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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Study, Drama, General, Introspection

Far away in another universe, an enormous red bird was clawing at the frame of a window. Its glass had blown in long ago, its fragments flying into a world where they’d dissolved. Matter being flung into antimatter. Cancelling out.

The bird screeched raw in its rage that still kept growing greater. It smashed its wing through the hole where the glass had been, as it had done so many times before. And once again the wing fizzed apart into nothing, blown apart by a world full of antimatter air.

Many wings, many lives. Just how many had there been? It didn’t really matter, in the end: the bird was like the woman who had made it. It couldn’t ever die, not for long. The stump of its wing was glowing in violence and orange, and the Ergon was screaming as its limb grew back again.

It battered the wood round the window once again; another screech and scream. Another attempt to get through, another failure. It could meet a diamond wall and hit it for a billion years, just to break on through. But maybe it wouldn’t have to wait so long to get through a window like this.

“You’re a creature of will,” a woman’s voice said in its mind. “And where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Along with the voice there came a thought. Simple, but forming quickly; Gathering speed. There would be pain, of course. But when hadn’t there been, in any of its lives?

Roaring, the Ergon thrust its other wing through the window. It exploded, but this time the bird focused before it regrew. Concentrate, the voice in its head was saying. Mind over matter, ‘till it isn’t really matter left at all….

The bones that were forming behind the window were growing the wrong way round. The electrons in their atoms positronic, antiprotons where protons once had been. And just as the regenerating mass of cells had grown to the point it was clearly a wing, the Ergon thrust its whole body through the window–

–and exploded, dissolving to nothing at all. The only thing left was a red, feathered wing, hanging lonely in an antimatter world…

...but its edges were glowing, once again. The strip of bone exposed to the outside world was golden fire, and from the nothingness a something began to form…

Fireworks for nobody. An onstorm of sound and light. A bird was born in an antimatter universe, a place where it couldn’t have been before.

The jelly around it wobbled like held breath.

The Ergon roared, and flew towards Omega’s world.