1. Never Enough [Reviews - 2] (877 words)
This is an idea that's been percolating for a while and I've finally managed to get it out of my head; with how blatant River’s sexualization is in the show, I imagine her taking Eleven to a brothel isn’t much of a stretch. I'm telling the events of a single evening from three different perspectives – River’s, Eleven’s, and Rose’s – in that order.

If you're big into Eleven/River, this fic is not for you. I'm not bashing River, but this fic isn't complimentary to her relationship with Eleven. You have been warned.

I have no beta, so any mistakes are mine.

2. A Beautiful Lie [Reviews - 0] (1219 words)
Finally got around to typing up chapter two. I'll hopefully get around to typing up the last chapter soon too. (Also, changed the title and added a cover)

3. Shadow [Reviews - 0] (793 words)
I think I can up with this as a way of saying goodbye to Rose/dealing with my feelings over her loss from the show. I could finally let her go now that I'm no longer watching Doctor Who - the writing just got so bad I couldn't spend my time on it anymore (Moffat's era was only watchable for me up to season 9, and from what I've read on Chibbnal's era it's only gotten worse). Still love Rose (and Doctor/Rose) as a character and the Davies era, I'm just not as enthusiastic about the fandom anymore.