The Enterprise and the Doctor

by denise3 [Reviews - 12]

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Author's Notes:
Kirk, Spock and McCoy finally meet the Doctor. (OBS: Updated with small corrections)

Episode II: Investigation

Chapter 3: Residence Nedentide

As the vehicle entered the Nedentide Dome's airlock, Spock and McCoy were still arguing. At the start of the hour long trip, the doctor had been complaining about the role the Vulcan Science Council had had in supporting the foundation of the colony, but Kirk'd lost track of their discussion early on, when the only other humans in the carriage, a pair of youngsters, had approached, curious about the Starfleet captain. He'd been surprised to discover that Mia and Joseph were the children of an old childhood acquaintance. The boy was enthusiastic about his acceptance to the graduate course in applied biology, and he'd talked at length to Kirk about the next steps of the terraforming process of the planet. Mia, who'd joined the computer science program, was more subdued, since she was still recovering from a flu that she'd contracted in the starliner that brought them here. But talking with the two youngsters had lifted the captain's spirits, and he was smiling as he said his goodbyes to them.

Spock and McCoy joined him, and the three Enterprise officers stepped aside to let the dozen or so other passengers, most of them students, leave the terminal and move inside the dome, talking animatedly among themselves. Watching them stride ahead, Kirk thought of his son, until he suddenly realized the doctor had asked him a question.

"Sorry, Bones, what was that?"

His friend examined him critically. Nodding to himself, McCoy raised his eyebrow and said, "I was wondering if you'd heard about Je'Ena's theory."

"Master Je'Ena of L'vory has done groundbreaking work on classifying the evolutionary processes of primitive life emergence, and explaining why sometimes such emergence seems to be stalled," Spock explained.

"No, I've never heard about it. Why?"

"Oh, nothing serious at all," McCoy snarked. "It's just that this stubborn Vulcan refuses to consider the possibility that this planet was uninhabited for a very good reason! Something must be killing off life here before it can get organized enough. This colony may be on the brink of a disaster!"

"There's no evidence of repeating solar storms or other phenomena that would justify such fears, Doctor."

"No? And what about the other planets in the sector? There's only two which have managed to develop any form of multicellular life, and that's being charitable! It's too much of a coincidence!"

"You are mistaken. The probability of such a region being found somewhere within the space of the Federation is 71.2%."

"That's if Je'Ena is correct, but I'm far from convinced! Her figures-"

"Enough!" Kirk raised both his arms between them as if to keep his two friends from coming to blows. "You can continue your discussion once we're done here. Right now, I need you to focus. We want to find and talk to Doctor John Smith, and have him come with us to help clarify the circumstances surrounding the Galinedorian incident."

"Sorry, Captain," said Spock, while McCoy grumbled something. "That should be the reception for Residence Nedentide," he added, pointing to the nearest entrance to the large building complex occupying most of the dome, surrounded by parks, walkways and clusters of smaller buildings. "I can come in and check whether the Doctor is there, while you check the grounds."

"No, we'll all come inside together. If he's there, I want to give him a chance to come with us peacefully." Not that they had much chance of forcing him to come with them if he didn't want to. They'd been forced to leave their phasers in the shuttle, since only the local security was allowed to carry weapons, and Kirk didn't harbor any illusions about the willingness of the local authorities to help enforce Starfleet arrest warrants against a supposed fellow academic.

They started down the path to the Residence, following the small crowd that had arrived with them. Kirk looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Doctor John Smith on the off-chance he was nearby. Spock was quiet, walking to Kirk's left, while Dr. McCoy strolled ahead, stopping here and there to peer inside a small shop or to exchange a few words with passersby. Soon, however, the doctor came back to Kirk's side and began commenting about the sights.

"You know, Jim, Residence Nedentide was originally designed by the Zankara main architecture school for their new university, but the war frustrated their plans and it was never built. Once they began planning the New Sapienza colony, the best ideas were collected from around the Federation, and the Nedentide design was chosen, with minimal adaptations, for the main residential complex for graduate students and visiting scholars. I have a friend who participated in the design board, and he told me about it. As you can see, it's shaped as an hexagon on the outside, but the interior wings meet each other at odd angles, seemingly without pattern. It's almost like a maze, encircling small interior gardens, many of which are enclosed to allow the reproduction of biomas from different planets. The idea is that the students would be able to find welcoming, familiar spots where they could sit and study. It may not be the largest university residence complex, but it certainly is the most sophisticated one, at least within the Federation."

"Doctor, there is a pattern for the design, it's inspired on the Zankara winter rose petal arrangement, and it's fractal in nature."

"I don't care, Spock. It's beautiful, and practical, the Zankara are remarkable architects-"

"Gentlemen, we're here," interrupted Kirk, as they arrived at the large doors for the main reception area. They entered the building, immediately noticing the many small groups of students sitting in benches or around small tables, talking or playing games. At the back of the large hall, there was a comparatively small desk, with a single receptionist, currently absorbed with a book. Kirk could see an eating area farther to the right, separated by a glass wall. Surprisingly there wasn't much noise, and Kirk wondered that it was probably due to some sort of acoustic covering in the ceiling. A very smart idea, in a building full of young, energetic students.

They approached the receptionist. Apparently the other newcomers had already been sent to their lodgings, and the girl was surprised to see the tall Vulcan suddenly appear before her. She straightened up and asked, "Sorry, what can I do for you? Do you have a reservation? I wasn't expecting anyone else today."

