Black Donald

by WillyDan [Reviews - 0]

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  • Drama, Fluff, Vignette

It has been fifty years since Prince Charles Edward of the House of Stuart (also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie) attempted to reclaim the throne of England and Scotland in favour of his father. Peace had been restored within the island Kingdom of Great Britain, and the Jacobite cause had died away into the history books.

However, according to some urban legends, there existed an outlaw known as Black Donald, named after the Highland colloquialism for the Devil in ancient Scottish mythology. Black Donald was a Jacobite rebel who continued to fight for the cause against the British Army. He gathered up followers, and lead raids to steal money from the Bank of England and weapons from the British Army and the local police.

When the TARDIS landed in 1797, in the midst of the War of the Second Coalition, the Doctor was taken prisoner by a group of Scottish outlaws in the Highlands. Despite being a Time Lord from the planet once known as Gallifrey, the Doctor had an English accent, the outlaws believed the Doctor to be some sort of a spy working for the government in London.

He was held in a farmhouse on Ben Navis, the highest mountain in the Scottish highlands. He was chained to a chair, but was able to free him using his sonic screwdriver, being ahead of the outlaws. But as he was about to escape back to the TARDIS, he encountered an brawny and strong-featured old man, wearing a kilt and a long worn-out coat. The old man grabbed out his pistol, prepared to shot the Doctor, but the Doctor did not want to hurt the old man in self-defence, as he recognized him.

"Jamie," said the Doctor.

"What," demanded the old man.

"You're Jamie," cried the Doctor in excitement, "James Robert McCrimmon!"

"How do ye know me name," Jamie barked, aiming the pistol at the Doctor's head.

"We used to travel together," the Doctor replied, "we went to places such as Saturn and Atlantis!"

"I dinna remember going there, and I dinna remember ye!"

"That's because the Time Lords wiped your memory!" A sad expression took over the Doctor's usually cheery and boyish face. "You have to trust me. I'm the Doctor, your friend."

"I'm gonna kill ye ya Anglish dog!"

Jamie raised his pistol further toward the Doctor's furhead. Thinking quickly, the Doctor rushed toward the old Scotsman and banged his head. While it's painful, it was the only way for Jamie to recognize the Doctor. Jamie cried out in pain and fell unconscious on the floor below him, while the Doctor grabbed his head.


Jamie woke up on the floor of the TARDIS, watching the Doctor at his controls. The local police had discovered the location of Black Donald, and a squadron of thirty soldiers were sent to arrest him. The Doctor feared that Jamie would be executed, so he carried the old man to the TARDIS.

"Are you alright," the Doctor asked.

"Aye," Jamie responded while rubbing his head, "An' I notice that ye redecorated, and I dinna like it verra much!"

The Doctor felt a little insulted, but shrugged it off and laughed, helping the old man off the floor.

"What are we doing here," Jamie asked.

"The army found you," the Doctor replied, "I had to save your life and so I brought into the TARDIS."

"And where are we going now?"

"Anywhere you want!"

"What are you talking about? I thought you couldn't control the TARDIS!"

"I can take you anywhere you want now, I'm able to control the TARDIS now and I can go anywhere in time and space." Jamie was left astonished over what he had just heard, let alone the Doctor's new face (he remembered that Polly told him that the Doctor could change his face).

"Let me show you the universe," said the Doctor, as he pulled levers on the console and materialised the TARDIS.