Coronation of the High Hierophant: Unrevealed Truths

by helluin [Reviews - 3]

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  • Teen
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  • Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance

1. Le Roi Danse [Reviews - 1] (5360 words)
The Doctor and Nyssa travel to a human colony where Baroque France and classical Greece are so far in Earth's legendary past that both are regarded as "wisdom of the ancients," resulting in some spectacular costuming and customs.

2. Le Ballet de La Nuit [Reviews - 0] (7479 words)
Revelry followed by embarrassment ensues when the telepathic gestalt of the Basilica combined with a party atmosphere makes the Doctor and Nyssa a bit... drunk?

3. Ballets de Cour [Reviews - 0] (7821 words)
Alone for the first time since his regeneration, the Fifth Doctor relearns what it's like to travel in an uncrowded TARDIS, while Nyssa must troubleshoot planetary problems on her own.

4. Intermede d'Hygie [Reviews - 0] (6309 words)
In which the Doctor comes very near to giving up, and Nyssa's belated beach honeymoon is cut short.

5. Entreé Grave [Reviews - 0] (7788 words)
Nyssa and the Hierophant return to the Basilica to face whatever danger lurks in the shadows, while the Doctor must find his way out of them.

6. Psyché ou de la Puissance de l'Amour [Reviews - 1] (5361 words)
The Doctor returns to the Celestial Basilica, and he in not in a festive mood.

7. La Galanterie du Temps [Reviews - 0] (7340 words)
In which crisis reaches a climax, swashes are buckled, and the Doctor and Nyssa engage in a spot of derring-do. Also, Team Nerd in action.

8. Le Médecin Malgré Lui [Reviews - 1] (4785 words)
Epilogue. In which some truths are revealed, some hidden, and some are left unsaid.