Shadow of a wing

by TardisGhost [Reviews - 3]

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  • Action/Adventure, Mystery

There were so many advantages to having a functioning chameleon circuit, the black coated man thought to himself, as he stepped outside his time machine to assess that it had turned into some really cool looking machine-like totem.

He stretched and sniffed into the air to determine at least a vague time, before he took a closer look at his surroundings. It seemed as if he had landed right inside a village of some sort. One that was made out of metal scraps and machine parts, and was abundantly... brown. The parts, the cloths, the ground, even the few plants he could make out. Everything was of different earthen tones.

So it was no wonder that his black clothes stood out, which lead to a whole group of villagers gathering around him in an instant. They were peculiar looking. A bit like humans, but with a lot sharper facial features. And it seemed as if not a single one of them was free of augmentations of some sort. Either that or they actually had evolved to become part machine by nature. This trait gave them a broad variance in sizes and shapes. Not to mention that they also were completely brown.

A bunch of them ran in front of the crowd and held out sharp long machine spears. For a moment the Reaper thought about getting out his laser screwdriver and simply kill them all, but that might be unproductive in his attempt to find out, if he was in the right time.

"Who are you?" one of the creatures demanded. "How did you get here and what is your purpose?"

A somewhat malevolent grin appeared on the traveller's face as he held up his hands in an almost mocking manner.

"Who I am is none of your business," he sneered. "Same as how I came here. But since you ask so nicely... " He poked the spear tip with a finger. "You folks have not happened to see someone like... uhm... well, someone in color?"

"Only the gods are allowed to wear those, son," an old, raspy voice appeared next to him. "So you are either one of them, or a stranger."

Everyone looked to the tall thin woman that had appeared next to the Reaper. She wore a thin dress, more a collection of lose brown rags, and was almost more machine than flesh. She gave him a warm and somewhat knowing smile and held up a hand, so the guards would lower their weapons.

But before she could speak another word, there was a sound of horns coming from somewhere else. And everyone started to look uncomfortable, some even panicked and ran.

"The Hrashzad are coming!" people screamed from all around, while armed people ran in a certain direction.

"Seems like an unsuitable time to be here," the Reaper drawled and turned around to enter his TARDIS.

He didn't get far, before strong metal hands gripped his hood and tore it down, then grabbed his arms to hold him in place. Even his Time Lord strength didn't help against these, leaving him with nothing but mean curses to throw at the guy who held him.

"You came out of nowhere in that thing," he nodded towards the totem. "And now the Hrashzad attack for the first time in years? You called them!"

"Oi, let me go, you primate!" He struggled and punched around him. "You can't treat me like that! I am the Ma..."

A metal fist hit his stomach and knocked him out immediately.

When he came to consciousness again he could still hear chaos going on around him. Screams and commands and tears. The smells of smoke and fire and electricity punctuated his nose as he sat up and rubbed his stomach. "I'm so going to murder them all," he mumbled to himself.

"How about you help," the same raspy voice from before answered.

As the Reaper spun around and onto his feet in the same move, he found the woman sitting behind him, cross legged and in some kind of meditation pose. They were in the shadow of a machine-scrap pillar, with no other person around.

"Not a helping person," he grumbled and straightened. "Answer some questions and I'm gone. I've got nothing to do with your enemies."

"The woman opened an eye and smiled, before closing it again. "The spirits told me so, yes. They also tell me you carry a dangerous tool with you. One that could cut a hole into the shell of the Ushinagoi."

"Mhm... no." He folded his arms in front of his chest. "It's not as if I'd run out of options soon. I'll simply jump somewhere else. Good bye!" He slightly bowed down to the woman, wiggled his fingers in front her closed eyes and marched to his TARDIS.

He took a last look around to see if there might be anything worthy of stealing, but as he determined that everything around was mere junk... he saw the head of a gigantic worm rise above the buildings. Alright... gigantic might have been a bit undersized. That things was as thick as a sky scrapper! And right in the middle of its head sat a house sized green crystal... that had an all too familiar symbol engraved.

