Near midnight all the minutes creep
out of a second sky,
rousing each hour from its sleep
because their day will die.

And all the hours round the clock,
Eleven down to One,
mumble to themselves in shock
that all their lives are done.

For all the hours can relieve
the light that shone at noon
and none of them can quite believe
their end is coming soon.

Eleven weeps in blunt dismay
for upon his last breath,
a curtain falls upon the day
and ushers it to death.

But as Eleven sees the end
that yawns like an abyss,
Time holds him like an ancient friend
and softly whispers this:

"All twelve hours are really one,
united in the day,
and when a new day has begun
another goes away,

but all the days are also one
as all the days are I
and I am Time, and as my son
an hour will never die."

"Twelve lives made up a single day,
and now that day draws in,
But know that when Twelve fades away,
One will come back again."

"And now it's time for one last bow
like all your other selves.
Eleven's hour is over now.
The clock is striking Twelve's."