I Warp Light, I Warp Time

by Masterpwn [Reviews - 3]

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  • Angst, Character Study, General

Author's Notes:
A surprise (to me at least) continuation of I Warp Light, I Warp Time. About ten visiting his companions at the end of The End of Time and his regeneration.

(Bow here rhymes with now, not bow as in bow tie.)

I thought I was a black hole, I guess I was wrong.

It would be my honour.

A black hole would be fine with this, with absorbing half a million rads. So I guess I was never really a black hole. Would it have made it any easier if I was?

Here they are. I suppose since I am not a terrible celestial form with infinite gravity it would be fine to see them all again. All the lovely stars, still burning so bright. Didn't they have names? Yes. I know the names of all the stars in the sky.

Good bye, dual star system. Keep the Sontarans off your back one last time.

Good bye small blue star, the most magnificent star, one flaming orb of goodness that kept countless planets in the sky. Many a planet to orbit you now, give you a gift, give you a bow. Good bye and farewell!

One last trip in this dying body of mine.

I know I sent this star away. Gotta see it again, can't help it. See it again back before it was caught in my gravity. Gravity that destroyed it.

A very good year.

Singing. The planets in the sky are singing, singing this old star to its sleep. It is the end, a new star will form.

I'm not a black hole.

I don't want to go.

I'm a supernova.