly his smile became crooked, almost pained again. "Humans have such a burning desire for naming everything," he muttered. "Why can't this just be what it is? Nothing more… nothing less." He moved his hand, hooking a finger into my collar to draw me down to him. "You are so very fascinated by me, aren't you? And you like what I have to offer. And I…" He moved himself upwards ever so slightly. "I enjoy exploring all the twisted paths your thoughts can take. I enjoy sharing my mind with you." He crawled up, towering over me and forcing me to almost lay on my back below him, his burning gaze on me. "And if it wouldn't kill us both, I'd share the rest as well."

His words made my breath hitch and my body shiver underneath him. He had a point and I was none the wiser. All I knew was what I wanted and right now that was him, damned be the consequences. I did the same as he had before, drawing him down to me by his shirt until we were only a breath apart. And his was no less laced with desire as mine.

"May I try something?" he whispered, eyes burning into mine.

"Uh… sure. What is it?"

A mischievous smirk spread on his face. "It would spoil the surprise, would I tell. I just want your consent."

Again he managed to surprise me. Usually he didn't ask much before doing anything. And maybe it was only to spike my curiosity. Successfully.


I put my glasses on the nightstand and he dropped next to me, lying face to face and drawing me against him, his hands wandering under my hoodie to rest on skin, his lips ghosting over mine. "Just tell me to stop and I will," he muttered and caught my bottom lip at the same moment our minds connected.

There was the familiar sensation of us pouring into each other, thoughts and emotions and sensations spreading like warm water. The Master took a hold of my awareness, guiding it to a place that was new to me and for a while there was nothing. Only my breath got a little deeper and my pulse maybe a little faster and Oh! This wasn't coming from me, this desire to get just a little closer, to feel more of his body against mine. The heat that slowly pooled between my legs and made me squirm.

What're you doing?

The Master chuckled and opened his mind a little more, maybe on purpose, maybe not. The tingle in my body increased and I felt my… his desire, unconcealed and laying bare for me to see. I gasped into his mouth as my nerves were slowly set alight with his mental touch. My legs twitched and I gasped again when the sensation got stronger, when he grinned against my lips and let his fingers draw circles against the skin of my back.

"That good?" he asked, adding a small amount of mental pressure to whatever part in my mind was connected to my clit.

It made me suck in a breath and nod, perplexed and aroused in equal measures. Whatever he did didn't feel like actual touch and still had the same effect. And God's, it felt great. My hands clawed into his shirt, the kiss intensified. And for a moment the only thought I could hold was that I wanted to do the same to him. I tried to see past the sensations I felt and find out where exactly he was, retracing his steps until I could mirror his actions.

At some point I heard a groan and opened my eyes, seeing the Master biting down on his lip. So I repeated my previous action, following maybe instinct, maybe something else. I didn't care, too consumed by the pleasure I felt myself and too distracted by the obvious erection I now felt pressing against my leg.

"Damn you," mumbled the Master, exhaling a heavy breath. "How did you find that out?"

I chuckled, echoing his words from bedore, "Just tell me to stop and I will."

"Don't you dare."

He moved away from my mouth and gently bit the skin at the crook of my neck. It was almost impossible for me not to arch against him, not to just throw every caution out of the window. I wanted to feel him, taste him, have him everywhere I could have him. And what I felt reverberating through our connection told me the Master was struggling too and wanting as much as I. Or maybe even more. His fingers clawed into my back, his teeth scraping my skin, both of us not stopping what we had started.

"Oh, you're way too good at this," he groaned, his words revealing him shivering from pleasure, and I could feel he was close.

"That quickly?" I teased, not faring any better.

"If you don't slow down," he growled against my skin.

I had no intention to and his response was to actually bite me this time, his teeth sinking into my neck, not deep enough to draw blood, but enough to make me yelp. The light pain only added to all the other sensations, though, and I knew this wouldn't last long for either of us.

The Master retreated from my neck, bumping his forehead against mine and only seconds later I heard him groan and felt him shiver and twitch, his pleasure shooting through the connection powerfully enough to let me tip over the edge myself shortly after. I buried my face in his shirt, muffling my cry in the cloth. For a moment we stilled, swimming in the reverberating echo of our combined releases, sinking deeper into the depths of our minds. No longer could I tell the end of me and the beginning of him, wasn't able to discern any border, or time or whatever else there might be outside of us.

The Master kept control over us both, although I was also doing my part. He dragged us back to the surface of our minds before we could get lost. The sound of his double heartbeat pounded against my head, his arms wrapped around me so tightly I had no room to move.

Not that I wanted to. It was too soothing to stay connected like that, to not think about anything and just be. I only had a vague thought, knocking in the back of mind, making me smile. That I truly hadn't planned to visit him this evening. But I didn't regret it, at all.