Mind Games

by steelspurs111 [Reviews - 1]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Action/Adventure

It seemed like an eternity before the dust finally settled.

The regeneration had been swift and painless, or so it seemed. It took a moment for the Doctor to compose himself, or herself rather. She brushed her newfound hair behind her and looked around the TARDIS in confusion. She breathed repeatedly and frantically before eventually building up the strength to speak. The Doctor reached for her ears and shouted, ‘Finally! I got the ears right!’ Excited, she continued her self-evaluation, unbeknownst to the Doctor that the TARDIS was beginning to take off. ‘Let me see… thighs, legs, arms, feet…’

The Doctor stopped examining herself and stumbled onto the TARDIS console, which was now spurting out sparks and warnings with every passing second. She brought her right hand off the console and raised it in front of her. Young, the Doctor thought. Am I young again?
Lowering her hand back onto the console, the Doctor picked herself up and tried to observe her surroundings. The books were falling off of the shelves. The lights orbiting the top of the TARDIS now spun rapidly with the cool blue replaced with an alarming red.

She reached for her hair and ceased the self-evaluation almost as fast as she began. Clearly distraught about something, the Doctor reached for her hair and frowned. ‘Blimey, why can’t I be ginger for once?’ The Doctor still seemed unfazed at the rumbling of the TARDIS, ravaging itself through the time vortex. It was when the interior began to bump and spin around violently that the Doctor finally noticed.

Racing back to the console, the Doctor proceeded to bring the monitor to her. The caption read ‘WARNING: MANUAL FLIGHT DISABLED. RETURNING TO STABLE TIME ZONE.’ ‘Manual flight? You’ve never said that before!’ the Doctor stated as she continued to fiddle with the controls. She sprinted around the console to the engine release lever, immediately flipping it to no reaction. The TARDIS continued to race through time, despite the Doctor’s frantic button-pushing and lever-flipping. Eventually running out of options, the Doctor sarcastically asks to her machine, ‘Alright sexy, where are you taking me?’ She smiles and laughs as the TARDIS answers back with a violent rumbling.