The Age of Paradox 2.5: Miracle Day

by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0]

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1. The New World [Reviews - 0] (2324 words)
Disclaimer: I don't own what you recognise; the drill should be familiar to you by now

Feedback: I'd appreciate it; I'm trying to do something a bit different here

AN: As promised, the beginning of part 2.5 of 'The Age of Paradox', as the Doctor must work with some old friends to face a most unconventional challenge…

2. The Miracle [Reviews - 0] (1655 words)

3. Extradition [Reviews - 0] (2511 words)
AN: To confirm in advance, for the moment events for Oswald Danes and the other as-yet-unseen characters are unfolding just as they did in canon; you'll know when things start to change.

AN 2: Minor detail to be addressed here; certain novels- "The Devil Goblins from Neptune" and "The King of Terror" in particular- revealed that the CIA had an anti-alien division run by a man known only as 'Control', who it was suggested had some ties to Gallifrey's Celestial Intervention Agency considering such clues as him never aging between his meetings with the Brigadier in 1970 and 1999. However, since the novels also mentioned that he appeared to be dying of old age by 2003 ("Time Zero"), likely due to the destruction of Gallifrey, I'm going to assume that he's out of the picture by the time these events occurred; the Doctor's only thinking about Control because he doesn't know the man's current status for certain, but there are no plans to include him.

4. Poison on the Plane [Reviews - 0] (2787 words)

5. Escape from an Airport [Reviews - 0] (3060 words)

6. Contacting Old Friends [Reviews - 0] (3901 words)

7. The Reason for the Leader [Reviews - 0] (1675 words)

8. Meeting the Monster [Reviews - 0] (3444 words)

9. A Day at the Beach [Reviews - 0] (3416 words)

10. Dead is Dead [Reviews - 0] (1494 words)

11. The Last Assassin [Reviews - 0] (3654 words)

12. New Developments [Reviews - 0] (1564 words)

13. The Camps [Reviews - 0] (3234 words)

14. Plans for Infiltration [Reviews - 0] (1927 words)

15. Into the Camps [Reviews - 0] (2755 words)

16. Falling Angels [Reviews - 0] (4280 words)
Thanks are owed to the members of the Facebook page 'The Magic of Torchwood' who helped refine some of the details of a particular confrontation the Doctor has in this chapter.

17. Exploring the Camps [Reviews - 0] (2297 words)

18. A Vital Clue [Reviews - 0] (3014 words)

19. Intercepting Blackmail [Reviews - 0] (1465 words)
This chapter ended up being a bit shorter than I was expecting, but for obvious reasons I didn't want to just go over the flashbacks to Jack's time with Angelo in 1927, and Jack and Gwen's talk in the car wouldn't have been significantly changed by the Doctor's presence during events so far, so I ended up with this.

20. The History of Angelo Colasanto [Reviews - 0] (1726 words)

21. Reunion with Angelo [Reviews - 0] (3548 words)

22. Deals with the CIA [Reviews - 0] (2040 words)
Reference will be made to Control at this point, but as before knowledge of him isn't important beyond the concept and that he has history with the Doctor.

23. The First Death [Reviews - 0] (4493 words)

24. We're Out of Here [Reviews - 0] (3425 words)
To confirm, Oswald Danes' actions are still unaffected by the Doctor's involvement in events, so he'll still be going on the run around this time once he learns about 'Category Zero', but be assured that I have no intention of leaving him out of focus for long...

25. The Next Move [Reviews - 0] (1667 words)

26. In-Flight Discussions [Reviews - 0] (1745 words)
More of an interlude chapter, but it just felt right to give them time to set things up before we get back to the main action