Chaos, Order, Time

by denise3 [Reviews - 13]

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  • Alternate Universe, Crossover

1. The Doctor arrives [Reviews - 1] (1079 words)
For B5, this starts somewhere near the end of the first season, after episode 1.13 "Signs and Portents", but before "Chrysalis" (1.22). It may contain spoilers for the first four seasons though. For the Doctor, this is an alternate Doctor, in an alternate Universe, though he's similar enough (at first glance) to Tennant's Doctor.

2. Escape attempt [Reviews - 0] (1656 words)
I have one more chapter written, but it needs some more editing.

3. The Players, Part I [Reviews - 1] (1555 words)

4. The Players, Part II [Reviews - 1] (2354 words)
Okay, now I know where I'm going with this. Essentially, I'm throwing a Doctor-shaped curveball at the whole situation in B5, and while things won't change much in the beginning, I'd expect the other interested parties to grow increasingly concerned as time goes on. So far, we're somewhere around the middle of the first season, and the only thing that's changed is the Doctor's presence. However, it won't last. The Doctor has already begun affecting the people he meets, and there will be consequences for everyone.

5. A new Ambassador [Reviews - 3] (3804 words)
Sorry for the late update. Writing in the current situation is far from easy. It's hard to focus, with all that's happening globally and locally. I hope you're safe, and that this may bring you a smile or two.
Ambassador Mollari insisted to be there, what could I do? And yes, the Doctor really had forgotten to call earlier to confirm he was welcome. Sinclair's interpretation was his own. As a rule, I try to let characters interpret the events according to their own experiences and points of view. That means they often won't agree with each other or with myself as the author. Just because one of them thought or said something, that won't mean it's the truth. Also note that, when talking to one another, they may say, or imply, something different from what they believe to be true, for various reasons.
For this chapter, and until the Doctor finally finds his next companion, we'll have some introspection from the Doctor, so you can learn a few things it'd be harder to tell otherwise. If you have questions, please ask, and I'll try to answer them through the story.

6. The Players, Part III [Reviews - 4] (4349 words)
The Doctor settles in on Babylon 5.

7. The Players, Part IV [Reviews - 2] (3985 words)
It took me a long while, but here it is. A gift for you, in the hope it might help in the difficult times we're all living in.

8. The Players, Part V: The Reception [Reviews - 1] (8677 words)
The new ambassador is here and everyone is at least a bit curious.