by Mrs Peel [Reviews - 6]

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  • Mixed, Swearing
  • Drama, Graphic, Violence, Horror, Mystery

1. Chapter 1- Dead City [Reviews - 1] (2186 words)
Taking a bit of a break from the rather intense and dense "Dancers of Congo Square" to work on a story I've been mulling over for some time. Started life as a 7th/Ace story but 9th/Jack/Rose just lent themselves to it naturally. Also, I've been wanting to get around to the Ninth so it gave me the perfect opportunity!

2. Chapter 2- Dead Souls [Reviews - 2] (2592 words)

3. Chapter 3- Those Who Call Themselves the Good Guys [Reviews - 2] (2750 words)
This is where the graphic violence comes into it. What can I say, when I started writing this story, I was looking to do Doctor Who and Douglas Adams meets George Romero! I do love a good zombie flick!

4. Chapter 4- The Mask and the Mirror [Reviews - 0] (2799 words)

5. Chapter 5- Taboos of Army Etiquette [Reviews - 0] (2475 words)
Some strongly implied Jack sex here, not quite as graphic as I could have (and would have loved to have) done but right in the context of the chapter, I think.

6. Chapter 6- My Perfect Enemy [Reviews - 1] (2852 words)
A big thank you to Patrice for the encouragement and e-mail chats!

7. Chapter 7- City of the Damned [Reviews - 0] (3747 words)
It's been a long, long time, I know. Sometimes, life just conspires against one. Hopefully, I'll have a new chapter of Dancers of Congo Square up soon as well!