Soul's Shadow

by TardisGhost [Reviews - 53]

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1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 0] (2057 words)
(Shameless self insert ;P)

Never thought I would actually do this... but here I am am, bored and still not out of ideas what to do with the Master, lol. Besides... everyone seems to write these self inserts nowadays, and it's kinda fun imagining oneself in these situations, isn't it? Especially when you're an extremely weird person, lmao.

No idea how long this will get, or how frequently I'll update it. I also won't tell you which of those infos about me are true and which not. ;P

Aaaaand, last, but not least. This is not (really) a love story. Or rather not a romance story? Love takes on many forms and I don't think this will fit anywhere in the typical romance genre... If you are confused now, so am I. xDDDD

Have fun! °v°/

Trigger warnings: I try to stay as non-explicit as I can, because it's not the story's focus. Still, there are some sexual undertones and also dark topics in here, such as morally twisted actions, suicide and minor violence.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 1] (2147 words)

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 1] (1431 words)

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 1] (2325 words)

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 1] (1727 words)

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 1] (2325 words)
The Master will be back, soon. ੧| ‾́ 〜 ‾́ |੧

Also: You ever have those random, ethical discussions in your head? And then imagine some character from a show or book or even real life and think about what they might think about it all? Or is that just me?

7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 1] (2147 words)

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 1] (1537 words)

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 1] (2215 words)

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 1] (1503 words)

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12. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 0] (2076 words)

13. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 1] (2307 words)

14. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 1] (1715 words)
Uhhhhh... guess I already warned you at the beginning, but this story is getting really dark somehow. (And this isn't even the really dark part, lol)

15. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 1] (2041 words)
So, I guess this is the really dark dark part, now (Very non-explicit I hope).

Thanks for your reviews! They really brighten my day! It's so cool to see that people enjoy this! Iiiiiiiiiep! (´ ▽`).。o
(Okay, way too happy A/N for such a dark chapter... let's calm down a bit... =v=) I'm actually a little anxious to post this... welp!

16. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 1] (1780 words)

17. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 0] (1948 words)
Rewatching the first seasons I realised what a prick the Doctor sometimes can be to humans, lol. Guess being near the Master doesn't make it better.

18. Chapter 18 [Reviews - 1] (1824 words)
Disclaimer - I have no medical knowledge! No idea if this is realistic at all... but let's just pretend... uh... alien tech! That's it. That'll do... *hides*

19. Chapter 19 [Reviews - 0] (2353 words)

20. Chapter 20 [Reviews - 1] (2424 words)
Let's just pretend this episodes never happened when Rose was aboard. For the mere sake of me having fun with it. Ehehehehe
This might deviate from the original material (quite a lot in some ways). I just had to, It's probably my favourite two-parter in the whole series!

21. Chapter 21 [Reviews - 1] (2646 words)

22. Chapter 22 [Reviews - 0] (2080 words)

23. Chapter 23 [Reviews - 1] (1968 words)
Trigger warning: Fluff! 🤣
Also, it seems like I'm in some writing frenzy, right now... so here you have a new chapter, earlier than usual. Have fun! °v°

24. Chapter 24 [Reviews - 0] (1833 words)

25. Chapter 25 [Reviews - 0] (2020 words)

26. Chapter 26 [Reviews - 1] (2528 words)
My city is going into another lockdown and even my work and school might be affected... Writing really helps me staying sane in such times, and also always helps when depression hits too hard again.

So this it just a quick thanks for all the reviews so far! They mean a lot and I'm happy to see y'all enjoying this so much! x3

27. Chapter 27 [Reviews - 1] (2198 words)
Seems like my workplace will stay open, Covid or not. Which is good news for me, lol. Everyone wants to stay home, but I'm really glad I won't have to spend another few months in total isolation.

Anyway, on with the story.
Have a nice weekend, y'all! °v°/)

28. Chapter 28 [Reviews - 1] (2199 words)

29. Chapter 29 [Reviews - 1] (2554 words)

30. Deleted Scene - Bad jokes [Reviews - 1] (585 words)
So, this is what would have actually happened if it were truly me hanging on that cable, about to fall into an uncertain death...
Please don't take this too serious xDDDDDD

31. Chapter 30 [Reviews - 0] (3290 words)

32. Chapter 31 [Reviews - 1] (2206 words)

33. Chapter 32 [Reviews - 0] (2844 words)

34. Chapter 33 [Reviews - 1] (2604 words)

35. Chapter 34 [Reviews - 0] (3503 words)
The world is going crazy again. We'll probably get a total lockdown in two or three days, lasting into almost mid January. I'm not yet sure if my workplace will be affected by that, but I'd have some holidays in a week anyway, so whatevs xD

Keep your heads up over the long, dark winter months. The light will return soon and days will get longer again. Keep that in mind. :3

36. Chapter 35 [Reviews - 1] (1895 words)

37. Chapter 36 [Reviews - 1] (2333 words)
One hour bus drive to work each day... So I decided to try and write on my phone... It's working surprisingly well. So, here, have another chapter already. xD
And if you're reading this on the 21. also have a nice Yule night! 💙

38. Chapter 37 [Reviews - 1] (2308 words)
Happy Holidays!

I hope you're all somewhat well and safe during those weird times. Wherever you are, if you're with family or all on your own, remember that this isn't permanent. You will not be alone forever. Try to use this time of silence to look deep inside of you. This is a chance you will not get a second time. Find out who you truly are and who you want to be, without anyone else speaking for you.

