The Bachelorette

by KESwriter [Reviews - 1]

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  • Action/Adventure

Author's Notes:
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Chapter Two:
Parts of her were bleached and waxed. Her hair was lengthened using chemical inducers and then set in delicate waves. She was forced to try on and be photographed in an endless array of skimpy outfits. The Doctor never wanted to scream more in her life. Yet, she kept her cool.

“I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places,” she said with a coy smile as she read from the teleprompter for the cameras. “I look forward to going on the Bachelorette to find the man of my dreams.”

At one point they put a needle to her arm.

“Can you tell me what is in that?” she asked politely.

“It is a contraceptive shot,” the woman said. “We don’t you getting pregnant until we’re ready.”

All the men and women looked like Infinix with webbed feet and six fingers. Dressed typically in robes of blue for women and red for men, they spoke little except to give her instructions.

As unnerving as the whole situation was, the Doctor focused on observing every detail. Every door had retinal scanners. The place was drenched in dim light emanating from the vaulted ceilings, with no windows. It was hard to differentiate day from night.

After what the Doctor calculated as five days, she found Infinix in her room.

“You’ve been behaving,” he said. “I’m impressed.”

“I just want to keep my friends as torture-free as possible,” she said lightly.

“I know what you’re doing,” he said. “You scope out every room for an exit. Mapping the building. Scanning for weaknesses. A way out. You won’t find one. I promise you my plan is fool-proof.”

“If you say so,” she said, keeping up her cheerful attitude.

He carefully approached her. Gently moving a wisp of hair out of her face, he whispered.

“You look lovely, Doctor,” he said and silently vanished.

The Doctor let out a breath she had been involuntarily holding. Then she sighed as she collapsed on her bed. She couldn’t give hope now. There was too much at stake.

Today was the day. After putting product in her hair and slathering her with makeup, they presented her with a red backless dress with a plunging neckline. There was also additional padding in the front. She never felt more exposed.

They took her outside to what looked like a mansion on the exterior. The building she left was gray and tall. She looked at the sky for the first time. It resembled earth. A man with salt and pepper hair appeared in front of the circular driveway.

“I’m Arthur Willis,” he said with a charming smile. “The host of the Inter-dimensional Bachelorette.”

“Hello Arthur,” she said pleasantly.

“Are you nervous Jane?” he asked.

The Doctor looked up and noticed tiny drones floating above them. They most likely carried cameras and microphones.

“More like excited,” she said in an over-cheerful tone. “I can’t wait to meet the man of my dreams!”

Willis smiled.

“That's the spirit!” he said. “The first batch of gentlemen are arriving now. I’ll see you later.”

“Great,” she said.

A limo pulled up. A man with dark skin and a shaved head appeared. He was wearing a suit with a black tie.

“Hi,” he said with an American accent. “I’m Daniel Harrelson. My friends call me Hondo.”

“So, am I a friend?” she asked playfully.

“I hope more,” he said with a smile.

“See you later,” she said.

“Count on it,” he said and walked up to the house.

A man with short dark hair with a hint of a curl appeared in a suit with no tie.

“Hello, I’m Sherlock,” he said.

“As in Sherlock Holmes?” she said.

“Ah, you’ve heard of me,” he said. “England’s only consulting detective.”

“Right,” she said.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope, in due time we will get to know each other better.”

“Of course,” she said.

“I’ll see myself in,” he said.

“See you around,” she said.

He merely nodded and entered the mansion.

A man with dark hair and piercing eyes emerged. He was wearing no tie and two buttons were prominently undone.

“Hi,” he said with a wide grin. “I’m Lucifer.”

He offered his hand and she took it. He lifted hers up and kissed it.

“As in like the devil?” she asked.

“My parents had a wicked sense of humor. I’m actually a club owner in L.A.”

“Interesting,” she said.

“We’ll talk more later,” he said.

“You bet,” she said.

He went into the mansion.

The Doctor was fairly certain he was the devil in some reality. Just as Sherlock Holmes was a modernized character in another setting. She presumed Hondo was also a fictional character.

A man with neatly trimmed light brown hair appeared with a black tie.

“I am James Gordon,” he said.

She knew he was the police commissioner of Gotham City, where Batman lived. This must have been another re-imagining.

“Hello James,” she said. “What do you do?”

“I’m a detective in Gotham city.”

“Interesting,” she said. “I’ll see you in there.”

“Great,” he said and stepped into the mansion.

A man with a prominent forehead and neatly trimmed hair appeared with a bow tie.

“Hi. I’m Sheldon Cooper,” he said. “I hope you aren’t put off by the fact that I am significantly smarter than you.”

“I’ll try not to be,” she said with a laugh.

“They told me to keep my introduction brief, so goodbye,” he said and walked into the mansion.

The Doctor rolled her eyes and wondered what telly program he came from.

The men started to blend together. Another limo showed and more men appeared. Most of them were American. The professions she learned about were mostly law enforcement-based with the exception of surgeon, a very muscular librarian, and an information security specialist, AKA hacker.

They gave her a sip of water between limos and touched up her makeup.

After meeting a rather arrogant trial science expert, she was relieved there were only two more suitors left.

The next man had slightly messy curly brown hair. He wore a bow tie and a nervous smile.

“Hi, I’m Spencer,” he said. “May I give you a hug?”

“Sure,” she said gamely.

She felt his hands on her bare back. They pressed against her in different forms.

The Doctor gasped.

“That was quite a hug,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said.

“I’ll see you later,” she said.

“I look forward it,” he said.

He left her with her world spinning. He had used American sign language to sign DOCTOR on her back.