For a moment the Reaper stared at it, then he started to laugh. "You're crazy! Absolutely crazy, you know that?" With another chuckle he cast a last look at his TARDIS, then turned away and got out his laser screwdriver. He wanted that crystal!

As he reached the walls of the city, he saw that the creatures they had spoken of before had to be those spider-like metal monsters, that were crawling around everywhere. Each of them as big as a horse and quick and agile as cats. The Reaper shot a few and realized their hulls didn't shield them at all from his laser. But there were so many of them, it wasn't really satisfying.

Instead he climbed up the wall and took a closer look at the worm. Apparently the thing wasn't only thick, but also long. It spread several miles in length and maybe even more, since a part of its body was covered by sand.

Then it snapped around, twisted and curved in impossible ways, and suddenly its head was right in front of the Reaper, the gigantic maw opening slowly and revealing several rows of sharp teeth.

"Oh shit," he let out, then jumped to the side, before the thing bit a huge piece out of the wall.

Metal parts, sand and wires rained down on him and he had to run a good distance to reach a spot that wasn't crumbling anymore. The worm seemed to be quite content eating the buildings around, so the Reaper straightened and aimed his laser right at the head.

It shot right through, without meeting any resistance. The monstrous being let out a hurtfully high pitched scream and twisted around. But the Reaper didn't hesitate to shoot again, while evading the twisting and tossing body, that hit against the city, letting everything it merely touched crumble.

Another shot hit right into its maw, letting a last violent shudder run through the enormous body, before it, finally, lay still for good.

After that silence spread. And a few moments later the rest of the monsters started to run away as if they suddenly got scared.

"Good job, son," a raspy voice suddenly said.

The Reaper spun around, while wiping some sweat away from his forehead. The strange woman stood tall next to him, a smile on her lips. He couldn't even say something, when he got grabbed by metal arms again. This time though not to hold him in place, but to heave him on top of a chanting and cheering crowd, who carried him all the way to the head of the worm, before they sat him down and, one by one, they suddenly all bowed before him.

"Now that's an appropriate greeting." He grinned from ear to ear, folding his arms and straightened to be as big as possible. "And now..."

" can ask your questions, son," the woman from before cut him off with a smile that indicated, she knew that his next words would otherwise ruin the mood. "But first tell us, what do they call you?"

"Actually..." He looked at the dead leviathan next to him, then shook his head. "I am the Reaper." With a chuckle he turned to the woman, awaiting her not to have a clue what that meant.

But her face turned serious for the very first time, and a moment later even she lowered her head. "We heard stories of you," she whispered. "A long, long time ago, there was a child from the stars, who took on the worm before you. But they weren't able to slay it, so instead they put a seal onto its head." She pointed at the crystal. "They also told our people stories from the world they came from. They told many things, and also from a god, who roams eternity to collect the souls of the dead."

"Mhm, is that so..." He grinned even wider. "Well, then how about you all obey your master of death!" With a chuckle he widened his arms. "Cut that crystal out of that ugly head. I want a piece of it."

And they did, before they celebrated the victory for an entire day.

When night had settled the Reaper had bathed enough in all that fame and was about to sneak back into his TARDIS. If it weren't for the tall woman, that stood in front of it. "You never asked your questions, son."

"You answered them already. I'm too far ahead in time." He shrugged, fidgeting around with the hand-sized piece of crystal. "Step away, you won't keep me from leaving."

"No. No one will." She smiled her knowing smile and it made him feel as if she knew a lot more about him than she told. "You are not alone on this journey. Remember that when you face eternity."

She pushed herself away from the totem and trudged towards her people without another word or even a look, leaving a perplex Time Lord behind. He shook his head and entered his TARDIS, happy to finally get all the dirt from him. Even his black coat had taken on a brownish color from all the sand.