"No," said Spock, "we're here to talk with Doctor John Smith. Could you please tell us where we can find him?"

"Doctor John Smith?" She looked distrustfully at Kirk, who was standing just behind Spock. "Is he expecting you?"

"No, but I believe that if you tell him that Spock is here he'll come to see us."

Shooting another glance to Kirk, she replied, "I'm sorry, but he's not in his rooms. You can leave a message for him and I'll make sure he receives it."

"If he's in the building, we could look for him around in the common areas."

"Sorry, but entrance is permitted only to residents and accompanied guests."

Kirk was the first of the three to see the man. He was looking around when he saw the doors open, but from his position he didn't have a clear view to whoever had come in. Nonetheless, he did notice as the people inside the lobby turned to look, some standing, others straightening up, and he was curious as to whom had arrived. He walked around the closest group, hoping for a better view, and that was when he saw Doctor John Smith, a big grin on his face, striding across the lobby towards them. He stopped briefly to speak to some of the students who had flocked around him, as if he was a pop star. Kirk was astounded. Even those who'd been absorbed in their conversations had stopped to look at the Doctor. The man had presence. He felt a stab of envy. That role would usually be his, but here Starfleet was viewed with indifference or even hostility. He began to think that maybe they'd made a mistake in choosing the place where they'd meet the Doctor.

Spock and McCoy, absorbed with talking to the receptionist, finally turned when the Doctor said, in a loud, clear voice, "Ah, here you are! I was wondering if you'd come."

Spock raised an eyebrow, looking at the tall man approaching. "Doctor, we were looking for you." Kirk noticed that the receptionist perked up and opened a smile when she saw the man approaching. As did half the female students in the lobby, regardless of species, and a good part of the males as well, while many others looked embarrassed or intimidated.

"Indeed you were, my Vulcan friend! It's okay, Melina, they're friends," he said to the receptionist. She launched a last wary look towards Kirk, then turned to the Doctor, smiling.

"Do you want your correspondence, John?"

"Later, thanks, if there's anything. I believe we're going to walk around a bit, first."

"All right." She almost seemed to deflate at that.

"So, Kirk, Spock, and that's Doctor McCoy, brilliant! Would you please come with me? Since you came all the way here, the least I can do is show you around."

"Doctor, we can't stay long, we're here just-" began the captain.

"Oh, bollocks, your ship is a fine one, you can return to what you were doing pretty fast, isn't that right? You can afford to spend a few hours with a friend," the Doctor said, while leading them towards one of the inner doors. "Besides, you don't want all those fine young people to know what you really came here to do, hm?" he asked, looking hard at the Starfleet officers. He led them through the inner doors, towards an open area where there was a booth selling food and refreshments, as well as some chairs and tables. However, instead of stopping, he walked straight towards another set of doors to the right, pulling the Starfleet officers with him. "Come on, you don't want to put up a scene, do you?"

"We came looking for you, yes," Spock cut in, before his captain could say something inappropriate. "But we're also here to meet Professor Finch."

"Professor Finch, of course! He leads one of the teams in charge of the terraforming of this beautiful planet, did you know that? His is one of the finest research teams in this galaxy, in the field of theoretical bioengineering! His former students are disputed by all organizations with more than a passing interest in bioengineering. There are even a few working in Starfleet."

"He's brilliant, yes. I read that paper of his about the Cemery virus non-coding genome. Have you read it?" asked McCoy.

"Yes I did," he said distractedly, looking around the hallway as if in search for something. "Well, it doesn't matter. Let's come through here. There should be a quiet place where we can sit and talk, without eavesdroppers." And he led them through yet another set of doors, though these were more modest and barely discernible. They found themselves in a small open space. The enclosing walls had no windows, and there was only one other door leading out of the place. But there was a set of benches where they could sit and talk, as well as a table. The Doctor opened his bag and took two bottles of drink, which he passed along to Kirk and McCoy. He then took two more, gave one to Spock and opened his. "Go on, drink it. That's very refreshing, it's locally grown arango juice."

"Thanks," began Kirk, but the Doctor didn't give him a chance to talk.

"Now, your Professor Finch, he's out there with his team checking the terraformation progress and showing some of his visitors around. You know, there'll be a conference here in three days, where many of the most brilliant minds in his field will attend. It'll be a big event. Most of his former students are already with him, but they won't be back in town until tomorrow. So I believe you'll have to wait to meet him."

McCoy looked towards Kirk, "Jim?"

"All right, fine. We'll stay until tomorrow."

"That's brilliant! You can stay here in the Nedentide Dome."

"I don't think so," replied the captain, "we'll find quarters closer to the spaceport," and more secure ones, he thought. "And you'll come with us."

"You don't know what you'd be missing, captain! This residence here was built by-"

"You know we're here to arrest you," Kirk interrupted brusquely.

"Of course, I'm not stupid. You probably also have a lot of questions about the Galinedorian incident."

"So you'll come peacefully, right? Or will you try to escape again?"

The Doctor ignored the question. "I was hoping you'd come. I'd met T'Val and I got the impression that she'd tell you where I was going, but you didn't show up. I was about to try to call you."

"You wanted us to come?"

"Of course! There's something going to happen tomorrow, which I intend to prevent, and you being here will help make things easier."

"What's going to happen, Doctor?"

"A murder. A mass murder, to be exact. A group of mercenaries is about to attempt to blow up the whole compound where Professor Finch's team and his former students will meet tomorrow."