Forever: Nineteen Hundred

by SevenRoses [Reviews - 14]

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  • Angst, Drama, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. The Thunder [Reviews - 2] (1004 words)
It's a story about a future Doctor: my idea was not to interfere with the canon, or with anything that may come in the nearest future. At the moment I think this may be 15th or 16th Doctor, but it can be much later. As for the title, at some point, perhaps even as soon as I do all my calculations properly, I'll have to revise it. Feel free to correct my English, as it's not my native language!

2. The Voice [Reviews - 1] (512 words)
With the worlds around collapsing and the TARDIS behaving as if the Doctor was her enemy, is there any hope left for the Doctor?

3. The Dawn [Reviews - 3] (1618 words)
It looks like a new beginning for the Doctor. Will the TARDIS be there for him? Was the voice real or was it a dream? What has really happened? He just needs to open his new eyes to know...

4. The Truth [Reviews - 2] (3147 words)
When locked doors are unlocked and memories are brought back, it can get too hard sometimes... for humans and for Time Lords.

5. The Struggle [Reviews - 1] (3761 words)
It's time for the two Doctors and Rose to explain things and discuss options. But when the lives of your loved ones are at stake, and the only choice you have is to find the lesser of two evils, can there be any reasonable talk?

6. The Leap [Reviews - 1] (2500 words)
When there is no hope left and no choices are right, it takes a leap of faith to trust yourself and the ones you love to the power much greater than you can understand.

7. The Memory [Reviews - 2] (1642 words)
Back in Pete's world, it's another ordinary day.

8. The Dance [Reviews - 2] (2353 words)
So finally, they wake up. What do they wake up to? And who are 'they'? What happened when Rose trusted her fate to the TARDIS, and her two Doctors followed? (This is the final chapter. Please forgive me if the ending is not after your own heart. I wrote it mostly for myself, because I really needed this to happen. Now it's yours to read. I'll be happy if at least some of my readers enjoyed it. Please share any thoughts! Comments and criticism are always welcome.) [Edit: spelling errors and missing words corrected.]