Children of the Prince

by 412Timelords [Reviews - 7]

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  • Action/Adventure, Het

1. With breakfast comes a warning [Reviews - 3] (1074 words)
The TARDIS lands but there's trouble before the Doctor, Rose and Jack even leave the control room.

2. A photo shows a thousands worlds [Reviews - 1] (2174 words)
Of course, nothing is quite right as the TARDIS allows Rose and the Doctor to see through an illusion.

3. Too lost in you [Reviews - 1] (1847 words)
Rose, Jack and the Doctor meet the unstopable nemisis behind it all.

4. It washed up on shore [Reviews - 1] (1725 words)
The Prince returns the Doctor to a place from his past but fantasies are never as good as reality.

5. One becomes...Two? [Reviews - 0] (630 words)
Sorry it's been so long and I know this chap is short but now that I've graduated from Uni, I'll have a little more time! And I figured out how to format things. I'm really very clever.

6. Humans [Reviews - 1] (1497 words)
Some things revealed and more questions. And more sweet stuff.