The Things that are Human

by vegetables [Reviews - 1]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, General, Horror, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Mixed, Series

It was hard when you first started actively assaulting people, but after a while it got easier. Lorna knew that, because they said it a lot in dramas. But it wasn’t getting easier to punch and kick these people, even as they screamed at her about how they should be cut into bits. It was all wrong, she felt vaguely as she pulled a man’s hair until he screamed. Her own mother certainly wouldn’t approve. Although she’d be dead, of course, or killing her daughter’s friends with the rest of them.

She’d felt so detached from the chaos that brawled around her that she didn’t notice when the screaming changed, not until she realised the invaders were spilling out of the shell of the house when they’d once been spilling in. She was dazed from the act of fighting even after the fighting stopped, until she heard a high, checkout machine voice slicing through the air.

We’re sorry about that. They will be redeemed.”

Lorna’s insides froze as she looked at row upon row of figures who might not have had insides at all.

“Cybermen,” she said hoarsely. And then: “CYBERME”–

“It’s alright,” said Humza, “they’re not here to harm us. It’s time for the Isha prayer.”

Lorna boggled. “The Cybermen pray?”

“Not all of them. But the ones who’ve come here; they’re Muslims. And there’s not a mosque for miles around that isn’t in the Untame.”

“The Cybermen are Muslims?”

“Not all of them! You wouldn’t say ‘the humans are Muslims’; it’s a generalisation.’” He looked at Chris. “Your mother has backwards views!”

“Oh,” said Lorna. “Right.”

“This,” she said after a while, “is not how I’d imagined the future.”