The Enterprise and the Doctor

by denise3 [Reviews - 11]

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1. Prologue [Reviews - 0] (226 words)
Summary: The TARDIS does her thing.

What would have happened if there were Time Lords in the Star Trek universe? This story is my first attempt to answer this question. Note that this is set in the Star Trek universe, therefore it's AU for the Doctor. This will be a long story, in episodes, and I'm committed to it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

2. Diplomatic Talks: Arrival [Reviews - 0] (1421 words)
A routine mission, but something isn’t quite right. Kirk beams down with the away team and they are captured. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

3. Diplomatic Talks: Imprisoned [Reviews - 1] (2424 words)
Kirk meets a mysterious stranger, the Doctor. He has important information to give them. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

4. Diplomatic Talks: Breakout [Reviews - 1] (2504 words)
Spock is curious about the Doctor, some questions are answered while new ones are raised, and they attempt to escape. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

5. Diplomatic Talks: Escape [Reviews - 1] (2326 words)
The away team finally escape to the Enterprise, bringing the Doctor with them, but they aren’t in the clear yet. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

6. Diplomatic Talks: Space Combat [Reviews - 1] (2878 words)
The Enterprise has to fight a mysterious cloaked ship. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

7. Diplomatic Talks: Missing [Reviews - 1] (2525 words)
In the aftermath of the battle, the Doctor goes missing. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

8. Diplomatic Talks: Epilogue [Reviews - 1] (3239 words)
Discoveries and conclusions. (OBS: Updated with corrections)

9. Interlude: The Doctor remembers [Reviews - 1] (1910 words)
The Doctor returns to his TARDIS after leaving the Enterprise.
As a rule, we won't follow the Doctor's perspective in this series. This is one of the exceptions.

10. Interlude: Spock gets a lead [Reviews - 0] (1353 words)
Spock finds out the Doctor's interested in some academic papers.

11. Investigation: Detour [Reviews - 1] (2592 words)
Spock receives a surprising message.
I'd like to send copious thanks to all of you who've been following and commenting on this story. It helps me write when I know there's someone out there enjoying it as well. It'll help even more when you tell me something about what you felt is okay, or not okay, about this story. Or ask questions. Really, I'd very much like to hear from you!
I'd also like to thank profusely my beta, Ersatz Einstein, for all his patience and help in taming my tenses, prepositions, commas and weird constructions. I have to mention the last text revision and all the errors are always my fault, since I don't stop tinkering with the text until it's published (and I'll often continue tinkering for some time after that).
Unfortunately, my brilliant beta fears he won't be able to continue helping me much further, so if you'd be willing to try to beta this work, or recommend someone who could, I'd be most thankful.

12. Investigation: New Sapienza [Reviews - 0] (1324 words)
As Kirk, Spock and McCoy arrive on New Sapienza, the captain listens to their discussion.
This chapter was getting too long and I was content enough with this first half, so I decided to post this sooner rather than later. Maybe by posting shorter chapters I'll be able to update more frequently. OBS: Updated with corrections. I'm not a specialist in microbiology or the like, I'm just an interested geek, so if you find a serious mistake in my presentation of the (hypothetical) viruses, please tell me. I've tried to make it as plausible as I can, given the current state of knowledge in the field. And yes, it's relevant to the story, but there won't be lots of additional biological discussion beyond this.

13. Investigation: New Sapienza (contd) [Reviews - 0] (646 words)
Here comes the second part of their arrival. This chapter hasn't been betaed. I'm still looking for a beta reader. If you'd like to volunteer, please leave me a message.

14. Investigation: Residence Nedentide [Reviews - 0] (2241 words)
Kirk, Spock and McCoy finally meet the Doctor. (OBS: Updated with small corrections)

15. Investigation: Conversations [Reviews - 0] (1909 words)
Some explanations are in order.
No cliffhanger this time. Also, just remember, your reviews and comments help me write better, and faster. (OBS: Updated with corrections and additions)

16. Investigation: Doctor and Doctor [Reviews - 1] (3107 words)
McCoy and the Doctor talk.
Sorry for the delay. On top of work, I'm also dealing with illness in the family, so my writing has been strongly affected. I seldom manage to write what I've planned to. On the plus side, this chapter hadn't been planned originally, but as I tried to finish the next, crucial, chapter, I realized that this one simply had to happen. Though I'm less than comfortable writing Doctor McCoy, I believe this chapter became something even more interesting than I'd first imagined, and hopefully you'll like it too. Note that I've also made some corrections and additions to the previous chapters in this episode. Thanks for the anonymous review, I've also tried to make it more obvious who's talking when in the previous dialogues, though I've tried to avoid making it too slow and repetitive. I hope no one'll have trouble following the dialogue in this chapter. Please tell me if it works for you.
I'm slowly getting back into schedule, writing material for the next episodes. However, preparing each chapter for posting remains a challenge, since I'm still without a beta reader. Anyway, I'm committed to finishing the first part of the story some time around the 50th years anniversary of the series. The first part will consist of the first four complete episodes, together with the prologue and interludes.
I intend to post the next chapter on August 1st at the latest, hopefully earlier, unless Real Life intervenes again. On the Far'ni'ta "eco-protestors", remember that Star Trek has an optimistic stance towards technological progress, so McCoy sympathizes with them but doesn't really understand their reasoning. The Doctor, otoh, behaves as he typically does, and doesn't take them seriously. I intend to (possibly) write a short story later, proeminently featuring them as protagonists. They're a small local group protesting the terraforming of the planet mostly on spiritual grounds, and are in fact a criticism on Federation society and culture.

