The Name of a King

by vegetables [Reviews - 0]

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Chris sat with her mother on the balcony over the hill, watching the sun set above the city. Beside them, Herminius poured out a clay jar of water, for them all to sip as they saw the warm night set in.

“It’s beautiful,” Lorna said.

“No it isn’t,” said Chris.

“No,” said Lorna. “But I’m glad you’re here. It doesn’t all have to be so bad, see? The wonders of time and space.”

“It’s not so bad,” said Chris, smiling at her.

Behind them was a grumpy muttering, as the Doctor came up to where they stood.

“Hello, Doctor,” said Lorna. “Save the whales?”

“Killed the whale. It’s not been one of my better days. Of course, maybe if I’d had some help”–

“Oh, we’d just have got in your way. And we’ve had a nice time here, on our holidays.”

“You’re happy?” said the Doctor, surprised.

“I am!” laughed Chris.

“She is! And I am, too. Taking us here, Doctor… it was a nice thing to do. So thank you for doing it, really. From both of us.”

The Doctor somehow looked both enormously happy and incredibly sad.

“There’s no need to thank me,” she said, “it’s sort of what I do.”

She was quiet for a long time.

“It makes you think, though,” she said eventually.

“Does it?” said Lorna.

“A whole society of people, all frustrated and angry. Who all thought that everything would never change, but who’ve now been shown that it can. If someone is cruel and stubborn enough, and doesn’t care about what he destroys.”

“I wasn’t thinking about that,” said Chris. “I was playing with these little salt things.”

“Yes,” said the Doctor, “but isn’t it interesting? To see a place like this that seems to be at peace, but which is clearly on the verge of… of something”–

“They have very good olives here,” said Lorna. “They’ve been a lot better than I was expecting.”

“Oh, sod it all,” said the Doctor, and stormed off into the house.

“She shouldn’t swear,” said Chris.

“No,” said Lorna. “It’s not appropriate at all.”

They stayed for a while to watch the setting sun.