Forever: Colours of Eternity

by SevenRoses [Reviews - 7]

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  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. Bluer on the Inside [Reviews - 1] (1958 words)
The Doctor and Rose, reunited and healed, are about to start a new journey together. But new beginnings are difficult, and there's the void outside... [Now updated with the corrections by my lovely beta, Bria. Thank you!]
If, by any chance, you would like to know how it all started in the first place, feel free to check 'Forever: The Broken Fragments' and 'Forever: Nineteen Hundred'

2. Colour of Nothingness [Reviews - 1] (823 words)
With the door open and the ship in an uncontrollable whirl, time is running out for the Doctor and Rose. When things get bad, will he keep his promise? [Updated with the corrections by my lovely beta, Bria. Thank you!]

3. Red Red Grass and Orange Skies [Reviews - 2] (1722 words)
He caught her so that she wouldn't fall on her own. So... Let's see what lies across the void. A dreamland, an illusion, a home, or just death?
While I usually attempt not to modify the canon in my stories, this chapter is set in a place I am not too familiar with. Please forgive me if my imagination is not in line what you know about it. Well, the place might have changed a bit, too.
I would like to thank my absolutely lovely beta, Bria, for volunteering and making this chapter better! :)

4. Colour of Memory [Reviews - 1] (4082 words)
Alone in a strange land, Rose is about to meet the local people. She is not sure what she can expect: will she be questioned, or arrested for trespassing? It does not help that she does not remember how she got to the place. And the woman leading the group of locals seems to have her own reasons to be interested in Rose.
Bria, thank you betaing! :)

5. Crossroads in Red and Black [Reviews - 0] (1703 words)
You cannot have it all. There is always a choice to be made. Which path will it be, though? And why is it the perfect place to make that choice? As always, this has been beta'ed by the lovely Bria, thank you so much! :)

6. Ghosts of the Future, Ghosts of the Past [Reviews - 1] (3274 words)
Now that Rose remembers everything, she can try to understand where she is. But the more she hears, the more confusing it gets. (This has been beta'ed by the lovely Bria, thank you!)

7. A Pathway Carved in Silver [Reviews - 0] (2051 words)
Something written in the past seems to hold the key to the present. Can it also help Rose find a way out of where she is? (This has been beta'ed by the lovely Bria, thank you!)

[Edit: I'm sorry for the delay in publishing the next chapter but I lost some files practically two days after completely re-writing the remaining part of the story, and it will take me some time to do the work again. Anyone who has been reading it, please be assured the story is not abandoned! Thank you for your patience!]

8. Of Golden Mayflies and Blood Red Roses [Reviews - 0] (2732 words)
Trying to communicate to the Doctor, Rose can only rely on stories about Mount Eternity. Will the Guardian be willing to help?
I am back with my story after I lost my files and practically needed to write most of the remaining chapters again. I would like to thank my lovely beta, Bria for her support! :)

9. The Colour of the Words [Reviews - 0] (2480 words)
Will blood rituals really help Rose communicate with the Doctor through the twisted timelines? Anything seems to be possible... (Thanks for betaing and correcting my English go to Bria! Any mistakes are mine as I edited a few sentences a moment before posting.)

10. Between Light and Shadow [Reviews - 0] (1803 words)
The Doctor let Rose make her own decision. She chose to risk her life to stay with him. Now it is time for both of them to face the consequences.
I would like to thank my lovely beta, Bria, for her unending support and advice :)

11. Black Despair [Reviews - 0] (2548 words)
It looks like everything's finally all right, but is it really? Or is the Doctor hiding something from Rose? (Thanks to my lovely beta, Bria, once again!)

12. The Colours of Our Fears [Reviews - 1] (3033 words)
After the living nightmare that Rose stepped into, some things need explaining. Some questions need to be asked. But where will the answers lead to?
Bria, thank you for betaing and advice!

13. The Colour of Home [Reviews - 0] (2712 words)
"Just drop me off somewhere nice", she said. So what happens now?
(And I would like to thank my lovely beta Bria for her help and patience)