17. Investigation: Coffee and Danger [Reviews - 0] (2189 words)
Not even a nice, restful coffee break would go undisrupted...
OMG it's already been two and a half months since my last update! I apologize to you who've been waiting for this story. My father died, and my muse flew away, and for weeks I couldn't settle for long enough to find the thread for this story again. Now, at long last, I'm back. Luckily I wrote down all the major points of this story well before I began writing it, and I find I'm still happy with where it's going. However, I'm still trying to convince my muse to cooperate, so don't expect great writing for the next few chapters. Besides, I'm still lacking a beta reader for this story... Anyway I've already decided I'll go back through the whole story once the fourth episode is done, and rewrite the worst segments, before going ahead with the next part of the plot.

I give my heartfelt thanks to the handful of readers who gave me feedback and prodded me ahead with this story: if it weren't for you, I don't know if I'd've managed to resume writing it. My mind wanders, and I've collected plots for at least a half-dozen completely new and exciting stories in these last weeks. But focusing enough to write something has been particularly hard.
There should be three more chapters to this episode, and I'll try to finish it before the end of January. This chapter has been revised, especially the second part.

18. Investigation: Planning [Reviews - 0] (2629 words)
Too few people to go against dangerous enemies
I'm surprised and honored to see so many of you following and favoriting this story. As a thank you, here's a belated gift for all my readers, the last chapter of the year! It was unbelievably difficult to write. I found that I'm not that good in writing action scenes, and it's even worse with the difficulty I'm having to keep the focus in order to finish writing anything. Anyway this chapter has grown too large so I've decided to break it in two, so the action ifself will happen in the next chapter, that should follow as soon as possible. Note that I've edited the last section of the previous chapter to make it clear that McCoy is convinced that the Doctor is really not human, though he hadn't used the tricorder on him. Next chapter should follow shortly. This chapter hasn't been revised by anyone besides myself, so I apologize for all the mistakes and grammar.

19. Investigation: Reflections [Reviews - 0] (3501 words)
That's for you who have waited for so long, for those who reviewed and helped me go ahead with this. Next chapter should follow shortly.

20. Investigation: Time's Up [Reviews - 0] (4832 words)
At last we're there. Kirk, Spock and McCoy, together with the Doctor and a few local police officers, try to stop the mercenaries.

21. Investigation: Wrapping Up [Reviews - 0] (3154 words)
I had initially planned to conclude with this chapter, but Spock is still giving me a lot of trouble (his mind is not a very comfortable place right now), this has already grown too long, and I wanted to publish something. So I chose a good spot to split it, and here it is, for your enjoyment. The conclusion shouldn't take much longer, it's already half-written and, with the Doctor Who marathon on Twitch (wow!) finally concluded, I'm back to my routine. This chapter hasn't been betaed so please forgive the mistakes.
Note that I'm not bothering with consistency with either the alternate timeline of ST:2009 or ST:Discovery, though they're not necessarily inconsistent with this setting. It's just that with an actively expanding canon (and one that brings some consistency problems on its own) it's not fun trying to keep an ongoing plot canon-compatible.

I'm not great with fashion, but if you want to picture this Doctor, I imagine him being performed by an older David Tennant, not as thin as Ten. Same hair would be fine, though I'm not sure about the sideburns. In the first episode he'd be wearing mostly light-coloured items: a cream turtleneck shirt with a jumper under a quite stylish (for the 23rd century) light brown collarless zipper jacket with disguised pockets and matching trousers, as well as his trademark overcoat, and cream running shoes. He also has a classical-style silvery wristwatch. It's somewhat of an oddity in the 23rd century but most people wouldn't notice it (maybe because there's a light perception filter on it). This Doctor likes turtleneck shirts and abhors ties of all kinds. His clothing would have been dirtied and blood-stained during the first episode after all that he went through, but the material is tough and wouldn't have been torn.

In New Sapienza he'd be seen wearing a light blue turtleneck shirt with a light grey jumper under a dark blue blazer jacket with matching trousers and dark red trainers. He often likes to wear shoes or some piece of clothing in a dark red color. He may sometimes use a patterned vest with pockets with the blazer jacket, instead of the jumper. He may use the same overcoat as our Tenth Doctor. The shoes could be seen as a laceless 23rd century equivalent to the Converses, I think. That's how I imagine him.

22. Investigation: Epilogue [Reviews - 0] (3473 words)
This concludes Investigation. Soon we'll go to Episode 3: Pursuit, after an interlude.
Sorry for the delay in posting this.

23. Interlude: Director Maliky [Reviews - 0] (3552 words)
The Doctor goes to Starfleet Intelligence's Director to get an official ID.

24. Interlude: Director Salis [Reviews - 0] (5929 words)
Starfleet Intelligence headquarters receive Spock's query, but the Director has his own problems.

25. Interlude: Augments [Reviews - 0] (3364 words)
Post Space Seed, and months after New Sapienza, the three friends sit down for some companionable time.

26. Pursuit: Distress Call [Reviews - 1] (3875 words)
Months after their last encounter with the mysterious Doctor, the Enterprise is traveling to their next destination when the unexpected finds them, as it often does.

27. Pursuit: Ambush [Reviews - 1] (2268 words)
Here we go! Another chapter, and the next one is already half-written. Enjoy!