a young mountain and a strange girl

by perfectlyrose [Reviews - 26]

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  • Teen
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  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Fluff, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Series, Vignette

1. then we met again [Reviews - 2] (577 words)
The last thing John expects when he walks into his first uni science lab session was to see the girl who had stolen his heart back at the beginning of high school.

(this series is inspired by the song "Strange Girl" by The Zolas and was prompted by the ever lovely and wonderful fardareismai)

(As mentioned in the summary, this is a series of ficlets, which is why the chapters are so short. Each individual chapter was written as a standalone even though they build on each other.)

2. i know you oh so well [Reviews - 2] (583 words)
Rose invites John over for what he thinks is a study session.

3. converge in with a crash [Reviews - 2] (962 words)
Rose cashes in on John’s promise that he would come along to a party with her and finally gets her Doctor to dance.

4. a heavy dream [Reviews - 2] (619 words)
Rose reveals how she came to end up at the same uni as John.

5. i'll be your confidante [Reviews - 2] (787 words)
John gets a call in the middle of the night while on Christmas holidays.

warning: heavier emotions this time around. john's harboring suspicions about abuse and a not-so-happy home life for Rose so if that's something you'd prefer to avoid, just kinda skip over this installment.

6. across the continents [Reviews - 1] (1410 words)
And I'm back with another installment! This one follows on directly from "i'll be your confidante" and is the longest in the series thus far.

This one's also a bit heavy. Mentions of abuse again and I went ahead and bumped this one up to a teen rating to be safe. No explicit descriptions of abuse or anything but... it's a theme so feel free to skip this installment if that's something you prefer to avoid. Things should be lighter from here on out and I'll make sure that you won't be lost if you skip this.

7. and it kept moving [Reviews - 3] (661 words)
John and Rose head home together and start their healing.

And I'm back with another installment after... seven months? Oops. This one follows on directly from "across the continents" and is a bit short but it was just finishing up the arc of Rose getting out of her bad situation that started back in "i'll be your confidante". (if you skipped any of this arc because of the warnings, just know that Rose was not in a good home situation and eventually took John up on his offer to come get her. if you want more details, just let me know and i'll be happy to oblige so you can avoid anything that might be an uncomfortable topic or trigger for you!)

8. it was love [Reviews - 3] (1590 words)
John has a plan to finally tell Rose the three little words that are on the tip of his tongue every time he sees her.

set a month or so after the last installment - "and it kept moving" - and this one now is the longest ficlet in the series!

9. when your weather's shifting [Reviews - 3] (1017 words)
Rose is worried about something which, in turn, worries John.

Set a couple of years after "it was love" and during their last year of uni.

10. a young mountain [Reviews - 2] (729 words)
set a couple of weeks after "when your weather's shifting"

this is the ring John picks out

Only one installment of this series left!

11. and a strange girl [Reviews - 4] (1042 words)
John's still searching for the perfect time to pop the question.

Set a couple of weeks after "a young mountain"

And here we are at the end of the series! Thank y'all so much for going on this ride with me and I hope you enjoyed it!

as always, inspired by the song "Strange Girl" by The Zolas

also as always, dedicated to the wonderful and lovely fardareismai because not only do I love her tons but she provided the original prompt that grew into this series and today happens to be her birthday! ♥♥