"I heard that the Chinese want to establish a colony on Mars," said Amy, "you could take us there."

"My memories of Mars are not pleasant," the Doctor replied, "try to think of something else."

"Perhaps Roman Britain," Rory suggested.

"How about the Vikings," said Amy.

Before the Doctor could make a retort, the TARDIS began to violently shake. The Doctor held on to his console, while both of the Ponds screamed in terror. The lights went out and the Doctor desperately tried to stabilize his ship. Then the quaking stopped and the ship appeared to have landed. The power was restored, and life returned to the ship.

"What the hell was that," Amy demanded.

"I don't know," the Doctor replied equally puzzled, "I guess the TARDIS was having a moment." He examined the console carefully for half of a minute and then yelled; "What was that? Where did you take us?"

The Doctor then flicked the switched that opened the TARDIS doors and ran straight outside, with Amy and Rory following close behind. The three found themselves on an emerald coastline, and they thought that the TARDIS dematerialized in Ireland. The Doctor turns back to his ship, still confused as to why the ship dematerialized in Ireland, a place that never really interested him. There doesn't appear to be an issue or a threat of some sort. Before he could say anything, he hears a familiar sound.


The Doctor recognized the new sound as the sound of a TARDIS dematerializing. He wondering if the TARDIS' "meltdown" was the result of him encountering a past (or future) incarnation of himself. The other TARDIS dematerialized a short distance down the hill and the Doctor's theory seemed to be proven true as that TARDIS appeared to be his, a blue police telephone box. He saw a man exit that TARDIS and that man appeared to be himself, but this Doctor was wearing a purple tuxedo. This man still wore a bow-tie, and the Doctor was glad that his future self still believed that bow-ties are cool.

The Doctor was then shocked by an unexpected surprise, as he saw another young man exit the other TARDIS. This young man seemed very familiar. He had a Beatles-style haircut and wore a kilt. The Doctor immediately recognized this young man as his old friend Jamie McCrimmon, an 18th-century piper who served the McLaren clan. The shock did not end there. Following Jamie, a young girl with pigtails wearing a turtle-neck and a young handsome man wearing a striped shirt walked out of the TARDIS. The Doctor recognized these two as Vicki Pallister and Steven Taylor, two other old friends from long ago.

"Where did you take us this time Doctor," Jamie asked his version of the Doctor.

"I took us to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland," that Doctor replied, "in 2011, just when William the Fifth became King."

"My father was fascinated by this time period," said Vicki, "but I just find it to be primitive."

"Hopefully we won't encounter the Daleks," said Steven.

King William the Fifth? William the Fifth was not the king of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 2011, and would not be so until more than a decade later. And what on earth did the alternate Doctor meant when he said "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland", most of Ireland left the United Kingdom in 1922. The Doctor knew that something was wrong. Did someone change the timeline? Was he in an alternate universe? Not to mention, Vicki, Steven, and Jamie had left him long ago. The situation was beginning to overwhelm the Doctor. He fainted and fell onto the wet emerald Irish grass below him. Rory and Amy rushed to help their conflicted friend, and they too were puzzled by the situation but assumed that the other Doctor was just the raggedy man's past or future self. The alternate TARDIS crew, on the other hand, did not notice the trio.