I know it's hard, I know depression might spit in your face and laugh like the devil. But you made it this far. You are strong and you can walk another step.

Please stay safe!

39. Chapter 38 [Reviews - 0] (2297 words)
Well, yeah... don't get drunk on mead, kids. Headaches are horrible. lol
It wasn't even that much... aaaaaanyway.... enjoy!

Also, I alway forget people outside of Germany celebrate on the 25th, not the 24th... so... Merry Christmas!

(Also, I'm really bored, rn. So have another chapter and another tomorrow, lol.)

40. Chapter 39 [Reviews - 1] (3905 words)
I swear, I have no idea how that happened! (No, I don't believe it either.)

Well... quite the long chapter, this time. Compared to the others...

Holiday chapters are done now. Next one will take a while. xD

41. Chapter 40 [Reviews - 1] (2972 words)
40 chapters in already... wow. That's either a good thing or I have serious problems...

Taking my Master obsession into consideration it probably is the latter...

Anyway. I wish you all a great start into 2021. May this year bring some well deserved peace and quiet back to the world.

42. Chapter 41 [Reviews - 1] (2493 words)
So... 2021... same old, same old. Somehow it's only getting worse instead of better... but that seems to be the process with every shitty thing. It has to get really bad before it can start getting better again... right?

Eh... that actually fits this chapter quite well...

43. Chapter 42 [Reviews - 0] (2572 words)

44. Chapter 43 [Reviews - 1] (3075 words)
*breathes out*
Fighting scenes are so damn hard to write! Q_Q

So... I hope you enjoy this chapter. It almost broke me! AHhhhhhhhhh! xDDD

45. Chapter 44 [Reviews - 1] (3021 words)

46. Chapter 45 [Reviews - 1] (3216 words)
Well... Time Lords are not humans... that alone makes for some funny ideas. *giggles*

47. Chapter 46 [Reviews - 0] (3519 words)
I found an ancient doodle on my hard drive. It's not the first time I had the idea for this setting. It actually had been planned for "The Master's Game" already, but back then I just wasn't able to put together something I was satisfied with...

How times change... :3

Also, this got horribly fluffy. *giggle*

48. Chapter 47 [Reviews - 1] (3437 words)
Sorry, not sorry *giggles* There are certain things I simply cannot resist doing. This chapter is full of those. Hope you enjoy. xP

49. Chapter 48 [Reviews - 1] (3074 words)

50. Chapter 49 [Reviews - 0] (2900 words)

51. Chapter 50 [Reviews - 1] (1798 words)

52. Chapter 51 [Reviews - 1] (2954 words)
Whoops! *giggle*

I might have had a little fun with this... in so many ways.

Also, I hope you're all well in these times. Spring is slowly returning and my country is trying out a few strategies to loosen the lockdown-grip on society. I really hope it'll work out. I'm getting sick and tired of it all. *sigh*

53. Chapter 52 [Reviews - 1] (2697 words)
Confusion time! xP I mean... who wouldn't be after that.
Also, it's spring from today on! *jumps around*
I need to decorate my flat a little. Get out all the whites and greys and get in some green and other colours! UwU
Let's hope the new season brings some relief to all of us.

54. Chapter 53 [Reviews - 1] (2301 words)

55. Chapter 54 [Reviews - 1] (2264 words)
Happy Easter time, folks! :3

56. Chapter 55 [Reviews - 1] (2869 words)

57. Chapter 56 [Reviews - 1] (1985 words)

58. Chapter 57 [Reviews - 1] (2620 words)

59. Chapter 58 [Reviews - 1] (2458 words)
I promise, this will make sense... eventually. Until then, bare with me and enjoy the ride. Hehehehe

60. Chapter 59 [Reviews - 0] (1802 words)
Do you ever wonder what would have happened would you have met certain people under different circumstances? This part might get a little dark. But it has to... because uh... I say so!

61. Chapter 60 [Reviews - 1] (1937 words)

62. Chapter 61 [Reviews - 0] (2450 words)
Time to go down the dark road again. As always, nothing explicit is mentioned. You're free to let you imagination roam free. ;D

63. Chapter 62 [Reviews - 1] (1681 words)

64. Chapter 63 [Reviews - 1] (2653 words)

65. Chapter 64 [Reviews - 0] (1721 words)

66. Chapter 65 [Reviews - 1] (2452 words)

67. Chapter 66 [Reviews - 1] (1797 words)

68. Chapter 67 [Reviews - 1] (2513 words)
Heeey! I finally managed to draw a pic for this story. I mean, hey, it's only over a year now, but pffffff..... it's in the first chapter. Take a look °v°

69. Chapter 68 [Reviews - 0] (2302 words)

70. Chapter 69 [Reviews - 1] (1614 words)
Since we're already dealing with odd perspectives... let's dive a little bit deeper into it, shall we? *giggle*

71. Chapter 70 [Reviews - 1] (3247 words)