Author's Notes:
How was he to know that Rose was now a seasoned fighter and well trained in the art of self-defense?

"Doctor m' so sorry!"

Rose crouched down by the Doctor, who was slumped against the wall. His face was a mask of agony as he gasped for air and clutched his very manly, and now very traumatized, bits.

"Ya can't sneak up an pinch me on ma bum if we're track'n aliens."

His mind may have been shut down at the moment, but a tiny part was in awe that she could move so fast and with such deadly precision. Before the metacrisis, he had sneaked up on her a few times; she usually shrieked, jumped up into the air and turned around to smack him. Obviously not any more, his Rose had become a seasoned fighter in his absence.

"Rose," he finally ground out between clenched teeth, "...ow...."