Shadow of a wing

by TardisGhost [Reviews - 3]

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  • Action/Adventure, Mystery


The whole planet was littered with it. Not ordinary glass, but more like a crystalline substance that looked alike. It shaped bubbly trees of indescribable, twisted forms. A whole, dense forest of it actually. Even the grass on the ground was made out of that stuff.

There also was a light humming filling the air, reverberating through the ground and every single object. As if the glass was singing.

The Reaper was standing next to an especially wide glass tree, that actually was his TARDIS in disguise.


A grin appeared on his face.

Then he picked up what looked like rocks - also made out of the same substance - trudged down the hill and started to throw them right into the trees. Laughing meanly, he enjoyed seeing them splinter into actual dust, and it didn't take long for him to clear a small circle of everything even remotely solid.

Now the whole ground was covered in fine glass dust. He squatted down and took a handful of it, letting its grains run through his fingers. Something strange was happening to the stuff. It seemed to react to his thoughts somehow, slightly taking on the shapes of things he had in his mind.

Focusing on the image of an apple, the Reaper observed the dust. And really, it quickly took on the appearance of the fruit. Moments later it crumbled together once more, only to form into sharp needles, that now rose into the air around him.

Interesting... Maybe he would be able to build some sort of weapon out of this stuff. So he got out a small sac and shoved the dust inside.

When he turned around there were people standing behind him. Tall and incredibly thin, each and everyone of them looking differently. Some with arms and legs, others with many more limbs. Their movements were stiff, as if they weren't quite used to move on their own at all.

"And what have we here?" the Reaper let out in a snarky tone.

One of the figures stepped forward and raised a limb, that might have been an arm. It had no mouth, but the humming all around grew louder and denser.

"What? I don't speak breakable," he snickered and moved past the group. "But tell me... has someone else been here lately?"

Another figure waved a hand with a few too many fingers to be useful. They stepped deeper into the forest and at one point they showed their visitor a small clearing, on which the glass replica of an all too familiar police box stood.

"Ugh, why was he here?" The Reaper wrinkled his nose in disgust and stepped closer.

The box was surrounded by various other objects. Stacks of books, models of solar systems, a few different animals from different planets... all of them made of the same glass. Someone obviously had taken their time to play with it. Then he saw the symbol that was etched into the door of the blue box and realized, that it hadn't been the Doctor, who had visited this place.

Turning around, the Reaper suddenly found himself surrounded by the thin creatures. There were hundreds of them now. One raised an arm, that was nothing more, but a long, pointy stick and pointed it at the sac the Reaper still held in his hands.

"Oh, want that back?" He scratched his head. "Nah, I'll keep it. You've got enough of that stuff around here."

The humming in the air grew thicker and more intense, almost angry. But the man only laughed, picked up another rock and threw it hard at one of the guys. They exploded into dust immediately, but that only made the others teetering closer.

"Freaking zombies, that's what you are," he chuckled and rammed his fist into another one. He barely had to touch them. "Huh? That's too easy."

With a bored yawn he started to walk through the masses, waggling his arms around to break as many of the creatures on his way back as possible. They moved so slow, by the time he had reached his TARDIS, they had fallen behind.

Grinning satisfied he entered the ship and threw the bag onto the console.

"Interesting places you're picking there," he said into the silent air, before setting new coordinates.