Last Orders

by vegetables [Reviews - 0]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, General, Horror, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Mixed, Series

“Better listen to the nice woman, Chris,” said Lorna. “This isn’t a place for children, or for me.”

“But the tree said to come here,” said Chris. “Because the Doctor is in danger; more than she’d ever been. And that if there was any hope of saving her… that we needed to come to this dome. Or office, or whatever it really is.”

Osgood took a deep breath. “And where is she?” she said. “When you left her, when you came through that forest. Where is the Doctor now?”

“In a city full of broken time,” said Lorna. “Under a strange and giant weapon that never fires. Your weapon. It has to be, right?”

“Then she’s in danger because of us,” said Osgood, heart racing, “and you need to run, now. The woods you came through, if you could get to here. Can you also use them to get to the Doctor?”

Of course not, Chris was about to say. But before she could she heard another part of herself shouting, and that part’s answer was what she felt she had to say.

“Yes,” said Chris. “I think I can.”

“Then run,” said Osgood. “Both of you. Because I don’t think you have long, even if you’re time travellers. And I think your tree… I think he was right. We’re all in a great deal of danger.”

“That’s what the Doctor said,” said Chris. “She said we should be afraid.”

“Then I’ll have to get to saying that as well,” said Osgood.

Chris and Lorna turned and ran together back down the corridor, back to the woods between the worlds.

Osgood exhaled deeply once they were gone, her greatest fears replaced by ones that were even worse. It should have been awful, but it was somehow validating, like the huge weight she’d been given had crushed one that was even greater.

She looked down at her leather jacket and herringbone scarf, the studded waistcoat underneath. And after observing at it distantly for a while, she saw that she was no longer dressed as the Doctor.

“Destroy that world!” came a woman’s voice from the speakers. “Which holds against everything we stand for! This is my command, and the order from the highest office there is! Destroy it, by orders of the President of this world! By orders of the Doctor!”

Osgood watched from the Sixship’s window as the laser blast blew down, slamming into the planet that elsewhere had fathered the Daleks. Fire burned across the surface like a scab, and she knew that millions she couldn’t see were about to die.

“Sometimes it’s challenging,” she said wearily, “trying to be a fan.”