The Doctor's Rib

by Azar [Reviews - 6]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Het, Slash

1. Frogs and Time Lords [Reviews - 2] (1924 words)
Disclaimer: The only ones who are mine are the two small (heh) cameos at the end. This particular Girl!Doctor is the product of the brilliant imagination of loneraven (, and I have no idea who owns Doctor Who. The BBC, presumably, but who else? Hmm.

Groupings: Eleven/Nine, Eleven/Rose/Jack

Spoilers: Futurefic, but no specific references to anything past "The Christmas Invasion" since this was written before season 2 of the new series aired.

Acknowledgments: Becca for getting the idea stuck in my head in the first place, Medie for encouraging it, and pbristow and orimornie for the betas, and for making sure I didn't totally botch the references to old series canon that I've never actually seen.

Note: Girl!Doctor stories treated as canon for this story include The Cat, Bohemian Rose, Scratch, Dancing for Beginners and the two Jack drabbles by loneraven (of course!), The More Things Change, Not Just a Dance and the untitled D/R/J drabble by nnwest, and A Familiar Stranger by flamestone. I love pretty much every story that's been posted to the girl!Doctor Livejournal community, but these are the ones that were relevant to what I was writing. (Calapine's Four Times When the Doctor Saved the Universe and Once When He Didn't, while not "canon" per se, did reassure me that I was not completely out of my mind or likely to be lynched by the fandom--at least not all of it--for even considering this idea.) :-)

2. Stolen Moments [Reviews - 4] (2625 words)